Is this List OP?

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Is this List OP?

Post#1 » Apr 12 2017 05:34

I went to an event where we were just supposed to bring an HQ and a troops choice. Those were the only guidelines given.

Here's what I brought:

Farsight Enclaves
2 Missile Pods
Drone Controller
Shield Generator
2 Markerlight Drones

Crisis Suit Team
3 Crisis Suits with:
2 Missile Pods
Shield Generator
6 Shield Drones

When I arrived I was told over and over again by one player about my army being totally game breaking and OP. It made him feel as if he was forced to take a much stronger army, of about eight tricked out terminators, than he was originally going to. His eight terminators proceeded to clear the table of every model, though he did only have two terminators left standing by the end of the game. Those two terminator units swept a unit of 20 Necrons, their Necron lord, and both my units off the table in about five rounds of cc.

My main goal behind taking this force was to simply field the models that I had painted and assembled. The conversions I did to Ghostkeel suits in order to make them Crisis suits were pretty extensive and unique in my mind.

I also wanted them to be survivable because I assumed I'd be on a large table where everyone had two units and getting my models wiped out early would have made the event not be fun. I also didn't want short range weapons because it would mean getting assaulted and losing my units which is what ended up happening anyway.

I would honestly like to know if this list was OP or not. If the community thinks it is, then I will change my list the next time one of these events are supposed to happen. I don't want to be "that guy" who comes to a non-competive event and looks like some kind of WAAC jerk.

Thanks for your input...


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Re: Is this List OP?

Post#2 » Apr 12 2017 06:07 was a match with just a HQ and a Troop choice. Those are NEVER balanced. :D

I don't think yours was broken at all though. The crisis only shoot at BS3 and are as durable as 6 Space Marines if they can't JSJ behind terrain all the time. The Shield Drones are kinda wasted points even. Gun Drones would've served as just as good protection in 50% of the cases while adding some dakka.

6 BS3 Missile Pods do on average about 5 wounds which are just ~1,3 wounds after saves against Marines. Not exactly scary if you ask me. Of course they'd be a nightmare for any light infantry but that's the tradeoff. Likewise you could have taken Plasma Rifles and be a nightmare for MEQs and TEQs while those would be overkill for GEQs.

Or (since you didn't post a point limit) you could have taken 9 Crisis instead of just 3 even.

I guess he was just intimidated by your Ghostkeel models. :D
Anyway, changing his list to something much harder your list can't really deal with after seeing your list is really lame. List tailoring is already bad but even worse at an event. Nobody likes WAAC player.
So again. 3 Crisis is totally fine and you didn't even have a min-maxed loadout. If anything, he was the WAAC player.

My list, if I wanted to win, would more look like this:
- Coldstar Commander (he is really not bad in small point games) with Markerlight Drones and Drone Controller
- Crisis Unit with Plasma/Missile Pod, Counterfire Defense System, Drone Controller on the Shas'Vre, loading up on Gun Drones
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Re: Is this List OP?

Post#3 » Apr 12 2017 06:16

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the feedback.

Good to know I could have made the list a lot tougher. I think that taking nine suits would have been kind of abusive. I'm kind of stuck in the old codex numbers where the max you could have in a Crisis team is three.

Next time I'm accused of such things, I will simply reply that I could have brought nine suits with plasma weapons. I feel like any number of suits with plasma weapons would have been far nastier.

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Re: Is this List OP?

Post#4 » Apr 12 2017 12:39

No worries Guges, as Panzer said your list was not particularly broken. Honestly, I think it was a solid list, but definitely not OP. Sounds like the terminator guy was just looking for an excuse to bring his terminators and you, unfortunately, got to be the one to be singled out to experience his complaining about OP. :sad:

Though I am curious of what his Terminators were, since they aren't normally troops (though I know some armies can get them to be troops), just because it would be amusing if he was actually fielding HQ and Elites instead of HQ and Troops. :P

But no, three crisis suits with missile pods is definitely not OP. Actually, if you really wanted a very silly, but thoroughly amusing list (were Warlord Traits allowed?), you could have done the following-

HQ- Shadowsun (to confer Cover Saves and for that 3D6 jump move, not to mention two fusion blasters, as well as her drones being useful too).
Troops- 3-9 Crisis Suits with a mix of Plasma Rifles and Cyclic Ion Blasters. The PRs will shred elites, the CIBs will destroy everything else. Give them Counterfire Defense Systems, bring gun drones to take the ablative wounds- basically an all-comers deathstar configuration.

Only way they're going to stop you is if everyone gangs up on you. If you can't use named characters, then simply substitute the following for your HQ to generate the most rage in your opponents-

HQ- Commander- Iridium Armor, Fusion Blades, Shield Generator, Stimms, Command and Control Node, Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite, Onager Gauntlet

Now, some of that may seem a little redundant and it may, at first glance, look like you're missing out on that delightful BS5 shooting from your commander, but rest assured, the CCN and MSS will more than make up for that- the commander is there to look awesome, force-multiply for your crisis suits, stand in front and tank wounds, and then, just in case someone ever does charge you- shred them. Because he's actually pretty solid in CC.

Just my thoughts on the subject. ;)
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