Fun at 2000 or just annoying?

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Fun at 2000 or just annoying?

Post#1 » Jul 05 2017 04:45

So building on my last list (Fun at 1000), I'm working on a list for a tournament in a couple weeks. Cheese and spam (and there will probably be some whining from my opponents):

2x commanders with 4 fusion and 2 gun drones - 176 each
4x commanders with 3 cib, ats and 2 gd - 154 each
Coldstar with ats and mt (had 3 points, so ...) - 144
Fireblade - 42

2 XV-9 with ats - 101 each (separate units)
Stealth team, 2 with ats, 1 with drone controller - 111

3x9 strike teams - 72 each

5 pathfinders, 2 gun drones, pulse and grav - 72

8 gun drones - 64
11 vespids plus leader (12 total) - 180

8 command points, 3 detachments. Essentially a bunch of monats that are not suicidal but instead like to have drones in front of them so their character status protects them.

The firebase worked well at 1000 points for holding objectives and giving the opponent something to focus on. I don't mind going second with this list. Playing with ITC rules, it's only a +1 to go first if you finish deploying first and kp are power level points and they have to kill the drones and the unit they came with to get the points.

Coldstar - I'm not sure about this guy. For 10 points more I could have another cib commander and 2 drones. But it seems like on paper that Coldstar is ultra flexible. There's a unit of cultists or brimstones or grots camping? Go over there and waste them.

Edit - not sure about the xv9's either. I could drop both and add one more commander and darkstrider.

I appreciate any and all thoughts.

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