Fate of Konor Week 2: Seek and Destroy 100PP

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Fate of Konor Week 2: Seek and Destroy 100PP

Post#1 » Aug 03 2017 01:27

I need some advice on a 101PP list I crafted for a battle this weekend. Week 2 Fate of Konor is a KP mission so what I have I'm wondering if I have too many drops, and if I'm covering enough. With the current iteration I've got 1 Vanguard (compulsory for store mission) and 2 Outrider for +3 CP. I'll note my army by roles:

Firebase (20PL):
1 Crisis team (3x 3xMP) 11PL
1 Commander (3x MP / ATS) 6PL
1 Pathfinder team (5x ML) 3PL
Purpose: Provide rear ML support to light up priority targets and eliminate ideal targets for MP. Possible Kauyon Target

Mid-range Force (23 PL):
1 Crisis team (3x 3xCIB) 11PL
1 Commander (3x CIB / DC) 6PL
2 Pathfinder team (2x ML 3x RR) 6PL
Purpose: Float around the 15-18" range looking for targets to doubletap RR. Possible Mont'ka Target

Spearhead Force (46PL):
2 Riptide (HBC, 2x SMS, ATS, TL) 34PL
2 Commander (4x FB) 12PL
Purpose: Spearhead force used to get in, tank hits, and eliminate key targets. Possible Kauyon Target

Auxiliary Force (12PL):
3 Tac Drone (8x Gun drones) 12PL
Purpose: Initially run 1 in each force, or concentrate to the commander with DC

As the list stands it is 14 drops for a possible 28 VP.

Possible substitutions (based upon what I own)
1-2 squads of Stealthsuits
4 tanks
3 XV9 suits
3 XV8 suits
9 Broadsides
2 razorsharks

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