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The Card Catalog

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The Card Catalog

Official Background
Collated here is all of the Games Workshop-sanctioned fluff and backstory on the Tau.

Games Workshop Rulebooks and Codices

[Rulebook] Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Rulebook
Short introduction to the Tau Empire.

[Rulebook] Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Rulebook
Provides a short but extremely informative introduction to the Tau Empire. Included is a two-page look at the Third Sphere annexation of an Imperial jungle world. Attempts to address the discrepancy between the longevity of Tau commanders like Farsight, Shadowsun, and Aun'va, and the short lifespan of most other Tau.

[Rulebook] Warhammer 40K: Apocalypse and Apocalypse: Reload
Between both books, there are about a dozen Tau datasheets. Provides greater insight into the Tau warmachine, along with a few quotes and assorted fluff jewels.

[Rulebook] Warhammer 40K: Cities of Death
Though the Tau do not benefit from many of the stratagems, Cities of Death none-the-less details Brightsword's assault on Polia, a factory city on Nimbosa. Also included are interesting Tau conversions.

[Codex] Tau Empire (4th Edition)
Essential guidebook to the Tau Empire. New to this codex is Aun'va and Commander Shadowsun.

[Codex] Tau (3rd Edition) [Out of Print]
Though out-of-date rulewise, this codex provides exciting fluff that was dropped from the subsequent 4th edition codex. If at all possible, get a copy!

[Codex] Black Templars (4th Edition)
Contains background on the Nimbosa Crusade.

[Codex] Orks (5th Edition)
"The War of Dakka" between Farsight and a crafty Ork warlord. Things don't look so good for the infamous rebel.

[Codex] Imperial Guard (5th Edition)
Timeline entries detailing a potential date shift in the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

[Codex] Tyranids (5th Edition)
Hive Fleet Gorgon's incursion into Tau Empire territory.

[Codex] Dark Eldar (5th Edition)
The tau make a devil's bargain to defend their colony of Vigos from Hive Fleet Kraken.


Additional Official Background
Once available on the US and UK Games Workshop websites, these articles are now hosted here locally at ATT.


The War of the Place of Union
The Tau encounter the Kroot for the first time, and together hold off an Ork horde.

Echoes of the Mont'au
A Tau commander recounts a first encounter with Chaos followers.

Front Line Report on Tau Battle Doctrine
Two Por war correspondents report from the front.

Cleanse the Xenos
An Imperial review of a Tau propaganda broadcast.

Assault on Nimbosa
Ultramarine counterassault on Nimbosa.


Aun'shi, Hero of Fio'vash
Commander O'Shovah, Hero or Villian?
Anghkor Prok, The Great Uniter


Crisis Suit Configurations
The historic legacies of various Crisis Suit loadouts, and the differing mentalities key septs have on XV-8s.

The Struggle For Vor'Anoth
Background on Tau colonization procedures.


Forge World Rulebooks and Supplements [Link]

Imperial Armour III: The Taros Campaign
Tau fluff galore - warfare, tactics, organization, etc.

Aeronautica Imperialis and Tactica Aeronautica
Tau fluff for the Air Cadres and the Typha IV Campaign, respectively.

Imperial Armour Update 2006 [OOP]
Updated/New Rules/Fluff for FW Models.

Imperial Armour: Apocalypse and Imperial Armour: Apocalypse II
Rules/Fluff for Tau Formations in Apocalypse.


White Dwarf [Link]
Complete (or so I believe) list of all Tau involvement in White Dwarf. United States issue numbers.
(Other countries marked with * )

WD261 - Introduction to the Tau
WD262 - Index Xenos - For the Greater Good
WD263 - Tau Fire Caste, Tau vs. Tyranids BatRep, Famous Victories
WD264 - Tau Battlesuits
WD265 - Tau vs. Salamanders BatRep, Tau Cityscape
WD270 - Tau Characters
WD272 - Tau Vehicle Design Rules
WD285 - Tau Rail Rifle
WD286 - Fire Warrior
WD288 - Path of the Fire Warrior, Fire Warrior Battlefield, Scenario: Descent
WD289 - Commander Farsight
WD293 - Witch Hunters vs. Tau BatRep
WD307 - Converting Tau Battlesuits
WD312 - En Route
WD313 - Australian WD Army Showcase, Sebastian Stuart's collection (Shas'El Tael) *
WD314 - Tau Empire
WD315 - Tau Empire Designer Notes, Tau Color Schemes, Death on Kol'n
WD316 - Index Xenos - Vespids, Modeling Tau Tanks
WD317 - Tau Battlesuits
WD319 - Tau Stealth Team
WD321 - The Kappa Mortis Incident
WD321 - Australian WD City Fight Tau, Sebastian Stuart's collection (Shas'El Tael) *
WD327 - Ambush at Mon'kali, Tau vs. Dark Angels BatRep
WD329 - Tactica: Battle Tanks
WD335 - Tau vs. Dark Angels/IG Apocalypse BatRep

WD1 - Canadian WD First Army Showcase, Sebastian Stuart's collection (Shas'El Tael) *


Black Library [Link]

Kill Team by Gav Thorpe (eBook version)
Brightsword and tau society.
October 2001 / December 2011 (eBook)

Fire Warrior by Simon Spurrier (eBook version)
Fluff from the tau perspective, best look at tau culture from Black Library.
September 2003 / December 2011 (eBook)

For the Emperor by Sandy Mitchell (eBook version)
Tau/Human diplomacy and relations.
December 2003 / May 2011 (eBook)

Xenology by Simon Spurrier (Out of Stock)
Tau anatomy/physiology. Hints at an interesting conspiracy theory that Eldar had a hand in the "creation" of the Tau.
February 2006

Rogue Star by Andy Hoare (Out of Stock)
Pre-Damocles Gulf Crusade - first tau contact with the Imperium.
August 2006

Star of Damocles by Andy Hoare (Out of Stock)
Early Damocles Gulf Crusade.
August 2007

Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer - Damocles Gulf Edition by Matt Ralphs
Manual issued to guardsmen in the Damocles Gulf.
January 2008

Courage and Honor by Graham McNeill
Former Ultramarines 4th Co Captain, Uriel Ventris, proves his worth in a border skirmish against the Tau.
June 2009

Savage Scars by Andy Hoare
Conclusion of the Damocles Gulf Crusade.
March 2011

Commander Shadow by Braden Campbell (eBook short)
Short story about Commander Alo'rra's Cytherian Annexation.
June 2011

The Arkunasha War by Andy Chambers (eBook short)
Insight into Commander Farsight against the Orks on Arkunasha.
July 2011

Unity by James Gilmer (eBook short)
Insight into the Greater Good and tau cohesion with auxiliary units.
September 2011

Hunted by Braden Campbell (eBook short)
Prequel to Commander Shadow, from the point of view of the Imperium.
November 2011

Out Caste by Peter Fehervari (eBook short)
Insight into the Fire Caste and tau culture.
December 2012

The Greater Good by Sandy Mitchell
Tau/human diplomacy and warfare against the Tyranids.
January 2013

Fire Caste by Peter Fehervari
Imperial Guard versus Tau Empire in open conflict.
March 2013 [Coming Soon]

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Re: The Card Catalog

Post#2 » Dec 31 2008 07:34

ATT Discussion Threads
Within the Library, there have been a great number of threads discussing all aspects of Tau life and warfare. Below are some of the most informative.

Tau Early Life [Link]
Great foundational fluff spearheaded by Doombringer.

Tau Age [Link]
It's all about having a destiny.

Tau squad level tactics and organization [Link]
One of the best threads ever to grace ATT, with pretty much every major fluff writer on the site jumping in. Extremely well-researched.

Pathfinders, Stealth Suits, and the Trial By Fire [Link]
An excellent thread addressing the issue of how specialist Fire Warriors are promoted.

Battlesuit Neurosis: What is the cause/effect? [Link]
It happens to the best of them.

What is an Artefact world? [Link]
Off-limits, that's what! Includes translated descriptions of artefact worlds from the French GW site.

XV-8: How are pilots posed inside battlesuits? [Link]
Check out Doombringer's illustrations here and here.

Collated here are threads devoted to mining GW/BL sources for information:
- 5th Edition Rulebook [Link]
- Apocalypse: Reload [Link]
- Star of Damocles [Link]
- Xenology [Link]

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Re: The Card Catalog

Post#3 » Dec 31 2008 07:35

ATT Fluff
Some of the most exciting - and finished - pieces available.

A Tau'cyr Among the Gue'la by Doombringer [Link]
Inspired by A Tau'cyr Among the Kroot, from the 3rd Edition Codex: Tau.

The Naga by Shas'El Tael [Link]
Fluff introduction for Tael's Naga conversions.

The Mato by Shas'El Tael [Link]
Another auxiliary race from the indomitable Tael.

Crisis in the City - Cerberus Unbound by White Knight [Link]
A true epic, White Knight based this amazing story on an actual battle with a Warhound. Outgunned, but not outmatched.

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