1500pt semi-casual list

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1500pt semi-casual list

Post#1 » Mar 03 2017 10:38

This is a 1500pt list for my local casual league, friendly but still competitive. The goal of this list is to combat both mechanized armies and high toughness/wound units. I am trying to keep this list somewhat friendly without too much cheese. This is almost my entire collection, i would like suggestions on what to buy to bring it up to 1850.


Coldstar Battlesuit-185 pts
High-Output Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, Stimulant Injectors, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Blacksun Filter.

The Coldstar will cross the board and clean up leftover enemy infantry and some light vehicles while taking down fliers.

Ethereal-50 pts
Invocation of the elements, Failure is not an option.

He will ride in the Devilfish with a squad of Fire Warriors.


Crisis Battlesuits (squad of three)- 256 pts

Crisis Shas'ui x2
Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Blacksun Filter.

Crisis Shas'vre x1
Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Blacksun Filter.

Crisis Drones
2x Shield Drones
4x Gun Drones

The Crisis Suits will deep strike in wherever the highest threat is when the come in from reserves. The high strength weapons will let them destroy most vehicles in one turn, the Cyclic Ion Blaster can use the template for infantry. The drones are mainly for extra wounds, but will be used against infantry.


Fire Warrior Strike Team- 125pts
Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifle x9 with Shas'ui
Markerlight, Target Lock.
DS8 Tactical Support Turret- Smart Missile System

Fire Warrior Strike Team in Devilfish- 329pts
Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifle x11

TY7 Devilfish
Burst Cannon, Disruption Pod, Twin-Linked Smart Missle System.

The smaller squad will hang back to protect the Hammerhead from being swarmed by high model count squads. The squad in the Devilfish will be accompanied by the Ethereal to control mid table objectives.

Fast Attack-

Drones- 84pts
6x Marker Drones

The drones will light up targets for the Hammerhead and Crisis Suits.

Heavy Support-

TX7 Hammerhead Gunship- 200pts
Railgun with Submunitions, Disruption Pods, Fleccette Discharger, Twin-Linked Smart Missile Pod, Longstrike.

The Hammerhead will attack vehicles before the Crisis Suits deep strike. The tank hunter ability from Longstrike gives the Hammerhead a good chance to destroy a vehicle in one shot. After all vehicles have been destroyed the Hammerhead will cruise around and use the submunitions and Smart Missiles.

Optimized Stealth Cadre-

Two units of Stealth Suits- 108pts each
2x Stealth Shas'ui
Burst Cannon, Hardwired Blacksun Filter, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Bonding Knife Ritual.

Stealth Shas'vre
Fusion Blaster, Hardwired Blacksun Filter, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Bonding Knife Ritual.

Ghostkeel Battlesuit- 180pts
Cyclic Ion Raker, Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, Stimulant Injector, Hardwired Multi-Tracker, Hardwired Blacksun Filter, 2x Stealth Drones

The Optimized Stealth Cadre is able to deal with anything from vehicles to infantry to high toughness troops. The Optimized Stealth Cadre is hard to kill and will take focus away from the rest of the army.

This is my first army list on ATT and i hope i formatted it correctly.
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Re: 1500pt semi-casual list

Post#2 » Mar 05 2017 03:47

Two things:
I'm not sure if you're playing WYSIWYG, but I think you crisis squad would be better off with one type of weapon (CIB, plasma or fusion are my preference) as it makes them more focused and you will do more damage most of the time. Also I'd include more markerlights as you have 3 units capable of really benefiting from markerlights (the two fire warriors and the crisis suits) but you'll only be able to buff one of them a turn (excluding the smattering of markerlights you have on your squad leaders etc.).
Since you asked for advice for new models maybe pathfinders, more drones or tetras (if you play forgeworld) would be a good idea.

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