Rebuilding a 2000pts army from scratch

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Re: Rebuilding a 2000pts army from scratch

Post#19 » Feb 05 2018 05:47

FoxZz wrote:As of right now, I only have one old commander model at my disposal, last survivor of my ancient battlegroup.
Both lists are made on potential buying package.
The spirit of those lists really are "what is the best 2000pts list I can get from the lowest investment possible". That's why I used "bundles" boxes.

But as you said, most of it will change with the new codex, both balance and "bundles". It was really a theorical exercise.

Okay! Here's a good way to think about it- codex or not, those boxes will probably still be the best deal for buying Tau models. So definitely consider getting 1-2 Start Collecting sets as the "core" of your purchase. That said though, in some hellish future where XV8s get nerfed again, the Start Collecting set might end up being a bad deal! There are so many moving parts, and just a few weeks to go before the Codex drops.

A different thing you might want to consider is, what models do you like? Personally I love Tau but I'm not really a fan of the Devilfish chassis, so I prefer infantry and battlesuit armies. Luckily that's always been competitive so no issue there. What models are you looking forward to using when the Codex eventually comes out?

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