1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

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1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

Post#1 » Apr 02 2017 09:08

Greetings fellow xenaboos,

Next weekend I'll be competing in my first ever tournament. I'm mainly going to have fun and meet local players, but when in Rome..

-Some units don't have an optimal loadout, but that is due to how I built them and WYSIWYG-

The List

Hunter Cadre Formation


- Airburst Frag Projector, Plasma Rifle, Iridium Battlesuit, Stim Injector, Neuroweb System Jammer, Puretide Chip
[Commander with Crisis Bodyguards]

Cadre Fireblade
-[With larger Strike Team]


x2 Crisis Bodyguards
- x2 Plasma Rifles, Target Lock
- Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Target Lock
[With Commander]

x3 Crisis Suits
- Shas'vre, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster
- Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster
- Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster

- Ion Accelerator, Stim Injector, TL Smart Missiles

x3 Stealth Suits
- Fusion Blaster
- Burst Cannon
- Burst Cannon


x7 Fire Warriors
- Pulse Rifles
- Dedicated Transport
- Sensor Spines, Disruption Pods
[With Cadre Fireblade]

x5 Fire Warriors
- Pulse Rifles

x10 Kroot Carnivores
- Kroot Rifles

Fast Attack

x7 Pathfinders
- Five w/ Markerlights
- Rail Rifle
- Rail Rifle

- Fusion Blaster, Sensor Spines, Disruption Pods

Heavy Support

x3 Broadside
- Shas'vre, TL Heavy Rail Rifle, TL Smart Missiles, Target Lock
- TL High Yield Missile Pods, Counterfire Defense System
- TL High Yield Missile Pods, Counterfire Defense System

Hammerhead Gunship
- Longstrike, Submunition Rounds, Disruption Pods

Sky Ray Gunship
- Disruption Pods


My plan is to keep the two Crisis Suit Squads, and the Kroot Squad in reserve. The Crisis suits will be used to respond to the opening flow of the game, and the non-commander squad will target high priority targets as they come in, and the Commander will reinforce where needed. The Kroot will outflank to help secure objectives, and to avoid the highly deadly first few rounds.

Unfortunately I don't have the credits for an additional Devilfish, or else I would put the Pathfinders in it.

My hope is that this list, while with no hope of defeating cheesier armies, will allow me to have fun and not be instantly crushed.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks <3

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Re: 1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

Post#2 » Apr 02 2017 11:03

Hey hey, I wish ya the best of luck in the tournament! A few of my thoughts.

1. I think you're gonna need some more markerlight support. You only have one dedicated source and if your opponent knows anything about playing against Tau, they are going to get wiped out turn 1, hard. If formations are allowed, may I recommend the drone net formation? You really need them as they are a very effective force multiplier. Otherwise we're all stuck shooting at BS3 and that's just not reliable.

2. As badass as the rail rifle on the Broadside is, It just doesn't put out enough shots for the point cost. You've got enough fusion blasters that it's probably more worthwhile to give them all HYMPs.

3. No real need to take the commander's squad as bodyguards. He's already and IC and so they pass look out sir's on a 2+. Odds are low, and he's durable as is. You could save 20 points by just doing that. Honestly, if you're hurting for markerlight support, you could change up some of his kit, drop the bodyguards entirely (or run them as monats) and make the commander a drone commander with missile pods, tanking for the drones.

4. The Fireblade, he's a nice fun cheap HQ, but he won't be effective for several turns. His ability only works if the squad hasn't moved that turn, which is great if you have them camped on a back line objective. However, you've put him in a fish, which indicates to me that you want them going up and being aggressive. As such, it'll be at least 1, maybe 2 turns, before they are comfortably parked and able to use his ability. Maybe the points could be better allocated elsewhere?

5. I would also maybe give the riptide an EWO. Nothing quite like being able to intercept, throw down a pie plate, and just delete an arriving enemy unit before it even gets to do anything. Especially at AP2. It's a steal at only 5 points for the model. It also gets in your opponent's mind as to where they can place their DS'ing things as to avoid the riptide.

6. Kroot reinforcements are interesting. But they're not very good at melee and are paper thin. Short of giving them sniper rounds and parking them in some forests/ruins, they're gonna be shredded pretty quickly.

Anyway, those are my thoughts! Hopefully this didn't come off too critical, I just want to see Tau succeed :biggrin:
If you have any further questions or some of my advice doesn't make sense, please do let me know.

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Re: 1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

Post#3 » Apr 03 2017 09:32

See if you can spare the points for a drone network (1 unit of drones) to get you the coordinated firepower contingent benefit.

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Re: 1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

Post#4 » Apr 07 2017 08:09

Thank you both for the replies! I made a few changes, but ultimately I'm restricted still by the WYSIWYG of my models(a few of which don't have my ideal loadout[but look fresh af]), and the limited number of units I have to work with.

The Changes

- Added two Markerlight Drones to the Commander's unit, as well as adding Drone Controller

- Added two Gun Drones to the Cadre Fireblade's unit

- Added the Early Warning Override to the Riptide

- Gave the Kroot Sniper rounds

- Changed the Pathfinder squad to have 7 units with Markerlights

- Removed the Counterfire Defense Systems from the Missilesides, this was mistakenly listed on here anyway

- Added Sensor Spines to the Hammerhead and the Sky Ray

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Re: 1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

Post#5 » Apr 07 2017 01:45

As I am sure you are aware this is not a very hard-hitting list by tournament standards, probably fine for having a ton of fun on the lower tables (which IMO are where fun is far more likely to be had anyway).

The Skyray is not an easy thing to take in a Hunter Cadre, which is a huge pity but really it is not. As it stands I do not believe that list is legal.

The crisis bodyguards are not adding anything much by being bodyguards. You could declare the exact same models to be standard crisis suits and save some points for upgrades elsewhere.

You really could do with finding enough drones to form a unit to fill out your list to be a Hunter Contingent. Coordinated Firepower is a very good rule, not enough to turn this list into something that would win a big tournament but enough to get you that odd extra win so you feel better about your performance at the end.

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Re: 1850 Pt List - For Upcoming Tournament

Post#6 » Apr 07 2017 04:40

Hey Luvod!

Have you considered using the Retaliation Cadre and putting the rest into a CAD? Your 3 Crisis suits are pretty well set for that kind of role and it would make your Broadside more maneuverable. Then with your Troops in a CAD, they would have objective secured. I think that would give you a bit more tactical flexibility than having just the Ambushes and Feints and Unbreakable Bonds of Comradership for the Hunter Cadre. Just my 2 cents.

Czar Ziggy

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