1500p CA Detatchment

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1500p CA Detatchment

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I am planning a second army to use for battle, and I wanted a list that would give me a good counter/offence force with high mobility. In other words, I am aiming to design a army that can engage for long periods of time, and hold it's own against Imperial Guard tank battalions using lots of Leman Russ tanks and at least one Baneblade. I need some help refining the list below, so any help would be kindly accepted. My current playstyle (I changed it recently) is high mobility using Piranha skimmers to strike from the front, while using Broadsides to flank. The broadsides remain static in easily defendable positions while teams of Breachers protect them on the ground. My commander (which I haven't bought yet, but plan to soon) will be a XV*-05 Coldstar with a anti-air/high mobility loadout which will keep the suit safe and sound. My plan is to buy most of these models over the next few months, which is why I need responses, so that I don't waste money on the wrong things. Thanks ATT!!!

++ Combined Arms Detachment (Tau Empire: Codex (2015)) [1500pts] ++

+ HQ +

Commander [175pts]
. XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit: Shield Generator, Vectored Retro-Thrusters

+ Elites +

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [131pts]
. Stealth Shas'ui with Burst Cannon: Target Lock
. Stealth Shas'ui with Fusion Blaster: Drone Controller, Fusion Blaster
. Stealth Shas'vre: Advanced Targeting System, Burst Cannon, Homing beacon

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits [164pts]
. Crisis Shas'ui: Target Lock, Twin-linked Flamer
. Crisis Shas'ui: Advanced Targeting System, Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle
. Crisis Shas'vre: Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Burst Cannon, Puretide Engram Neurochip

+ Troops +

Breacher Team [94pts]: Bonding Knife Ritual, EMP Grenades, Fire Warrior Shas'ui with Pulse Blaster, 4x Fire Warrior with Pulse Blaster, MV36 Guardian Drone, MV7 Marker Drone

Breacher Team [128pts]: Bonding Knife Ritual, EMP Grenades, MV1 Gun Drone, MV36 Guardian Drone
. DS8 Tactical Support Turret: Smart Missile System
. Fire Warrior Shas'ui with Pulse Blaster: Markerlight and Target Lock
. 5x Fire Warrior with Pulse Blaster

Strike Team [109pts]: Bonding Knife Ritual, EMP Grenades, 2x MV1 Gun Drone
. Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Markerlight and Target Lock, Pulse Rifle
. 4x Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle

+ Fast Attack +

AX39 Sun Shark Bomber [204pts]: Automated Repair System, Blacksun Filter, Decoy Launchers, Fighter Ace, Missile Pod

Pathfinder Team [223pts]: Bonding Knife Ritual, EMP Grenades, MB3 Recon Drone, MV7 Marker Drone
. 4x Pathfinder
. Pathfinder Shas'ui: Blacksun Filter, Rail Rifle
. 3x Pathfinder with Rail Rifle: 3x Rail Rifle

TX4 Piranhas [77pts]
. TX4 Piranha: Automated Repair System, Blacksun Filter, Fusion Blaster, 2x Seeker Missile, Sensor Spines

+ Heavy Support +

Sniper Drone Team [86pts]: 2x Firesight Marksman, 4x MV71 Sniper Drone

XV88 Broadside Battlesuits [109pts]: Bonding Knife Ritual
. Broadside Shas'vre: Seeker Missile, Shield Generator, Twin-linked Heavy Rail Rifle, Twin-linked Smart Missile System

++ Total: [1500pts] ++

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