An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2016

Post#41 » Jan 21 2017 02:50

The Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017 is now up!

Dear tau'fann of A.T.T. Wishing all you Tau'fann a good tau'cyr! Here is a partial list of the new words that have been added:

Anuk'xun'hui – Swan
Aun'ten'grii – Celestial Heavenly Beings (God/Gods)
Ch'ay - An honorific term denoting firewarriors as elite graduates of their academy.
Gua – Handsome
Gyal'alz'san – Flashy or sleek (can be derogatory as well as complimentary)
H'shon'airag – Garden of Beer (Beer Garden - a Bork'an tradition)
Mon'erra – A dark or malevolent spirit
Moq – Immersion
Oon'selt– Love bite' or 'Love nip' (a tau kiss)
Sai – Beautiful
Shu'vuu'hui – Shuvuu bird
Soh'giin'se – Honey drop
Ta'tev – 'Heart's Embrace'
Temeel'zjeen – 'Dragon-wing insect'
Tsa'railar – Handsome (male)
Tsaa'shaal – Voluptuous (female)
Tsox – Beetle
Ugaal – To fall or To drop down
Uusor – Cord or Twine
Xeer'xen – Pretty, lovely
Oshi'erra'la - Obolete word removed. Term was a duplication of another word and was therefore confusing

NOTE: This coming year it my intention to split the Lexicon into two parts, the complete Lexicon and a second smaller Lexicon of Tau Military Terms/Expressions. So that if members say, just what the tau word for 'Sun Forge' then they won't have to dig it out of the larger lexicon. This means covering all the weapon combinations, battle suits, and vehicles; some of which never had tau words associated with them. Will be creating a complete list of all Kor'vatta names and terms as well.

As the universe of Warhammer 40,000 is about to change irrecoverably with the coming of our own Age of Emprah, let us strive to keep our own small piece of it together and healthy, regardless of what side of the Dam'o'kles Gulf your on.

The TauMan Abides

EDIT: Sometimes I just can't move fast enough! :roll: Everyone should take a look at Calmswords recent post: Monkt'ka Devil. Since he is opening up the universe to Tau myth it means I have to add (sooner than I wanted) a new Tau Myth and Folklore thread. Been when working on this topic for sometime, and if you read the Expanded Lexicon, you'll see there multiple entries in both categories of folklore and myth. "Whew, things is gonna be mighty busy in the last days of the 41st millennium! Age of Emprah here we come!" TM

EDIT #2: Reviewed the folklore and mythological terms and had to redo some definitions for understanding and clarity. Removed one word as it was a duplicate of another better word. Also somehow forgot to insert one of the new words into the Lexicon. D'oh! TM :-(
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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#42 » Jan 22 2017 02:31

Interesting new words Tauman, as always (and I do use your lexicon the mostest)

What's the etymology reasoning behind some of this? I'll probably be using Mon'erra soon!
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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#43 » Jan 22 2017 02:49

Terms from Tau Folklore and Myth - The Dark Faeries

The following are broad generic terms used in the most general sense.
Ol'erra: 'A benevolent spirit' lit. 'Bright Spirit'.
Su'erra: 'A neutral spirit or spirit of unknown intention lit. 'Grey Spirit'
Mon'erra: 'A dark or malevolent spirit' lit. 'Black Spirit'. Also Da'erra or 'Dark Spirit'

Here are some more specific terms for spirits and monsters. The following order is from BAD to WORST.
Oshi'ranerra: 'Unseen Demon-Ghost' a sprite that torments its victims by breaking items, knocking over baskets of grain, letting out the farm animals, etc.
Shaserra: 1. n. {archaic} 'a vengeful spirit' -var. Shas'erra; 2. n. {folklore} 'Shas' Fire/Sun + 'Erra 'Shadow/Mirage; i.e. 'Sun-Sprite', a dangerous half-seen spirit, whose shimmering presence is associated with heat waves (heat stroke?); 3. n.`Shadowsun’ or 'a mirage';

Here we have the same spirit but with two different names; however Yaksha is also a generic term for 'bad spirit'.
Yaksha(ii): 1. 'Devil', a generic term for any malevolent spirit; 2. 'Ghoul' [Note See M'denta'la]
M'denta'la: The Undead lit. 'Un-breathing creature', i.e. a zombie or ghoul. See Yaksha.

Here again we have two terns to express the same thing - the Mont'au Daemon (Shas'la Kais in Firewarrior)
Ioi'kek'e and Noi'kek'e: 1. n. 'He-demon' and 'She-demon'; 2. n. 'Berserker', one who succumbs to battle rage.
Kinot'erra: 'Shadow-Wolf' or 'Demon-wolf', a fearsome monster that haunts battlefields and wild places. i.e. a 'Werewolf'; 2. n. 'Berserker', a warrior who surrenders to the 'blood lust' in battle.

The really bad stuff!
Ynege'kir: 'Jackal-dog' or 'Coyote-dog' The ynege'kir is much like an ogre or troll, but with an immense appetite for riches, food, alcohol, and sex.
Ranerra'm'denta: 'Un-dead Demon Ghost' lit. 'Immortal Demon Spirit', a spirit who possesses the body of a deceased person, and who then feeds on the blood and flesh of the living to sustain its presence on earth. [Most horrific demon in Tau folklore and the equivalent to a Vampire].
Yhe’mokushi: 'Beast of the Silent Hunger' A legendary creature, which is really an allegorical representation of hunger and famine. The Beast of the Silent Hunger is a huge shapeless creature which is to said to devour whole nations.

These are just the bad spirits (mostly) but when I get the full list completed I'll send you a PM before I post on A.T.T.

The TauMan Abides
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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#44 » Mar 03 2017 01:42

Sorry still learning to drive the new Orbital. Accidental identical double post. :::(

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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#45 » Mar 03 2017 01:44

New Tau Words for 2017

New words (not yet in the Lexicon - will update in the next couple of days).

Arrxirax: {onomatopoeia} ‘Grrr’ The sound a tau canid makes. Example: "'Arrxirax!' she snarled baring her teethplates at him.'
Dayus: 'Gigolo' or 'male prostitute' (Wr. c.)
Dom'airag: Golden-brown beer
Erra’t’eur'ii: 1. n. ‘Ghost Tears’ or ‘Spirit Tears’ A heavy dew on the ground when none was expected. Any ground condensation; 2. {folklore} Belief that the dew was the tears of the faeries or woodland spirits; 3. {folklore} ‘A portent of danger or calamity’ An ancient belief that condensation inside a building was the tears of a deceased person. Seen as warning from the deceased.
Eruk: ‘Dung’ or ‘Excrement’
Eutree: {anatomy} the vagina. [Note this an anatomical expression and is not vulgar.]
Gan’ro’is: 'Steal the Mind Technique'. In this technique the swordsman redirects the opponent’s attention, by the means of a simple strike into the attack. The momentary pause that results was all that is needed to stop the opponent, and then either strike or throw them.
Tulgaa: {anatomy} the posterior or buttocks. [Note this an anatomical expression and is neither vulgar nor insulting]
Grath’im’la(ii): {biology} Term for any number of tau small prime-ungulate (primate) i.e. ‘a monkey’. Like the higherprime-ungulate cousins the Tau, the grath’im are bipedal and have hoofed feet, but also may have tails or small horns. -var. Grath’im.
H’acaya’vre’nan: {historical} Sword Master
H’r’jida’Tau’va: {historical} ‘The Lance of the Tau’va’, title of Shas’O’Shaserra.
H’tsaya’shayii: {expression} ‘Winds of Fate’
H’vre’nan’la: ‘Experienced swordsman’ lit. ‘Swordsman of experience’ or ‘Veteran Swordsman’
Ka’t'cova’toig: ‘Knee Shatter’ or ‘Kneecap’ lit. ‘To strike and shatter the knee’
Ka’t'cova’toxoi: 'Elbow Shatter’ or ‘Amputate the arm’ lit. ‘To strike and dismember the elbow’
Kisun'aloh: 'Dead-dead' literally 'Ice Blood' or 'Cold Blood'
Meem: {anatomy} – an engorged mammary gland of a Tau female.
Mo'dac'ca: {expression} “Mordakka” a borrowing from the original Be’gel language. Meaning to require additional firepower, or if having an insufficient amount of firepower, to request more. [Note refers to the “quantity” not the “quality” of rounds fired.] [F.E. F.c.]
Rat’laa’erra: {folklore} ‘Ghost Horse’ or ‘Faerie Horse’
Sinya: 'Woman's chest' or 'pectoral muscles'
Sinya’meem: {anatomy} a tau woman’s breasts. [Not a vulgar term - requires both sub-words]
Shas'onei: 1. {expression} Flame Eyes or Fire Eyes; 2. Personal name.
Shoniiye: Night time
Shone: Night
Tsaya: Luck, happenstance, or serendipity
Tsebu: Cute, adorable
Tsebuhoi: Cute-ish, cutesy, (comparable to the Japanese word kawaii)
Tetim’t’ran: {expression} 'Crown of my Heart/Soul'
Toig: 'Knee cap'
Toxoi: 'Elbow'
Volgan: ‘Steel’ contracted from older 'Vold'gan' – Steel
Volgan'aloh: 1. 'Cold Steel' ; 2. Personal name.
Xuvi: Allotment', 'Ration', 'Measure', 'Share'
Xuvi’tsaya: 'Fate', 'Luck', or 'Destiny' lit. ‘Measure of Fortune’
Yonai’nan’is: {martial arts} 'The Blade is Patient' technique.

The TauMan
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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#46 » Apr 19 2017 09:01

More New Tau Words for 2017

New words not yet in the Lexicon yet! **Sigh** I promise to update this week! :?

Avarga: n. 'champion'
Da’karra: n. ‘incident’ lit. ‘unclear picture’
Dalain: n. 'sea' or ‘mid-sized salt sea’ [Think the Black Sea or the Red Sea of ancient Terra].
En’kai: n. 'a large fresh water inland sea' [Think the Great Lakes of ancient Terra].
En’yoe: n. 'any fresh water lake'.
Gak’hai: n. 'porpoise'
Himoya: adj./n. 'Protector'
Idegi’oen: adj. 'loyal' as in ‘the most loyal’
Ire: n. 'inlet'
J'cha: {expression} ‘intention to reverse’
Kaigi: n. 'sea', a small salt sea [Think the Caspian Sea of ancient Terra].
Kenyu’jev: n. 'confederation'
Koe: n. 'bay'
Kuni: v. ‘to expand’, ‘to stretch’, ‘to widen’
Nahan: n. 'whale' a generic term for all T’au aquatic cetaceans
Nahan’jal: 1. n. ‘a whaling harpoon’; 2. n. {honorific} name ‘Whalespear’.
Oeki: n. 'ocean', as in a large salt sea [Think the Mediterranean Sea of ancient Terra].
Ooen: adj. ‘true’ or ‘genuine’
Oonench: n. ‘fidelity’
Sari'galaho {expression} ‘sparks [of] bright colours’
Sjalan: n. 'harpoon'
Seree: n. ‘a three prong fishing spear’ or ‘a trident’
Tserlagh: adj. 'bane of' or 'curse of' as in the expression, Tserlagh’t’Be’gel – The Bane of Greenskins
Ume: n. 'cove'
Vase: v. ‘to colonise’, ‘to settle’, or ‘to conquer’
Vase’kuni: {expression} ‘Colonial expansion’
Wan: n. 'gulf'
Xalim: n. 'whale', a specific breed of T’au aquatic cetaceans [similar to toothed whales of ancient Terra]
Xairyn: adj. ‘endearing’

Terms Expressions not previously in Tau'sia
Koe’mu’galth: Mu’galth Bay
H’Va’Mont’Kenyu’jev: Great War of Confederation
Viro’los Vasii: Farsight Enclaves lit. ‘The Vior’los Settlements’
Wan’dam’o’kles: Damocles Gulf

Tau Words for First, Second, Third etc.
Tsa’em: Zero [meaning 'having no placement' or 'didn't place']
Neg’em: First
Kor’em: Second
Gur’em: Third
Dor’em: Fourth
Tav’em: Fifth
Tsur’em: Sixth
Dol’em: Seventh
Nia’em: Eighth
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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#47 » Apr 19 2017 07:52

The Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017 2.0 is now up!

Yes, the latest installment with all of the new words added is now available for download! :D
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Re: An Expanded Tau Lexicon 2017

Post#48 » Apr 24 2017 06:16

Top stuff, thanks Tauman!

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