1500 points and a whole lot of fun

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1500 points and a whole lot of fun

Post#1 » Apr 21 2017 11:41

Hi All,

Just got back from playing a game and tried out a new list. Went very well but that may have been my opponent rather than my strength of list.

I wanted to try out something that had a very elite flavor to it.

Anyhow - onwards to the list:

FS-DB Detachment

Core: Ret Cadre

Iridium Armour, C&C Node, MSS, PEN, Neuroweb System Jammer, Shield Gen, Stim Injector

Riptide: 220
Ion Accelrator, TL Smart Missiles, EWO, Earth Caste Pilot Array, BKR

Crisis Team Pew 246
4x Shas'ui - 2x Burst Cannon 1xFlamer each
1x Shas'vre - 2x burst cannon
5x BKR

Crisis Team P-U 246
4x Shas'ui - 2x Burst Cannon 1xFlamer each
1x Shas'vre - 2x burst cannon
5x BKR

Crisis Team HotHot 222
2x Shas'ui - 2x Fusion Blaster each
2x Shas'ui - 2x Fusion Blaser + 1 TL each
4x BKR

Broadside Team Boom
3x Broadside - HYML + TL SMS each

Aux: Assigned Air Caste Asset
Sun Shark Bomber - 165
TL Missile Pod, PB Gen, 2x Seeker Missile, 2x Interceptor Drone

total: 1500

+lots of STR5
+lots of STR7
+Good against hordes

Low model count
Low amount of AP2/AP1

Current Tactics:
Commander Starts with Riptide & Broadsides on the board
Pew & PU may start on the board depending on scenario though I prefer to deep strike them for the +1BS on occasion
HotHot always DS towards the scary stuff
Flyer comes in as standard.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

First time playing tau for a long time so do let me know if I've made anything illegal or you feel I could improve.

Currently about to join a 1500 point narrative campaign and this will be part of army (6000 points that you can pick and choose from for upcoming battles).

Thanks ATT

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Re: 1500 points and a whole lot of fun

Post#2 » May 26 2017 07:31

OK. There are a few things wrong with your list.

1. You wrote it up incorrectly. The point values have been added up incorrectly, and the list is hard to read.

2. You added too much wargear to your crisis suits. They can only hold three pieces of wargear at the same time. Modelling them with four or more is OK, but using more than three of the said equipment in a battle is illegal.

3. You stated your goal for ths list incorrectly. If you need a example of how to properly write up a list, see the post by Tael at the top of the page.
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Re: 1500 points and a whole lot of fun

Post#3 » May 28 2017 04:32

Moving on to the actual review...
The sun shark is a suboptimal choice compared to (say) a minimum firestream wing (though course if that is the model you have then there's not much you can do about it.
Maybe dropping a broadside and swapping the sun shark for a drone net might be helpful as you currently have no markerlight support.
Fearsome amounts of dakka with the team Pew and P-U, but IMO they would be better with CIBs.
And I think that you'd be better splitting your fusion team into two or more units.

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