Need Advice For My First Real List

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Re: Need Advice For My First Real List

Post#11 » Jan 29 2017 07:01

You don't have enough spread of your markerlights. It leaves the pathfinders more vulnerable (1 blast = :sad: ) and since Hunter Contingent lets you share markerlights anyway, you probably rarely need a ton of them on the same target. So I would split your 2x6 pathfinders into 3x4.

I realize this makes them liable to a morale test for any casualty they take whereas if you have 5 or more, you need to lose 2 models. But in reality, it never happens that just a single pathfinder dies. Taking 5 in a unit has never saved me from any morale tests.

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Re: Need Advice For My First Real List

Post#12 » Jan 29 2017 02:40

OK, thank you for that advice, I'll switch it over now.

As for all the formation stuff, I'll look into all of my options, and knowing myself, I'll probably create a list for each. The Dawnblade Contingent definitely sounds interesting. And it's good to know that I can run both, or one, independently if I so please.

So does my overall strategy sound fine for a casual, but not uncompetitive game against Space Marines and possibly Grey Knights?

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Re: Need Advice For My First Real List

Post#13 » Jan 29 2017 03:22

I think you'll do fine unless you face a real cheesy list if you are around the same level of experience. Playing the game itself is not exactly rocket science (apart from remembering every rule) and your list is solid with a lot of room to improve for real competetive games. ;)

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