50PL list for local tourny

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50PL list for local tourny

Post#1 » Sep 03 2017 11:02


I have a 50PL local tourney next weekend which i am looking to attend, it will be using the open war mission cards which will be drawn at the start of each round.

Not sure what i will be facing so looking for a TAC list and came up with the following:

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire) [49 PL, 948pts] ++

+ HQ +

Cadre Fireblade [2 PL, 42pts]: Markerlight

Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [7 PL, 150pts]: Advanced targeting system, High-output burst cannon, Missile pod, Shield generator

+ Troops +

Strike Team [5 PL, 80pts]
. Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Pulse rifle
. 9x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle

+ Elites +

XV25 Stealth Battlesuits [7 PL, 148pts]: Homing beacon, 2x MV7 Marker Drone
. 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/ Multi-tracker: 2x Burst cannon, 2x Multi-tracker
. Stealth Shas'vre: Burst cannon, Drone controller
. . Markerlight + Target Lock: Markerlight, Target lock

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits-IonStorm [14 PL, 325pts]: 5x MV1 Gun Drone, MV7 Marker Drone
. Crisis Shas'ui: 3x Cyclic ion blaster
. Crisis Shas'ui: 3x Cyclic ion blaster
. Crisis Shas'vre: 2x Cyclic ion blaster, Drone controller

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits-Heatwave-7 [14 PL, 251pts]: 6x MV1 Gun Drone
. Crisis Shas'ui: 3x Flamer
. Crisis Shas'ui: 3x Flamer
. Crisis Shas'vre: Drone controller, 2x Flamer

++ Total: [49 PL, 996pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

I intend to use the firewarriors with fireblade as a firebase unit, with the crisis suits dropping in, the Heatwave-7 units dropping as close to nearest with help from the homing beacon, then the IonStorm suits landing where needed.

I am planning for objective grabbing with the inclusion of the Coldstar who would also be there for hotspot issues if needed.

So there we go, my list with a brief outline of a plan, but as we all know even the best laid plans go out of the window with enemy contact :)

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Re: 50PL list for local tourny

Post#2 » Sep 24 2017 08:01

Flamer suits are ballsy. Less all in options: they can be are CIB (best all around usefulness), fusion blaster (kill a model but not as many at a time), and misslepods (range). Remember to give the DC to a nonleader crisis suit. Once the drones are gone that will be the first less useful model you'll want to stack damage on.
The stealth suits' multitasker helps shooting at targets by going from average 2 hits to 3 hits per model. Those hits still need to go through wound rolls and save rolls. If you were shooting at a Striker team (toughness 3, +4save), you would on average have a single stealth suit have 1.0 damage go through, multitasker raises that to 1.5 damage. I have some stealth suits, but haven't tried them out yet. I want to try shields on mine because that would probably make them hard to kill with that camouflage. My configuration is 2 shield , one multitracker (FB model). If you go heatwave suites, then making them harder to kill is probably more valuable than the extra shot bonus.

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Re: 50PL list for local tourny

Post#3 » Sep 24 2017 09:40

Looks like a very solid list! However, it's a PL tournament so consider taking higher-value upgrade items. Use your CIBs for anti-infantry, and swap your Flamers out for an all-Fusion Blaster build! The cost is the same! Also, we can make our PL work for us a little more by dropping the two Marker Drones from the Stealthsuits and adding a 4x Marker Drone squad.

Here's what this list might look like:


HQ - Cadre Fireblade w/ Markerlight (2)
HQ - Coldstar Commander w/ High-Yield Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Shield Generator, ATS (7)
Troops - 10x Fire Warriors w/ Markerlight; Support Turret w/ Smart Missile System (5)
Elites - 3x XV8s w/ 8x Cyclic Ion Blasters, 1x Drone Controller; 5x Gun Drones, 1x Marker Drone (14)
Elites - 3x XV8s w/ 8x Fusion Blasters, 1x Drone Controller; 5x Gun Drones, 1x Marker Drone (14)
Elites - 3x Stealthsuits w/ 3x Burst Cannons, 3x ATS, 1x Markerlight & Target Lock; Homing Beacon (6)
Fast Attack - 4x Marker Drones (2)

Total: 50 - Command Points: 4 (1 Vanguard Detachment, 1 Patrol Detachment)


The fun part is, this list is 1152 points! That's sneaking in 156 more points over your original list, at the same Power Level! Fun, right? Anyway, what do you think?

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