Hi new to Tau & to ATT thought I'd post my intent.

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Hi new to Tau & to ATT thought I'd post my intent.

Post#1 » Dec 30 2017 10:06

I'm a hardened Imperial guard & Tyranid player so I'm a horde player, I've never faced Tau so thought I would give them a go as I like many of the models.
Did you know a single Guard troop choice used to string 3.46m across a board as a single bases in contact rank? More with Chimera.

My Tau army is going to be more about the figures I like than what they do, for instance I'm not keen on the Stealth suits, so unlikely to feature them much if at all.

So far I have:

Commander: XV-85 Enforcer suit with shield, injector and ? <This guy is more about staying on the table and issuing orders than being a go getting fighting tool. +2 shield drone.
Question does his body guard count as a separate elite choice, I assume they do and he simply joins them as an independent character, but the feel of this is a little off?

Troops: 1 Strike team 10 with pulse rifles, leader has markerlight & pistol + guardian & markerlight drones.
Clearly I need another troop choice at least?

2x XV-8 2 missile+Pulse rifle.
Bodyguard XV-8 how to kit this one? If he takes the hit for the commander would a shield or injector be of any use?
Can normal XV8s take options left over from the commander build like a cyclic cannon?
Any one make use of the thing that allows you free shots on teleporters - it seems a sensible choice for a bodyguard?

Fast attack:
5 man pathfinder team w/ 3 railguns: recon drone, 4 markerlight drones.
5 man pathfinder team w/3 ionguns: recon drone, 4 markerlight drones.

Anyhow thats what I've got and am starting to model & paint up, comments and suggestions welcome...
BTW I intend having a full Pathfinder team = pulse weapons only supported by an XV-8 that is actually a proxy for its drones: Pulse accelerator, Recon, Grav-generator, markerlight & a gun drone as it looks - interesting.

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Re: Hi new to Tau & to ATT thought I'd post my intent.

Post#2 » Dec 30 2017 10:18

Welcome to ATT!

Before I answer your questions, might I ask, are you still playing 7th Edition or a previous edition? In 8th Edition, Independent Characters no longer exist, XV8s and Bodyguards must be taken in teams of at least 3 models, and the Plasma Rifle and Missile Pod XV8 configuration (the "Fireknife") is no longer a viable choice.

At any rate, with our Index currently Tau aren't very strong on the table- if you're a hardened competitive player, I recommend doing a bit of research here on ATT to figure out what the currently-viable lists are. Support Commanders, Bodyguards, and Pathfinder drone units aren't very useful at the moment.

Let me know what you're thinking about and then we can discuss your finer questions!


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