1'850 Tournament for German Meta (Tabletop Masters Series)

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Re: 1'850 Tournament for German Meta (Tabletop Masters Series)

Post#19 » Mar 02 2017 03:24

@Mirth: Your post was actually helpfull.
1. Mixing the weapons. I'ts a trade off between the sweetspot of firepower and resilience. I've faced scatterbikes and sniper squats too often, to rely on a specialweapon guy. SO it's more a preference thing.
2. The idea of the single Gundrone. They aren't meant to be deadly. They are different sources of pinning. And currently, they are just an experiment of mine.
3. The monats. I try to use them as a compliment to my "blob" unit. So yeah, if I choose to make it anti infantry, They have to be double FuBla.
4. Expected Meta so far: White Scar Battle Comp, Stormsurge accompanied by Riptidewing, Genstealer Shenanigans. And now, with the indirect Ban of the Ynnari Formations (Only two factions are allowed, so you can only field one tribe of Aeldari in a Ynnari detachement) I expect some Black Guardians and/or Scatterbike spams. Another thing I've seen in the lists from the last seasons, where heavy mechanised lists with IK support. One of the strongest lists from last year is currently banned, Thanks to the "only one LoW" rule. So I will not cross the line of a all Knights list. ;)

And thanks to the fact that I now arrive at my destination for todays work, I have to finish this post.

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Re: 1'850 Tournament for German Meta (Tabletop Masters Series)

Post#20 » Mar 02 2017 12:45

No problem, Techno, glad to be of assistance. :)

1. Ah, gotcha. While it is true that having multiple FB Crisis Suits will make sniping them out a little harder to do, it doesn't make it quite as tough as having to kill every suit, so I understand the mix-and-match.
2. If you're expecting a SM and Eldar meta, the gundrone won't help that much, though I could see its situational use. I would be quite curious to see how the experiment turns out! :)
3. Yup, sounds like the best use of the monats. I've heard of folks having some good success with them via dual-flamers deepstriking onto backfield objectives, but I haven't had a chance to try it myself. Only other decent option (besides the FBs) would be dual missile pods and JSJ in and out behind cover at max range.
4. Hmm. White Scars will be interesting- I would consider (even if you drop the drones from your main Crisis Unit) giving half the guys Target Locks and having everyone dual wield PRs- that way all it takes is four markerlights (two on two separate units) for your Crisis suits to regularly gun down two smaller biker units/Rhino level transports. The PRs can engage both quite effectively, but either way I definitely see the perks of having lots of AP1/2 weapons in that squad. That being said Genestealer stuff will be a pain, as the low number of AP1/2 shots will be wasted on them. As for SS accompanied by Riptide Wing, that's always going to be a pain, but I think that the important things to keep in mind are: your crisis suits can kill the SS (with maybe a little help from your Riptides) so long as you get in range/shoot him first. If you do that, you could just have your Riptides head into melee with your opponents and thereby lock up their entire effective force for the rest of the game, leaving the board free for you to run around claiming objectives. You just have to watch out for a large blast wiping the Crisis Suits off the table in the early part of the game- no big deal, right? :P Glad you don't have to worry about Knight Spam- single Knights have always been a pain for me (that was prior to acquiring Y'vahras). A single knight could still be an issue though, as they can weather a silly amount of firepower while running at you. A guy I used to play a lot would run Knight + Spacepuppy Star. I would usually wipe out the Star just to get pounded into the ground by the Knight, but that was when I'd use a more static gunline approach. With your list's maneuverability, you should be fine, just be sure to focus fire enough to make something very dead. You don't want any units tied up, even for a turn, if you can help it.

Really though, I think the list is quite solid, though a large part of the damage output (Crisis Suits) are fairly fragile- if you play well, I'm sure you'll do just fine. :)
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