Building lists around Tetras

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Building lists around Tetras

Post#1 » Jan 25 2017 04:02

Hello fellow Tau players.

I'm looking for some input from more experienced players. I have 4 Tetras coming in, which will actually be assembled as conversions from Mantic Jet Bikes. I saw them in another thread and really loved the style over the existing model. 4 of them for ~35$ (shipping included) was a steal IMO. Thanks to whoever posted that, I forgot who it was :)

Anyways, to the point of this thread...

Considering 2 different pt values for lists.
List < 1000pts or
List > 1000pts

Given the 2 cases above, how would you build around a Tetra ML based list. They seem to be fast and able to ML w/e target you want to focus down.

I was thinking a retaliation Cadre would be good for a strong turn 2, but am unsure if the tetras would survive round 1. I'd have up to 4 of them, but their armor isn't exactly high.

In games above 1000 pts. Would I need more ML sources?
Would you ever mix Tetras and a Drone Net formation?
Maybe that combo would be good in games above 1000 pts. A unit or ML drones (4)?

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Re: Building lists around Tetras

Post#2 » Feb 10 2017 03:07

Hi TauMinded,
I'm not sure that tetras and a retaliation cadre would work well at 1000pts, as you also need an HQ and 2 Troops for the CAD, and you end up having very little survivabilty before the RC comes in.
At more points than that I find that the RC and the tetras work very well together as you can outflank the tetras, have them come on 12" from the board-edge, have a 6" no scatter deep strike bubble and then the range of you weapons which means you can hit pretty much anywhere on the board with pinpoint accuracy.
For 1500-2000 points you could add in a drone net but if you do that you should probably split the drones half gun drones half marker drones as you don't need that many more markerlights

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Re: Building lists around Tetras

Post#3 » Feb 10 2017 03:45

To quote Trump, Tetras are amazing. They are just great. I rarely bring any other type of ML.

In my experience there's no reason to outflank them. They are fast skimmers with scout, so on the first turn you can move them 42": 12" scout move, 12" regular move, 18" flat out. They are easy to put in cover (even easier if you buy Sensor Spines). Sure, this is a little more risky since your opponent can fire at them, but means you can't get bad reserve rolls and also gives you a larger area of where to put your homing beacons.

I usually try to put my Tetras as single-model units, to avoid losing several of them to massed fire. But with 4, that would mean you need 2 CADs. You could try 1+1+2 in a single CAD and keep the squadron of 2 in home territory.

But I agree with the previous poster that Tetras+Retaliation in 1000pt might not be the best idea. A competent RC costs a lot and if the other part of your army is small, you risk the chance of getting tabled. Try a FSE CAD+Firebase Support Cadre, which puts your heavy shooters on the board on turn 1 and still lets you drop a ton of suits.

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Re: Building lists around Tetras

Post#4 » Feb 10 2017 06:06

I love tetras. I outflank them for the simple fact that my meta is filled with ignores cover and few impassable terrain.

I ususally deep strike Crisis nearby them for sweet tactical fire. However, RC is too big and expensive for 1000p I'd only use it at 1850p+

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Re: Building lists around Tetras

Post#5 » Feb 10 2017 08:31

For 1000pts list built around Tetras I agree that the core should be something like a FSE CAD with deep striking battlesuits and ideally another formation. A formation which can push up quite agressively is good if you aren't outflanking the tetras as it can take the pressure off them Turns 1/2.

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