[1000pts] Game on Tuesday VS. IoM

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[1000pts] Game on Tuesday VS. IoM

Post#1 » Aug 27 2017 03:13

Hi guys,

Having a game on Tuesday and my opponent is being cryptic on his list, He's playing IoM with IG and SM units, no LoW or Forgeworld. Other than that, no clue. (he likes tanks)

Trying to make a TAC list with this in mind. Any thought on how to improve this?

Battalion detachment (6CP) - 997pts

HQ - Commander - 160pts
4 Fusion blasters

HQ - Cadre fireblade - 42pts
pulse rifle, pulse pistol, markerlight

Elite - 3 Crisis battlesuits - 341pts
6 Missile pods, 2 flamers, drone controller, 6 gun drones

Elite - Ghostkeel battlesuit - 198pts
Fusion collider, 2 Fusion blasters, 2 stealth drones, Target lock, Stimulant injector

Troops - Strike team (8) - 64pts
pulse rifles

Troops - Strike team (7) - 56pts
pulse rifles

Troops - Strike team (7) - 56pts
pulse rifles

Fast attack - Pathfinders (10) - 80pts

Considered running 2 squads of 5 pathfinders for better board coverage, but having more chance at the first turn and less kill points seems better seeing as they can split-fire anyway?

I have 3 more crisis suits, a riptide, devilfish, broadside, 6 stealth suits and a pile of drones as other options. Mostly magnetised.

Talking strategy, crisis ball drops in to alpha-strike tanks/heavy hitters if possible, make a solid back-field firebase with the strike teams and fireblade, pathfinders sit midfield and support, ghostkeel runs as DISTRACTION CARNIFEX on the opposite flank, unless his deployment leaves a tank open/forward.

Hoping to have a nice game. If it turns out a good one I'll mock up a battle rep!

Thanks for looking!
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Re: [1000pts] Game on Tuesday VS. IoM

Post#2 » Aug 27 2017 06:55

For a Brigade Detachment you need a minimum of:

3 HQ choices
6 Troops choices
3 Elite choices
3 Fast Attack choices
3 Heavy Support choices

Your list is not legal as a Brigade Detachment
It fits a Battalion though.

Other than pointing that out I'm not big into giving specific list advice but I can tell you this:
When I play friendly pick up games with my friends (I have a weekly game each Wednesday with the same guy for instance) we don't discuss our lists beforehand. We don't even know what army the other is going to show up with.
I have my Tau, Dark Angels, Astra Militarum, and some Raven Guard Primaris (Rift Stalkers actually) and he's got Nids, Crimson Fists and Genestealer Cult.
In our circle it's considered unsportsmanlike to tailor your list. It's also boring :P

My advice to you. Don't fret about him being cryptic about his list, it won't be fun for either of you if you can tailor your list to match him anyway. (Obviously there's exceptions, like trying to beat a specific list you're struggling with)
And if it is a friendly pickup game (as it sounds like it is) don't fret about making the best list possible, just go and have some fun and get more games in :D

I actually do have something specific to say about your list after all. :P
You equipped your Crisis suits with 6x 36'' weapons 2x 8'' weapons and a support system for 12x 18'' weapons.
They don't compliment each other very well. Consider making loadouts where every weapon will be effective at the same range band. :)
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Re: [1000pts] Game on Tuesday VS. IoM

Post#3 » Aug 28 2017 06:34

I agree with agent. There is no real benefit of you starting the crisis off the board and then Manta'ing in either. Granted you don't get shot but crisis suits are a lot more durable with the extra toughness and wound than previous editions. Also, fusion ghostkeel is the worst loadout for an already menh unit in my opinion. It's not awful (read: riptide) but it's much closer to that than being awesome like a QFC or even a CIB commander and the commanders are cheaper. I don't like crisis suits at cheap points games because they just aren't that great to me for their points. I'd rather have more commanders and more drones/strike/breachers. Remember, for all the commanders you take you need far fewer lights on the table to maximize shooting effectiveness so you can skimp on pathfinders if you get rid of BS4+ elite shooting options. Obviously it's your list and play with what you like but to take all comers, CIB commanders rule all.

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