My first 1000 points list

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My first 1000 points list

Post#1 » Mar 29 2017 05:02

Hello everyone! I've been mostly playing the 250 points HoR Killteam games and now i finally feel ready to move into the actual wargame. This is my first list for a 1000 points. I wanted to get a hunter contingent + cadre list to learn the ropes of the army, while avoiding the especially cheesy models like a riptides and ghostkeels. I wanna keep my friends as friends until i move on to the tournaments with bigger point pools. Apart from the miniatures I have in the list I also have an etheral, and a cadre fireblade and 5 pathfinders with their recon drone. Also I'm proxying a hammerhead with a devilfish and 5 firewarriors with the rest of the pathfinder box =)
My first enemy will be a buddy with black templars but I want to keep my first list universally useful at first.

Tau Hunter Contingent

Core - Hunter Cadre

Commander with Drone Controller, 2x Missile Pods and a Target Lock. His mission will be joining the auxiliary drones and providing markerlight support throughout. Also he might be running up to units in order to give them Ambushes and faints.

3 teams of 2 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits
2x Fusion Blaster to deep strike and melt those vehicles.
2x Plasma Rifle to deep strike marines and the like.
2x Cyclic Ion Blaster to deep strike troops and light vehicles.

Fast Attack:
TX4 Piranha with disruption pods and fusion blasters, whose purpose I'm not entirely sure about. I'm either gonna turbo boost using the ambushes and faints hoping to melt those transports on first turn or instead I'm gonna use it to get the objectives as fast as possible.
2 teams of 4 pathfinders for markerlighting duties.

Heavy Support:
TX7 Hammerhead Gunship with Railgun with Submunitions, Twin-linked Smart Missile System and a Disruption Pod.
The plan here is to plop it in cover and destroy anything that gets in it's sights. Preferably heavy vehicles.
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit with Twin-linked High-Yield Missile Pod, Twin-linked Smart Missile and Early Warning Override. Most likely standing in the same ruin as the hammerhead to provide the necessary support when those doppods are inevitably gonna come.

3x 5-man squads of fire warriors with pulse rifles.

Drone Network with 4x MV7 Marker Drone

So this is it. I'm here for criticism and suggestions =)
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Re: My first 1000 points list

Post#2 » Mar 29 2017 05:49

As I tell most new players, I think you don't have enough markerlight spread. You've got a squad of six BS5 markerlights, so you can mark a single target very efficiently. But it rarely happens that you want to shoot at just one unit per turn, so you want the ability to split your markerlights between several targets. With a Hunter Contingent you don't need much, since all your units can share markerlights when shooting the same target.

Therefore I'd suggest changing your ML. Two minimum Pathfinder teams would work well, and replace those Piranhas that you don't know what to do with anyway. Also makes your markerlights less vulnerable to a single Blast.

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Re: My first 1000 points list

Post#3 » Mar 29 2017 11:13

Unicornsilovethem wrote:As I tell most new players, I think you don't have enough markerlight spread.

That sounds like a good thought. I took off Commander's drones since 4 of them from the auxiliary is plenty enough and also took out one of the piranhas. Instead I got 2 teams of 4 pathfinders. That brings me to potential 12 markers on 3 targets.
Updated the list accordingly.

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