First ever game - 1250pt list

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First ever game - 1250pt list

Post#1 » Jul 30 2017 07:48

I started getting into 40k and tau just a couple of months ago, and though I've read the index back-to-front, watched every tau battle report I could find on YouTube and posted a lot here, I still haven't played a proper game!

So: here is my 1250 point list for my first real game.
Please note this list uses all my models (apart from the ethereal), so I can't add anything immediately - but I am looking at what to buy next, so suggestions would be appreciated!
Haven't included points values of anything you've probably memorised, or can easily see in the index.

Battalion detachment - 760pts

HQ1: cadre fireblade
HQ2: darkstrider

Elite: stealth team - 116pts
shas'vre with fusion and VT,
shas'ui with burst and DC,
shas'ui with burst and shield gen

Troops 1: 10x breachers
Transport: devilfish (carries darkstrider and breachers)

Troops 2: strike team of 5 with ds8 missile pod turret
Troops 3: strike team of 5

Fast 1: 9 pathfinders with 3 rail rifles
Full set of pathfinder drones inc. 2x shield. Total = 173 points

Fast 2: 4 gun drones, 1 shield drone (accompanies stealths)
Fast 3: 3 gun drones, 1 shield drone (stays with team kauyon)

Supreme command detachment - 490 points

Commander 1: 4x fusion + 1 gun drone + 1 shield drone (manta strike)
Commander 2: 3x CIB, ATS + 2x marker drones (manta strike)
Commander 3: 3x missile pod, ATS (deploys with team kauyon)


The strike teams, pathfinders, fireblade, commander 3 and the smaller tac drone squad deploy together holding any objective in/by my deployment zone. This is team kauyon.

The stealths don't infiltrate far forwards. They take the larger squad of tac drones and move to cap a nearby objective. This is team recon.

The breachers and 'strider go in the devilfish for an objective and/or shooting marines in the face. :D This is team party bus. Depending on the concentration of enemy forces it could assist team recon or team kauyon instead, if needed.

The fusion and ion commanders drop where they're needed. They might have to be Sacrificial glass cannons to take out key targets, but I'd rather drop them with the other teams, depending on how the game is going.

Okay that's it. Any advice? As I say, I can't change this list much (apart from the XV8 loadouts) because these are all my models! But I'm also looking to the future..

I've got another squad of firewarriors on the way. They're probably going to be a strike team (the fireblade is wasted at the moment). After that, I'd like maybe another optimised pathfinder team, another start collecting box, then probably vehicles like piranhas, hammerhead, sunshark. What are your thoughts?

PS: this list should give 7 CP, not bad for a 1250 point list. The disadvantage being I'm definitely going second unless I can seize initiative. :roll:

I'll keep you updated with how I do.

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