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Discuss Tau background and even your own Cadre fiction here.
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Welcome to the Library

Post#1 » Jun 24 2009 10:25

Welcome to the Library!

Folks here on ATT generally exude a love of all things Tau. Often beyond merely building and painting their shas'la, many enjoy creating entire backgrounds for their cadre, or first person accounts of the many battles they have engaged in.

The Library is here for the discussion of background information (often referred to as 'The Fluff') relating to Tau and their various affiliations. Be it through a short story, cadre history, examination of a part of Tau culture GW has yet to flesh out or even a full blown Novel length saga involving the Tau. Even constructive articles that are entertaining, hotly debatable and informative.

Ensure your contributions are written out neatly, with good grammar and spelling to ensure the best interpretation by readers and those you may wish to debate with.

Take advantage of the many 'Stickied' articles already available and the amazing Fiction Reference; The Card Catalog by Shas'El Lyi'ot.
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