2000pts Suits + drones

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2000pts Suits + drones

Post#1 » Jun 20 2017 04:13

Hello I have been doing experiments with some list, mostly infantry but I also wanted to try a full suit list.
The list is composed of Vanguard and Outrider detachments, so it has 3+2 CP:

Vanguard detachment:

(1) Commander with 4xFB - 160pts
(2) Commander with 4xCIB - 148pts

(1) XV25 Stealth Battlesuits (6x) - 232pts
Shas'vre with FB, Target lock+ML and drone controller (DC); Shas'ui with FB, taret lock; Shas'ui with BC and velocity tracker (VT); Shas'ui with BC and shield gen, 2xShas'ui with BC

(2) XV8 Crisis Battlesuits (3x) - 346pts
Shas'vre with 2xMP and DC, Shas'ui with 2xMP and 1xFlamer, Shas'ui with 2xMP and VT
6x Marker drone

(3) XV8 Crisis Bodyguards (6x) - 652pts
3x Bodyguard with 3xCIB, Bodyguard with 2xCIB and DC, Bodyguard with 2xCIB and 1xFlamer, Bodyguard with 2xCIB and VT,
12x Gun drone

Outrider detachment

(1) Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit with ATS and Shield gen - 150pts

Fast attack
(1) Tactical Drones (12) - 96pts 12x Gun Drone
(2) Tactical Drones (12) - 96pts 12x Gun Drone
(3) Tactical Drones (12) - 120pts 12x Marker Drone

The stealts have TL on FB to possibly get to rane to at least try a shot, VT works for the whole unit so it is a bargain, otherwise there are some pieces of equipment that can be played with. The bodyguards are there for extra CC punch should they find themselves being charged.

There is 18(+1)MLs 144 S5 shots from drones 16 S5 from stealths, 8 S5 AP-1 on coldstar, 2 S7 AP -2 on coldstar, 12 S7 on Crisis, 4xFB on commander, 2x on stealths, 45 S7 or 15d3 S8 shots on bodyguard + 12 S7 od 4d3 S8 on commander, and 2 flamers

The idea is that you start placing the Coldstar and a gun drone squad on one flank as a bait to lure you opponent away from objectives, than continue to set up all manta capable units into reserves, by this tine an opponent has to place 6-7 units now you place the rest of the drones to desired spots - marker drones out of fire and gun drones in a way that they can join up with stealths, that will come on the board last.

In the first turn everything drops. MP suits join with marker drones which will get 18 MLs on 4+ to paint one target on 5MLs and one or two to get some bonuses. Commanders and bodyguards go together and cause havoc, the should be able to erase 1-2 units of any type and possibly charge the lefovers. Cooldstar dances around and takes objestives and targets of opportunity.

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