First Fight: 500pts Vs Necrons

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Re: First Fight: 500pts Vs Necrons

Post#11 » Apr 15 2017 08:28

Commander with a Drone Controller, and 4-8 Marker Drones. I take him as cheap as possible, because he already comes in at 93 points with the Drone Controller alone. Thats a lot of points for a model that doesn't shoot. I often find that my Riptide and Crisis team are enough annoyance to distract the enemy from my drones for at least a few turns, and the drones being Jet Pack units REALLY helps. They can cover a lot of ground and really help where needed, unlike Pathfinders who have to stay still, or are limited to firing Snap Shots.

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Re: First Fight: 500pts Vs Necrons

Post#12 » Apr 17 2017 02:49

The Mark'O is a good option, but one of a few directions you can take & perhaps a bit expensive for games below 1000 pts (w/o giving the Comm some weapons and target lock, using as a shooting platform alonside a ML soyrce).

You can also, take the Drone Net VX1 formation which would bring you to 730ish points if you add it to your existing 500 pt list. You'd need min 16 drones in 4 units of 4 drones. Two or three units could be ML drones while the remaining could be gun drones.

If your friend/opponent doesn't mind proxy in models, then you could also proxy some Tetras which are the fast jet bike like ML source. Maybe get 3 or 4 of them.

Just some opions to consider.

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Re: First Fight: 500pts Vs Necrons

Post#13 » Apr 17 2017 03:00

So i went into the 750 pt game with proxied riptide, Mark'O and marker light drones as additions. It worked out really well, actually too well.

Turn 1 shooting got 5 marker light hits on Triarch Stalker. Boosted riptide to BS8 on it. Got a nova charged blast on the back of the stalker.amd exploded it. Also wiped the immortals behind it and put two wounds on his overlord. Cleaned up the rest with missile pods crisis team.

Turn two large blast got 8 warriors and other units wiped the rest.

We played another game and banned proxying and the marker lights (them temporarily).

However i fear ive watched to many battle reports to play fully casually now.

I added in two fusion blaster suits as replacements and made up the rest of the points dealing out shas'vre status and iridium armour.

Deep striked them in 2nd turn behind the stalker and exploded it again. He did kill them in melee with his overlord. Beat him on turn 6 with just his overlord left while i had two blaster suits, two missed suits, ethereal and ten fire warriors left.

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