1000 pt list

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1000 pt list

Post#1 » Nov 13 2017 09:51

Right, Shas'faan. I would call upon your experience in combat to aid me. A couple days from now, I will be playing in a multi-game event type thing with some friends. Here are what I will face:
- A nids player
He likes to change up his tactics, but loves slingshotting genestealers with swarmlord. As of yet does not have the codex.
- A Salamanders player
He plays a very terminator heavy army, Deep-strikes agressively.
- An Emperor's Children player
Don't know much about his playstyle. Has a varied force, chaos terminators, rhino with chaos marines, chosen, many chaos sorcerers, helbrute, cultists. He could bring extremely varied forces.
- A Black Legion player
Just got his army assembled/painted, has 40 bolter marines, contemptor w/ chainfist, and the two heroes from the betrayal at calth box. Used to play Custodes. Is also veteran Tau player with a vast collection and has played tau extensively in 8th.

So, those are the opponents I will be facing. Here is a list I whipped up:

Commander: 4x Fusion, 2x Shield Drones

Coldstar Commander: ATS, Shield Gen


10x Breachers: Pulse Pistol

5x Pathfinders: 3x RR, Pulse Pistol

5x Pathfinders: 3x RR, Pulse Pistol

5x pathfinders: Pulse Pistol

Devilfish: 2x Gun Drones

6x Stealth Suits: 6x Counterfire, Homing Beacon.

{Total: 998 Points}

So, Whaddya think? Improvements?

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Re: 1000 pt list

Post#2 » Nov 16 2017 08:58

looks solid enough but isn't 3 pathfinder units a bit too much? What is your reasoning for using 3 groups?

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Re: 1000 pt list

Post#3 » Nov 16 2017 09:01

3 Pathfinder units á 5 is fine. They die way too fast and 6 of his 15 Pathinder don't have Markerlights anyway so it's more like 9 Pathfinder + 6 special weapons.

Counterfire defense system isn't that great on Stealth Suits. I'd rather take Advanced Targeting System there.

Darkstrider is okay with Breacher against T4 armies.

Honestly, you should expect to get shot off the table at 1k points with that list unless your opponents play more fluffy lists with a very specific narrative in mind. Emperor's Children shooting is sick and Salamanders re-rolls make them very good as well.
Nids will either shoot you off the table or swarm you to death with their new Codex. I'd say from a purely objective point of view the Black Legion army will be the weakest of your opponents....still not weak weak though. You will have your fair share of problems against any of those if they play decent lists as long as we don't have our Codex, but that's nothing we can change unless you play the most cheese lists possible (which would be no fun for anyone in casual games).

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Re: 1000 pt list

Post#4 » Nov 16 2017 07:13

I'd split the Stealthsuits into two squads and drop the CDS, unless you plan to use the Stealthsuits really aggressively- who knows, it might be useful. I still wouldn't take it though. I'm also leaning toward giving the Rail Rifle Pathfinders a pair of Shield Drones each... it might help you keep them alive, just a little...

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