Writer's Resources [Tau Dictionary & Translations]

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Writer's Resources [Tau Dictionary & Translations]

Post#1 » Apr 30 2006 10:56

Writer's Resources [Tau Dictionary & Translations]
Compiled by Shas'El Tael, from member suggestions and bookmark resources.

The Definitive Tau Xenolexicon by TauOnline
(The largest catalog of official Tau words and supposed definitions, as well as a Tau grammar lesson)

Tau Translator
(Link found by Or'Es'Ka) [Online OK. Offline no]

Tau Font
Designed by Kael'yn


The Tau Lexicon by Cygnus
(Has a mix of official and user created words)

Tau Glossary by MiniVault
(Quite accurate though not as extensive as the Lexicon)

Project Tau - SaveFile.com project
(Extensive collection of all things Tau. Run by Calmsword)

Any suggested links? PM Shas'El Tael.

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