1250pt List Against Grey Knights

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1250pt List Against Grey Knights

Post#1 » Apr 01 2017 01:11

Greetings ATT,

I've recently got back into playing 40k (last played back in 5th edition, with Chaos Space Marines) and will be playing one of my friends soon. He runs Grey Knights nowadays (he used to run Imperial Guard), and we're finally playing a 1 on 1 game. Previously we've played a 3 person free for all (500pts, Tau vs Necrons vs Grey Knights) and a 4 person team game (500 pts, Necrons and Tau vs Eldar and Grey Knights).

Since we'll be playing a more regular game, at 1250pts, I've been looking into how to deal with his Grey Knights. I've read some good articles here that helped refine my initial ideas (long range, AP2 or better, at least 1 thing to deal with a land raider) to include things like Early Warning Overrides and utilizing markerlights. So far in our previous match ups, I've only ever crippled one of his razorbacks with missilesides and taken out a single paladin with a strike team when they regrouped after falling back. The list I've come up with, I hope, will help me stand a fighting chance. Since it's a larger point game than I've played so far, I'm also trying out things I haven't been able to use yet.

As far as what he might do, he's discussed using some sort of Grey Knight death star, but I'm not familiar with all his units quite yet so I don't know all the details. Based off what I do know, I expect to see a few really hard to kill units, possibly in land raiders.

Hunter Contingent (1250pts)

Hunter Cadre

Commander (3) - 152pts
1 Commander: Crisis battlesuit,2 Plasma rifles,Drone controller,Target lock
2 MV7 Marker Drone: Markerlight

Kroot Carnivores (10) - 60pts
10 Kroot: Kroot rifle with pulse rounds

Kroot Carnivores (10) - 60pts
10 Kroot: Kroot rifle with pulse rounds

Kroot Carnivores (10) - 60pts
10 Kroot: Kroot rifle with pulse rounds

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (1) - 52pts
1 Crisis Shas'ui: 2 Fusion blasters

XV104 Riptide (1) - 190pts
1 XV104 Riptide: Ion accelerator,Twin-linked plasma rifle,Early warning override

XV104 Riptide (1) - 190pts
1 XV104 Riptide: Ion accelerator,Twin-linked plasma rifle,Early warning override

Piranhas (1) - 50pts
1 TX4 Piranha: Fusion blaster

KV128 Stormsurges (1) - 380pts
1 KV128 Stormsurge: Pulse driver cannon,Twin-linked flamer,Early warning override

Drone Network

Drones (4) - 56pts
4 MV7 Marker Drone: Markerlight

My plans include:

-Using the Commander as a Mark'O, hopefully using terrain to block line of sight after jumping away or at least staying out of range of most of his guns. The drone network will join him.

-Using the Kroot to either infiltrate or more likely outflank on to objectives later in the game. I know they won't survive, but to run the Hunter Cadre I had to pay the 3 troop tax and I'm hoping I can shoot down his units with other things and use the Kroots to hold objectives.

-Using the Crisis Suit as a tank killing, deep striking Monat. If he deep strikes in, drops a tank, he'll earn back his points. If there aren't any tanks, then just hop in and hope to knock out a few Paladins.

-Using the Piranha similarly as the Crisis Suit, but starting with it on the board and pestering him with it.

-The Riptides and Stormsurge, kitted out as they are (other than that flamer...), are going to hopefully be the core of my dakka. I feel like it could be too much focused into three models, but I'm hoping that I can strip his GKs out of any transports and throw pie plates at them. In concert with the Mark'O shooting first, these three (and anything else that joins in with the shooting of a single unit) can get the Hunter Contingent Coordinated Firepower buff and maximize my limited markerlight capabilities onto a single unit. I think this normally would be too much dakka in one basket, but from what I've seen and read about GKs, I feel like I'm going to see really tough units that will need markerlighted destroyer missiles and AP2 S 7/8 or 10 pie plates. I plan to keep these guys in the back depending on the map and just hope that I get enough shooting phases before he gets close enough to stomp my teeth in. If he goes the deep strike method himself, at least these 3 will have the EWO to get a chance at taking out some GKs.

We've been trying to have this game for the last few days, and may be going down soon if our schedules don't continue to conflict. I'll update with how things go, and thanks in advance for advice, critiques, and comments!
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Re: 1250pt List Against Grey Knights

Post#2 » Apr 02 2017 02:00


We actually played, but were unable to finish the game due to Vassal crashing on us. We made it through 1.5 turns. Also, a last minute increase to point size bringing it up to 1500pts. With that extra 250, instead of reworking my army to maybe squeeze in a more dangerous auxiliary choice, I added a unit and a few upgrades:

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits (3) - 225pts
3 Broadside Shas'ui: Twin-linked heavy rail rifle,Twin-linked plasma rifle,Early warning override

All 3 Kroot units got a hound so I could reroll Outflanking table edge

Both Riptides took target locks

Since the game didn't finish, and we'll likely rematch (not sure if with the same list or just same points, or if with the same mission or not), I'll share how things panned out here, with my lessons learned so far. (Apologies if I should have shared this under Battle Reports and not here)

Game - Big Guns Never Tire with Dawn of War deployment (no night fighting). 3 objectives, they ended up along the center line of the board, one in the middle and 2 close to either board edge. In the middle between the center and right objectives was a large building blocking line of sight (which I'll mention later during my Victory prediction)

(Don't know GKs that well yet, so best guess at names here)
The GKs brought:
Ivan Draigo with a bunch of Paladins and an Apothecary (his death star)
Interceptors with Personal Teleporters
2 Nemesis Baby Carriers, I think with Heavy Psycannons and some kind of long range flamer. And Personal Teleporters :sad:
A unit of something that was deep striking, it didn't come in so not sure what it was, maybe a Strike Squad.

Turn 1 GKs
I found out about Personal Teleporters in a very personal way. He jumped up with his Interceptors and used some kind of flamer, psycannons, and bolters to wipe out all of my marker drones. Fortunately my Mark'O was unhurt and close to the broadside unit so he could run away.

The Nemesis Baby Carriers teleported in front of my broadsides, which were sort of in the upper middle of my deployment zone, with the 2 riptides and 1 stormsurge hiding in the back, spread out in the bottom left. Fortunately my broadsides were up against a low wall for what I knew would be the impending charge next turn, and managed to take only 1 wound from both shooting attacks.

His Death Star pulled a Battle of Yavin IV and slowly inched closer to me. Psychic powers galore, but the only one of note was the closest of the Baby Carriers increasing it's invulnerable save.

Turn 1 Tau
I didn't expect to be in OMG WE'RE IN CHARGE RANGE in turn 1. My Mark'O (now just a regular 'O) backed up and rapid fired both his plasma at the Interceptors. Took out 3. My nearby Fusion Blaster Piranha turned to unload... and missed everything (of course).

I decided to shoot the Broadsides at their adjacent Baby Carrier solo, saving the Riptides and Stormsurge for potential Coordinated Firepower. The broadsides managed to do 3 wounds to the Baby Carrier, which wasn't bad but left me in a conundrum - if I Coordinate Firepower, I can only get 1. We decided I couldn't take advantage of both Coordinated Firepower and Split Fire at the same time - not sure if they can be used together, and haven't had time to research yet. So, closest Riptide fires regular Ion Accelerator and Plasma... and fails. Second Riptide starts with his out of Rapid Fire range plasma shot... and gets the kill! So hooray for split fire, because after an Ion Accelerator and a Stormsurge, the other Baby Carrier was no more.

I chose to not assault with my Commander, and instead rolled a 9 for his jet pack thrust - very important, because his regular move left him about half an inch short of joining the Broadsides so otherwise he would have been very easy pickings.

Turn 2 GKs (game froze in the beginning of the assault phase)
The Death Star moved up and had LOS with a psycannon on the side armor of my Piranha. Toast.

The Interceptors jump up and fire, managing 1 total wound on an unwounded Broadside.

Then the assault... but first, the Unbreakable Bonds of Comradeship! I was able to unload the broadsides, the Commander, and both Riptides. Sure it was snap shots, but I dropped the Interceptors down to 2 models. That's when the game froze (because Vassal sometimes does that when we use the range finder I guess).

Of note, I ended up with a throw away warlord trait - Coordinated Assault - which could have been really funny in that assault, if the 2 force weapons didn't just off my Commander right away.

Lessons Learned

Personal Teleporters really ruin my day. At first I thought my EWOs would help, but apparently not. I couldn't find anything regarding that, but since the Interceptor rule specifically says reserves and it's just a 1/game special move, I guess it's no help.

I didn't have multiple markerlight sources. It's something I considered when building the list, and my friend made them a priority to smash. I was hoping that I could use distance and cover/interceding buildings to keep them safe, and use them in concert with Coordinated Firepower. Especially against the Ivan Draigo Death Star. I hate personal teleporters.

I was relatively luckier with the dice than my friend, though I don't think to an amount that would cause the game to dramatically shift in my favor.

Overall I think I picked the right guns to get the job done.

Best Guess at Victory

With the mission, I took out 2 of his Heavy Support, netting 2 VPs. My friend got First Blood, netting 1 VP.

We both had units in the reserve, mine being 3 units of Kroot planning to outflank and a Monat double fusion blaster suit. He had I think a Strike Squad.

I'm not sure how his Interceptor vs Broadsides and Commander assault was going to turn out. He very well could have dropped them, which would have given him 2 VP.

The objectives though, 2 were on the opposite side of a large building blocking LOS from the third... where Ivan Draigo and his Paladins were. My Kroot could have came in and managed to hold both. Or, maybe depending on the timing, came in and tarpitted Ivan Draigo long enough to contest. The deep strikers could have done about anything, though I probably would have used my EWOs and (hopefully) destroyed them. Since the objectives were 3 VP each, I think I would have had a fighting chance at a win.

Obviously I have a lot to learn still, as much about Tau as every other army I end up fighting. I think the list was fairly solid against GKs, though I might in the future think about having at least 1 thing with skyfire just in case of flyers.
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