2000pts Mont'ka list

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2000pts Mont'ka list

Post#1 » Feb 08 2017 03:17

Hi All,
Recently I've been leaning more towards Mont'ka style Tau armies, with a minimal early game presence but the ability to hit really hard on Turn 2.
Here's the list:
Dawn Blade Contingent
Retaliation Cadre
Commander, 2 plasma rifles, stims, VRT, puretide chip, talisman of Arthas Moloch, Neuroweb system jammer
3 Crisis suits, 2 plasma rifles each, EWOs, BKR
1 Crisis suit, 2 Fusion Blasters, positionnal relay, BKR
1 Crisis Suit, 2 Fusion Blasters, positionnal relay, BKR
1 Broadside, HY-MP, SMS, EWO, BKR
1 Riptide, HBC, ECPA, SMS, EWO, BKR
Drone Net
4 x 4 Marker Drones
Piranha Firestream Wing
4 Piranhas
Commander, Iridium Armour, Fusion Blades, target lock, drone controller, 2 marker drones
1 Crisis suit, 2 flamers, pos. relay
1 Crisis suit, 2 flamers, pos. relay
1 Crisis suit, 2 CIB, EWO
2 Tetras
2 Tetras
Y'vraha, EWO
Wall of Martyrs Bunker, Comms relay
Total: 2000 points
So the plan here is that everyone except for the building (obviously), the fusion blades commander (maybe with another drone unit attached) and the piranhas start in reserve. The commander would either be in the building or out of LOS behind it depending on the opponent
Turn 1 the piranhas drop if their drones, who hide ASAP, and go back into reserve
Turn 2 the flamer suits come out from standard reserve within 6" of the short board edges, meaning that I can choose to have my outflanking Tetras come on any of 3 sides to be where they are needed most. The rest of the army, which would be deep striking, comes in within the homing beacon bubble of the tetras (and everyone gets a reroll to reserves thanks to the comms relay).
The main strength of this army is that it will be able to deliver phenomenally precise firepower, but after that it doesnt really put out as many shots as other lists so it will have to do as much damage as possible.
After Turn 2 the riptide, the y'vraha and the plasma suits will aim to kill the nastiest remaining units, while the monats gi for the objectives.
By the way my group doesn't go full competitive and min-max all our lists but we do try to make them decent.
Thanks for any feedback!

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