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Post#19 » Feb 08 2018 08:27

Yeah that sounds like the best way to work it out currently. I will admit that I have yet to actually utilize flamers. I'm just rather iffy about them despite the good things I've heard. That plus my primary opponent is either Space Marines or Grey Knights, so more powerful weaponry is generally called for.

I've also decided to try and stick to smaller points games until the codex drops. Say 1000 or less. And I'm actually going to be playing a 750 point game against Imperial Fists in about 45 minutes from now. I'm not too hopeful, testing out a list concept that is probably pretty ehhh but I want to use these new fire warriors I made! I'll post after the game, and here's what I'll be running:


Cadre Fireblade

10x Strike Team - Shas'Ui markerlight and pistol
10x Strike Team - Shas'Ui markerlight and pistol
10x Breacher Team - Shas'UI Pistol


Commander - 3x CIB, 1x SG, 2x Shield Drone

Stealth Team - 3x Burst Cannon and Shas'vre

Fast Attack

10x Pathfinder - Shas'UI with pistol and 3x Ion Rifles
Drones - 6x Shield Drones
Drones - 4x Shield Drones

Points: 752 CP: 7

My thinking here is to utilize the strike teams, fireblade, ethereal, pathfinders and 6x shield drone squad as a stationary or slowly moving gunline, and then use the 4x drone team to shield the breachers as they move up and into position. To facilitate that the stealth team and commander will take up a more forward position to act as distraction, allowing the breachers to close the distance, or at least so I hope. The commander is only fielding 3 CIBs for points reasons, and the shield generator is to keep him from being taken out too easily.

EDIT: I lost solidly. I ended up fighting Crimson Fists, so cover was of virtually no use to me, and it was a cover sparse board as well. We played The Relic, and it was placed in the middle of the board, so I deployed my stealth suits to nab it immediately. My opponent deployed 2 whirlwinds, a captain, a lieutenant, a venerable dreadnought, 5 scouts, 5 tacticals and 5 sternguard veterans. He got first turn, and in his first turn wiped out my pathfinders with his whirlwind launchers and dreadnought missile launcher. For most of the game his forces were balled up and rerolling 1s on hits and wounds. On my turn I moved up to grab the relic, and moved the gunline up to support them, dropped the commander in as well. I managed to take out just the tacticals and dealt 2 damage to the dreadnought. It was down hill from there. By my side of turn 4 the relic was all the way in my backline(stealth suits fell back as far as possible and were killed by whirlwind launchers) and I was down to commander, fireblade, 1 strike fire warrior and 2 breacher fire warriors. All I had killed were the tacticals, veterans and 4/5 scouts. the captain, lieutenant and dreadnought were in melee of what remained of my forces. I conceded.

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