Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike - The Threat Has Landed

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Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike - The Threat Has Landed

Post#1 » Mar 24 2015 12:11

First time writing fluff for the Tau and although I am quite competent with their history and fluff any criticism to make it better will be taken with due positivity.
Please let me know what you think as I hope to post much more as this is the start of a very long story arc.

Shas'o N'Dras Kunas looked out from the deck of the Tau warship 'Illuminated Hope', it's stern banking slightly right as it stayed in perfect formation with the rest of the fleet, air caste pilots slowly but purposefully reiterated the commands of the flagship by a series of eye motions and kinetic motion on the holo panels before them. Kunas nodded in approval at the fluent perfection of their movements as he again stared into the depths of space. Something had been irking the Commander these last few days, but he knew not why, or what it could be. Every time he stared into the shimmering star field before him he couldn't shake the feeling that a thousand eyes were peering back at him. Whispering a mantra under his breath he proceeded back to the sensor panel and asked the Air Caste member before him to do another sweep of the area around the fleet. Without any complaint the terminal operator nodded and sent yet another wave through the sensor spines lining the ships westward bulk.
"Nothing to report, sir."
Kunas sighed slightly, not even noticing he had been holding his breath. He had always hated the long arduous journey between conquests as he always felt slightly useless within the element of the air caste. He was a Shas'o, comfortable on the ground, within his suit, tactically winning victories for the Greater Good. It was in fact the last mission he was on that he had been promoted, they had been ambushed during a stop over on a water planet. A small, native Ork group that had been marooned there from some long failed WAAAGH! had taken to the fresh water seas in ramshackle ships. Assailing the water carrier vessels and destroying the initial waves, the fire caste had been notified to clear out their base along the coast of the main landmass. They had been given three days to complete this task and within one they had done so. Initially, the fire warriors were being pushed back due to extreme fortifications, topped with turrets that seemed like they had unlimited munitions. It was then that the fire warrior realised the fuel line that dipped and wound into the holding itself. Upon further inspection, the lines came from a hidden rig further down the coast, pumping coarse fossil fuel from below the surface. Getting to a safe distance the station was ignited and in one firey burst the ramshackle Ork fort was no more. Returning to their main vessel they were assailed by a Big Mek who separated Kunas from the rest of his squad. Thinking quickly he stuck two EMP grenades on to the power pack on the back of the beast, as it blew and the suit lost power the fire warrior jumped up onto the front of the behemoth kicking forward and knocking it down, finally with two quick bursts from his pulse rifle he had taken down his foe. Only then did he realise he was back on the ship and had indeed passed his Trial by Fire and was duly promoted to Shas'o, being granted the nickname 'Kunas' simultaneously for his quick thinking in stressful battle situations.
At that moment he snapped out of his memory to the monotone voice of the air caste once more.
"Flagship Outbound Brotherhood is hailing us sir."
Turning to face the Comms relay, he nodded to his crew member and from within the swirling hub before him, a second screen flickered into life.
Bowing to the screen Kunas greeted the Uash'o with full military professionalism.
"Greetings Shas'o, I have need of your fleet. We have sent drones into a nearby system for analysis and they have returned with good readings. You will break formation and head to the following coordinates. Survey the area and forward me your results."
Still standing at full attention Kunas nodded
"Yes Uash'o, we will set a path for those coordinates now."
"Excellent, I expect you to contact me within 18 hours, I will be awaiting your response."
With that the uplink was cancelled.
The air caste pilots went to work whilst Kunas repeated the message to his fleet. As one they broke off from the main group and headed for their new target.
With a newfound mission in his heart and the knowledge that he would be on land sooner than he had ever thought possible, Kunas perked up and looked ever forward into the star riddled space before him. Wherever they were being sent he would make sure the system would be brought into the fold for the Greater Good.

To be continued if people enjoy it. Please let me know ^_^
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#2 » Mar 24 2015 01:42

I always like a good fluff story and yours certainly has the makings of a great start to give your cadre some background. Looking forward to seeing the next piece. Keep up the great work. :)
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#3 » Mar 24 2015 10:52

Chapter 2

"When you are faced with an enemy who has no morality, no sanctity for the Greater Good and no want to change. Then, and only then, will you be face to face with the Taus' true enemy."

The lights dimmed on awakening Kunas from his meditative state.
His wrist display flickering on as he accepted the connection,
"Anything to report?" Kunas asked as he began to put on his uniform.
"The system has a Blue Giant as its star mass. Life signs detected on two of the four planets sir, only basic ecosystems, no civilisations. The largest world is an ice planet, but seems to have high concentrations of life in certain spots around its equator." The Air caste comms operator said slowly, articulating each syllable.
"Very well, send out six relay drones, two per planet on opposing sides to continue scans and to maintain a good communication range to the fleet. Make course for the planet you mentioned and we shall see what life it has to offer."
Nodding the air caste reached through the screen and ended the call. Once dressed Kunas picked eight fire warrior teams, two pathfinder squads and two stealth cadre to escort him down to the planet. The Orca class shuttle launched itself from the Illuminated Hope and started its thrusters, cruising slowly towards the planets stratosphere.

The air caste scanned the exoplanet for potential landing areas, eventually finding a plateau that was flat enough for safe landings and room to begin construction on outpost buildings.
The Orca landed rough due to the fierce snow hurtling itself around them. Kunas disembarked and initiating his suit realised the temperature was currently -23 degrees, he wouldn't be feeling this due to the environmental protocols within his suit, but the pathfinders and warriors would, despite the insulating fibres of their armor, but they could survive at least a few hours. Reaching into a side compartment, Kunas released his burst cannon and flamer from their respective wall mounts and connected them to his suit.
Swiping his eyes left he activated the drone display within his HUD and sent the builder drones to business. A whirring from above the troop hold initiated straight away and dropping out from the pods in the bays ceiling, the drones started to make their way to the cargo hold and began dismantling the boxes holding the barracks and command centre.
As they flew out into the snowy landscape two slowed and hovered beside their commander along with two per squad for the fire warriors. They would need the vision of the drones to work efficiently.
Giving out the orders he sent the Pathfinders ahead into the snow around them to discover any threats and to find other areas which would be structural enough for buildings to be placed upon them.
The third sphere expansion had sent the Tau fleet far and wide, with its boundaries stretching rapidly. Fringe worlds had low resources and reinforcements if the need ever arose, so they needed the ability to look after themselves. The accompanying Earth Caste did this perfectly, creating self sustaining crops and machines that pulled water from the air. They made what they could out of natural fortifications and attempted to constantly improve the fleet with upgrades and new war technology. All of this created diverse worlds, some more technologically advanced than others. Until the Third Expansion was successfully complete and the Empire fully encompassed these newly liberated worlds, would the tried and tested new inventions find themselves spread far and wide to help The Greater Good ever flourish.
After a few hours the Pathfinders had returned and informed their commander of a cave entrance that led to a rather unique discovery. Kunas informed them to remain and warm up back within the insulated confines of the Orca. For the time being the stealth suit team would suffice. Following the locator beacon left at the entrance, they arrived there within the hour.
Entering the cave they were amazed at what they found. Dipping harshly into the depths of the planet, they arrived at an underground plateau teeming with life and light. A giant, cavern filled rainforest spread vastly before them. Above them the cave formed clouds of water that rained consistently, checking his scanners he realised that the temperature was a comfortable 28 degrees in here. Looking above he understood why. The small holes that did lead to the surface were covered by thick ice that magnified the light of the blue sun and created marvellous beams throughout the cave. Kunas noted the discovery and quickly headed back to camp. 'This world will be a fine addition to the Empire he thought to himself'.
As they trudged through the snow and ice, the weather was rapidly got worse and by the time they had arrived at the landing site it was an all out maelstrom. The camp had been fully set up and the Orca locked down before the major storm had hit. Entering the command outpost he notified the Shas'la within to get him a connection with the main fleet. Nodding he began the process dialling in the fleet relay code.
"What is taking so long?" Kunas barked, eager to deliver news of a successful mission.
"The signal isn't being received sir, I don't know why but we can't seem to connect."
"Well then contact Illuminated Hope, it could be the storm, ask them to communicate to them that the system is habitable and an acceptable addition to the Empire." Replied Kunas.
Nodding he patched through to their own vessel orbiting overhead. Within a few minutes they received word that they too could not establish a connection.
'What was possibly going on?' Kunas thought to himself.
"Send a Barracuda to the last known location of the fleet, tell the pilot to keep in constant communication with you understood?"

"Yes, Commander." The Air Caste pilot responded already tapping other areas on the holo screen and preparing the Barracuda for launch.
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#4 » Mar 25 2015 01:55

I'm enjoying the imagery. Good stuff.
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#5 » Mar 26 2015 04:15

"Only the Greater Good has the power to spare worlds of great beauty from the overcoming greed of Man, the destruction of Orks and the unrelenting hunger of the parasitic Tyranid."

The time had passed and three days was up. By now they had created a bustling system of buildings and set up a dome for cultivation. The Gal'Leath vessel, the Illuminated Hope, sat at the heart of this. Even the Kroot had found themselves quite comfortable in the hidden jungles riddled through the earth beneath with viewing decks made within their massive ceilings for air, water and earth caste to enjoy the marvel from a distance.
But Kunas was worried, they had still received no response from the main fleet although the Barracuda was fast on their tracks.
He spent most of his time training and keeping his mind off of the matter entirely. Exploring the snow world for what it was, storms lashed for most of the day but when it subsided it was a truly beautiful sight. The blue sun setting over the landscape gave everything a beautiful aquamarine and purple hue and of a night the reflections of ice on the other side of the planet danced on the ionosphere above.
Once again being awoke from daydreaming he answered his wrist communicator.
"Sir, I need you back at command immediately, our barracuda has reached the fleet." The Air Caste, normally more slow and precise with his speech sounded quite flustered which worried Kunas, whatever it was that was worrying him couldn't be good news. Retrieving his helmet he activated the boosters and headed back to base.
"There's nothing Commander, their all gone...th...th..."
"Reserve yourself pilot and show us what you see." Kunas stated impatiently.
At that moment the screen came on and what they saw before them had even Kunas lost for words.
Before them flickered the images, the destroyed ruins of the entire fleet. The 'Outbound Brotherhood' nothing but a ruin floating through the shrapnel field that had been created.
"Yes Commander, I apologise for my manner. Scans for survivors have come up negative, if any of the fleet survived they are long gone."
Within the debris field Kunas could see what looked to be bio matter, giant chunks of flesh and chitin, seeing this Kunas realised what had occurred.
"Pilot, return immediately! Come with complete radio silence, only break this command if you fall into complete danger."

"Yes Commander, shutting down communications now. I hope to see you soon."
Nodding Kunas watched as the screen went black.

"Shas'la, get the satellites orbiting the planet to do a scan for biological life, long range." Kunas spoke looking to the tech operator.
Nodding he moved across the holo panel before him and set to work with the command.
"I will notify you if anything co...".
At that moment the communications array activated within the middle of the room,
The looped message continued to come in. Kunas turned back to the Comms operator.
"Check that beacon number, its first digit states it's from the Outbound Brotherhood."
Nodding the operator went to work, within seconds he had the details of the craft.
"If this is correct it is the Majors' life boat Commander."
Kunas eyed the beacon as the drones above locked onto the target, it looked badly damaged and until it was confirmed, he wasn't taking any chances.
"I will be heading to the drop zone with two units. Upload the coordinates to my HUD."
Within seconds the display pinged the location, it was a good four hours away, but they would make good time as the next snow storm wasn't coming in for another six.
He left the command centre and headed straight to the barracks to get his team prepared.
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#6 » Mar 26 2015 04:55

I'm excited to read more. I'll admit I was a bit disappointed because I was left hanging, but you've really set it up nicely for the next piece...Keep up the good work.
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#7 » Mar 27 2015 09:51

To make up for yesterday this Chapter is a bit bigger.

"Do not allow yourself to become pray to the rage and hatred that blinds our enemies. Ever strive to remain calm and steadfast. Then your opponent will break upon you like waves on the shore."

The perimeter had been drawn around the small escape shuttle that had nestled deep into snow before them. Slowly approaching from all sides they peered into the chasm.
Looking down they could see no sign of the craft, but they could see the overgrown underground jungle that weaved below them.
"We must move quickly to contain the craft." Kunas barked as he used his thrusters to drop into the cave. Landing smoothly he calculated the trajectory path of the pod and by the time the fire warriors had abseiled down from above they were ready to move on.
Weaving through the jungle they knew what creatures to avoid. The Kroot themselves having become top of the food chain had already mutated slightly, gaining glowing veins throughout their bodies as they became one with their new environment. They had informed the Tau that there were three main threats to look out for above all others.
Grylow's, giant bipeds that roamed on two legs, the spindly glowing orbs that sat upon the long elastine stems on their back could paralyse flesh within seconds of a touch, their sharpened claws and four rows of gnashing teeth would finish you off after that.
Secondly the creatures that Kroot nicknamed Gulpers. Small flat discs of glowing pollen and honey could be found all along the forest floor. But if one were to stand on one they would find themselves completely encased in a bio synthetic case that slowly dissolved the victim within, to prevent the prey from fighting the honey, once the victim was fully sealed inside, released a gas that completely assails the senses to a complete hallucinogenic, comatose state.
Finally were the packs of Xyx. Small six eyed quadrupeds with smooth oily flesh that changed colour with their surroundings. Their numbers had dwindled from the constant hunting of the Kroot hounds as the shapers wanted the abilities to ingrow deep into the Kroot hound genetics. Despite this the Xyx could still be found and were difficult to shake once they had caught on to a scent.
Moving through the underscrub they formed up into the small crater before them, as they came into the open, a herd of Crynths moved away and galloped into the scrub on the opposite side away from them, only to be stealthily swept off their four limbs by a Xyx. Once down the other four pounced onto the flailing beast and within seconds they were feasting on its dead flesh. The pulse rifles were aimed square on the creatures for in case they decided that the Tau before them may prove to be a better meal but Kunas did not allow them to shoot. He wanted to know what was in that crashed vessel before anyone created too much of a commotion.
Climbing the surface of the damaged ship he found the cabin override, pulling the lever upwards the air lock released within and with a hiss the door slowly started to open. Peering into the dark his eyes widened at what he saw. Inside were five figures, Aun' Tau'n Ur'loh Da'myr was the first, Ethereal of the Ice Blade he was known for his stern displays of military discipline and involving himself on the front line with the troops. His ceremonial blades were said to be so fine they looked like ice shards carved into sharpened weapons. His two council members were also slumped behind him.
Aun' Dal'yth Mesa, famously known as the Marked Ethereal. Early on in his life he was captured by Dark Eldar and tortured for the pleasure of their twisted race, a strike force was sent immediately to the small Tau moon were he had been opening the new mining facility. They found him alone, tied to a gruesome device with the Haemonculus Cults' rune branded into his skull. Thirdly Aun Fi'rios Bentu, also known as 'The Calmness of Fi'rios'. The three were known as the Ta'ro'cha reflecting each in soul, mind and purpose of the Greater Good and had been picked by the High Council themselves to escort this fleet into the reaches, keeping all those within it faithful to the Greater Good.
Uash'o Kan'yr'seth Da'ya, Major of the expidition and supreme military commander looked badly hurt. The pod had only been made to seat three and so he had been knocked around the pod despite holding onto the safety side railing. He also looked as though he may have suffered multiple contusions and fractures. The last member of the shuttle was unknown to him, a female tau was fastened to the wall at the back of the cockpit. She also had been knocked unconscious from the rough descent the shuttle had endured. Calling immediately to his fire warriors he turned to watch a Xyx lunge and grip onto his armored arm.
He had been careless in not keeping an eye on the creatures but their teeth could not penetrate his suits armor, unclicking the flamer from his right arm he turned, smashing the creatures skull with his metal encased fist. As the creature flew back, others swarmed from their hiding places. Realising he was outnumbered he quickly went to work with releasing the drones that would no doubt be within the escape pods cargo bay. The two compartment doors burst open on each side panel on the evacuation pod but no pods arrived. Turning to see how his warriors were faring he realised that the Xyx had ceased their attack. Moving slowly back to the tree line they switched back into their camouflaged states and fled into the jungle growling back at the tau host within the middle of the crater. Wondering what had spooked them did not have time to enter the Shas'o's head. Crawling out of the now released hull came the creatures of nightmares, stretching they shook and brought themselves to their full size, scythes unfurled and screeching loudly, they looked quickly around their surrounding and attacked immediately. Two of them were smaller but the one at the back was much larger and seemed to have some sort of ranged weapon protruding from its chitinous mass. Roaring the warrior fired its biocannon and Kunas watched in horror as one of the fire warriors melted into a steaming acidic pile before his eyes. Lifting his arm he initiated the trigger for his flamer, only then realising it was still over at the side of the ship. He boosted upwards with his suits jet pack, the gaunts rushing around him seemingly only focused on the fire warriors before them. The warrior on the other hand had turned his attention to him and thundered forwards. Kunas landed but the creature was far to quick smashing into the side of his suit, he was sent flying left from his chosen landing trajectory. Warning lights flashed within his suits display system, the tackle had severely stressed the plating, he knew he couldn't take many of those before his suit crumpled. Looking back over the warrior had found new pray and was charging towards the opening in the ship. Panicking he activated his burst cannon and sent a volley into the back of the beast. Most bounced off the creatures armored carapace but a few singed into the tyranids flesh. It had been enough though and the creature turned its attention back to Kunas. Firing its cannon once more the Shas'o quickly thrust left avoiding the gelatinous projectile as it flew past him coagulating and devouring the biological surface it landed on. Firing his burst cannon again on the fly he tore into the alien a little more, but it didn't seem phased. As the creature charged once again, he waited until the beast was practically upon him and at the last second boosted up, kicking off of the alien bony crest as he did. The tyranid continuing to charge the other way didn't seem to notice that he was now going in the wrong direction. Reaching his flamer he clicked it into place and proceeded after the creature. The fire warriors had dealt with the other two with a flurry of pulse fire only losing one of their number. Now turning their volley on the tyranid charging into the scrub. The fire did nothing but it did turn the creature back round and with another churning from within it hurled another round out of its cannon. This one going much to wide to be of any danger. Shooting another few rounds from his burst cannon Kunas closed the gap readying the flamer. As the beast charged once more Kunas crouched into a defensive stance and clenched the trigger of his weapon. The flames engulfed the creature all at once and like a giant insect it writhed and screeched, finally ceasing its screaming and curling into a black, charred ball. Kunas surveyed the area around him and deemed it safe. Surviving a surprise attack twice with only two casualties was deemed acceptable in his mind despite the loss, they had died fighting to protect and serve the Greater Good and in doing so the Ethereals, Major and the other, unusual survivor had been saved. Sending Comms back to the base he requested two medical piranha to assist with the evacuation of the passengers. A bigger vessel would be unable to maneuver out of the already closing hole in the roof above.
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#8 » Dec 30 2017 01:38

"If one does not adapt to war, nay cannot, then they will fall. But if one can survey the battlefield in its entirety and act accordingly, then they will become the fists of the Greater Good!"

The Piranha sped into the camp and the survivors of the crash were rushed into the newly developed medical bay. Equipment was placed above each of them as initial scans began via the light emitting arcs that rotated around the bed.
Half an hour or so after the return of the Piranha, Kunas returned with the remainder of the squad and immediately attended the medical barracks.

"What news do you have to report?" he barked to the closest Earth Caste medical assistant he could make eye contact with. Rapidly reading through his notes he reported back that three of the individuals found within the crash had survived and would more than likely continue to do so, the unknown individual was unfortunately a more severe case and was currently in a comatose state.

Coming to the viewing platform he looked down at the five laying on their beds, spaced out with a number of field doctors and specialists swarming around them.
"How long until they will be awake?" he asked the same person as earlier, apparently the medic had decided to follow him around to make sure he received all the answers he required. It wasn't necessary but Kunas definitely appreciated it.
" Anywhere from this evening to a week I'm afraid. Head injuries are not quick fixes like the rest of the body. The only thing that can help a brain is to rest as much as they can whilst we monitor the swelling within the skull."

Kunas was about to begin his sentence when he was swiftly interrupted,

"Yes Commander, I shall call you the moment any of them come too."

It was four days before the word went out that Aun Fi'rios Bentu had awakened. As Kunas entered the bay the Ethereal was being run through his final cognitive tests. As they met eyes he swiftly bowed before his superior, nodding and placing his hand on his shoulder Aun Fi'rios Bentu. The medic gave a quick flick on his datapad and on the screen before them the message 'CLEARED' flashed. Rising, Aun Fi'rios Bentu beckoned Kunas to follow him as he slowly walked towards the exit that outside and onto the planets surface.

Upon their departure they saw that the snow had settled and the blue sun shone bright and high in the sky. The temperature was still low, but currently bearable without appropriate gear. Looking to the whispy clouds above, the Ethereal stretched, then proceeded to sit on a rocky outcrop a little further ahead, Kunas followed reverently behind.

"Shas'o N'dras Kunas", he said calmly, "You have made a fine addition to the Empire in this planet, there is more than meets the eye hear though." He looked down and placed his hand on the stone. "This planet teems with life yet... which may become its downfall." A solemn look now crossed his face as he raised his gaze to meet a puzzled Kunas.

"I do not understand what you mean."

Looking back to the purple hazed sky, the Ethereal continued, "The enemy known to us as the Tyranid, overwhelmed and decimated our entire Expansion Fleet. They came swiftly, without warning and massacred our people, given their sheer numbers we never had a chance."

"I am aware", Kunas replied, "We sent a scout ship to the fleets location once we had confirmed we had lost contact, no life signs could be detected, but then you arrived and with your pod came some unwanted guests, we were sure to make quick work of them and deliver you to the appropriate medical aid you all required."

Aun Fi'rios Bentu's brow furrowed deeper, "The Major plotted the pods trajectory to land here as it was the closest world to our location with allies upon it, but if we brought with us the soulless creatures, we may have less time to prepare than we previously estimated."

Meeting Kunas' gaze once more he continued, "Shas'o, the fleet that destroyed us, it was merely the tip of the spear of a much more terrifying engine of devouring greed and hunger. With each passing day the monstrosities make their way through the system scanning for life to devour and feed their unending appetite, alas there is no time to fall back, but I do request that you send a ship immediately to Bork'an to inform the Council of our failure. As for us, we must prepare ourselves."

Kunas nodded and opened his commlink to the Command Centre, "Yes Commander", a voice rang through.
"Prepare a Skether'Qan immediately, upload all information of the destroyed fleet and of our current base on..." He stopped for a moment, with all the commotion of the previous days, no one had actually named the planet they stood on. As if he knew what was going on in Kunas' head, Aun Fi'rios Bentu piqued up, "You should name this world T'suna."

Astonished, Kunas quickly nodded and returned to the conversation "...Current base here, on the newly occupied T'au world of T'suna, advise them of our survivors and the encroaching threat."

"I shall prepare the vessel immediately Commander." replied the operator and with that the Shas'o ended the call.

An hour had passed and Kunas had collected the top leaders for each Caste that they had at their disposal, Aun' Dal'yth Mesa had awoken also but chose to stay at the medical bay and await Aun' Tau'n Ur'loh Da'myr, who had began to show signs of rising also.
Kunas delivered the news he had been given and outlined the problems they had to solve swiftly to continue their survival. A quick plan was formed in which a solution had to be found to block the life signals of the planet from incoming scans of all kinds, as exactly how the Tyranids could do this was unknown, but it was known from previous observations that they tended to pass by dead worlds. Given the estimates provided to them by Aun Fi'rios Bentu they had no more than three days to find a solution and Shas'o N'dras Kunas was relying on the Earth Caste to develop something that could be utilised.

The race was on, and the survival of T'suna and its people was now at stake.
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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

Post#9 » Jan 02 2018 12:54

[i]“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak."[/]

Fio'ui Dyanoi U'tral slowly worked on the keriscopic carapace of the orbital scanner. It was an easy task and one he had become used to over the forty three years of developing and maintaining the scouting satellites that accompanied the Sphere Expansion fleets. This one had been caught in the pull between T'suni and its closest moon, knocking it from its orbital path and sending it towards the planets surface.
Its emergency thrusters had activated once through the planets dense ionosphere and so no kinetic damage had been inflicted from its smooth landing into the barren snowscape. Moreso, the damage from re-entering atmosphere without properly disengaging its sensor array was what needed to be repaired.
U'tral had just ran his first diagnostic when the thought crossed his mind. His brain had been wandering whilst he waited for the drones to finish their scans and it had started to recall a document from his Academy Days when they needed to understand and develop the then newly developed stealth generators for the upgraded XV25's. One of the main problems with this technology at the time was that although the field made the suits invisible to the naked eye, it did not make them entirely impervious to heat or electrical scanning. A prototype was developed that made the suit devoid of these issues, but it was far too big to be mounted on such a small chassis, and even the newly tested Ghostkeel battlesuits.
The VFR-331 Advanced Stealth Field Generator used the same technology to bend light around it's host, as well as perfect heat and even noise shielding including signals, life signs and even physical sound.
U'tral's head continued to tick...he had seen their blueprints, they were similar in design to the sensor satellites that they were currently using, with a patch to the VFR-331's software and with some minor upgrades... His eyes widened as he jumped to his hoofs and quickly ran to the Earth Caste Central Station.

"Where is Fio'o!?" he exclaimed to the startled receptionist.
She looked up at him, visually noticing the urgency on his face, "He is currently assessing the work that has been done on the dome habitat defenses, he won't be back for quite some time."
U'tral nodded, thanked her and took off down the corridor towards the main habitat.
When he arrived he scanned the dome for any signs of them being above, seeing nothing he looked down and with luck he spied Fio'o through the bustling traffic of workers and drones buzzing off to their next assignments.

He walked to his location, where he was talking with both a Fire and Water Caste representative. He caught his superiors eye and did a slight bow in response to the acknowledgement. Fio'so continued his conversation with the others for a few minutes. When he had finished making that point he excused himself and came over to where U'tral was standing.

"Fio'ui why have you come to me during my rounds? This was not what you were sanctioned to do today." Reaching for his datapad he began to scroll through the daily task log.
"I am aware that I am not where I should be," he explained, "But in regards to our current threat level I believe I may have came up with a solution, and given the unknown timeframe of the risk I believed it suitable to come and find you."
Stopping his scrolling he placed his datapad back onto his hip, looking at U'tral once more he nodded.
"Very well, you have piqued my interest and I did specifically notify you all so that we may attempt to discover a conclusion, let me finish my current discussions with Por'o Y'lign and Shas'vre Kiv and I shall hear what you have to say. For now return to your work, I shall come find you there."
U'tral respectively bowed once more and proceeded back to his workstation.

Fio'o entered the small workshop and was quickly greeted by a hovering drone, U'tral was not far behind it and once more nodded curtly to his superior.
"Well Fio'ui, tell me of this idea you have?"
Nodding, he began to go over everything.
"FInally, once the array was positioned, the whole thing would be powered for three full days, but this could be easily prolonged by drones from the fleet delivering new cells to each on regular intervals."
He finished with a deep breath, he had let the words rush from his mouth for almost a full hour, going over schematics, upgrades, servicing and maintenance of his plan, the drone beside him recording and creating notes, filing schematics, images and files at appropriate points within the recording as well as sending them to Fio'o during the speech.

Fio'o looked up, "So you think we have enough satellites for this to cover the entire planet?" He questioned.

"I believe we have more than necessary, and I am confident that with a team I could have them ready within the week sir!"
Fio'o stood, looking down and away from the other Earth Caste, his brow furrowed and his eyes darted, clearly in thought.
"I shall give you your team, this is a top priority, give me a working prototype as soon as you can."
Fio'ui smiled, "I shall not let us down sir!"

Kunas looked up into the sky, surrounded by his command team, Fio'o Tau'n Fy'un stood beside him, a drone hovered before them beaming analytical and video data from the satellite.
"All systems seem to be functional and ready to operate Shas'o, we have a Remora drone positioned on the other side of each satellite ready to relay back all scanning data, the field should be fully activated within seven minutes of beginning."
Kunas looked to Fy'un, "Begin."

Inputting the activation code into the drone controller, the signal transmitted to the first satellite, which then relayed the command to its adjacent counterparts.
A beep came from the drone before them, "Network activation is complete, shield is now activating." Fy'un stated, notifying the group around him.
The drone flashed a holographic image before them as each of the remora drones feeds were shown in hexagonal frames. One by one the satellites dissipated on their visual sensors, as did the planet behind them, slowly disappearing into the inky black of space.
After a few more moments had passed, the drone before them let out another beep. "The field has finished deploying Shas'o, remora drones sensors are receiving no signals from the planet whatsoever, estimated operational time is 2 T'sun days and 34 minutes, less than we had hoped for but with cell replacement we should be able to keep the shields up with only minor delay intervals."

Nodding back Commander Kunas turned to face the group that had formed behind him, "Recall all vessels and drones on the other side of that field. I want an Earth Caste team at every Drone Relay Station across the planet ensuring that everything is being overseen and maintained at optimal efficiency. I want reports on the defensive capabilities of all bases and I need the Fire Caste on high alert. Aun Fi'rios Bentu's warning has been confirmed by Aun' Dal'yth Mesa and Aun' Tau'n Ur'loh Da'myr, the Tyranids main fleet will be passing through this sector, and we need to prepared for when they come!"
"The silent hunter is here."

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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

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"How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them."

Uash'o Kan'yr'seth Da'ya's eyes flittered open and a bright light assailed his senses, he reached upwards to block the light as his sight began to turn from a fuzzy blur to sharp and clear. He could see now, and his surroundings told him he was in a medical bay, the medical drone beside his bed pinged as it sent out a request for a medical practitioner.
Kan'yr'seth swung his legs over the side of the thin bed and sat himself upright, the stiffness of his body was a lot more than he had first predicted it would be. As he begun his stretches the Major assessed himself, finding where his muscles were strained or flesh still tender. As he moved to the right a stabbing throb surged through him, originating from his ribs.

The Earth Caste medic bowed as he entered until the Major nodded back in acknowledgement. "I am glad to see you awake, how are you feeling."
Kan'yr'seth ignored the question, looking at the empty beds around him...

Flames exploded from the console as he ran down the hallway, he knew there was no time, but he could not abandon ship without seeing the Ethereals safely off first. Corpses littered the hallway, both T'au and alien, he jumped and dodged through the debris until he reached the central Consult Chamber. Turning the corner he looked in horror as the alien creatures jumped and slashed in the centre of the room, from a glancing analysis he could see ten clearly, their teal carapaces glowing as the dim warning lights ebbed.
He pulled the pulse blaster from his side and readied his aim, but as he focussed, he noticed glints through the writhing bodies, not of tyranid origin. Then he saw, the blurred figure of Aun' Tau'n Ur'loh Da'myr, his ceremonial blades a flurry around him as he twisted and turned, slicing through raised talons and gnashing heads before they were close enough to leave a scratch.
In awe, Kan'yr'seth continued to look on, until the Ethereal had dispatched every enemy. Once the area was clear, Aun Fi'rios Bentu and Aun' Dal'yth Mesa hovered down from the high ceiling of the Consult Chamber upon their hover drones. Looking down, Kan'yr'seth noticed the remnants of the Ethereal Honour Guard scattered around even more bodies.

"I think it is time we thought about leaving." he called across the hall.
Nodding he walked forward as the two others landed behind him. With his blaster in tow, Kan'yr'seth re-entered the hallway and cleared a path to the closest escape pod bay. Turning a corner he fired into a brood of gaunts their flesh dissolved at the touch of the hot plasma, the survivors only had a moment to turn before the second shot finished them off.
Moving forward they turned the final corner, tapping in the access code, the blast door flushed open and he awaited the Ethereals to move inside. Following after he moved forward to the console and scanned the ship for life. The return was bleak, only a few fire teams were still operational and most were bogged down with hostiles, as he watched yet more projectiles hit the ship, pods full of yet more of the alien threat.
He returned to the operations menu and accessed the ships speaker system;

"To all who still live, I regret to inform you that the battle is lost. All personnel who have not yet attempted to evacuate, please do so, coordinates have been uploaded to all pods. Know that we have lived and died defending the Greater Good, take solace that it will live on! Fight on brothers, in T'au, WE...ARE...STRONG!"

Moving to close the door, his hand was stopped by Aun' Dal'yth Mesa, "I think you will find we have one more passenger to arrive."
Confused, Kan'yr'seth looked out of the pod and saw what the Ethereal had meant, a T'au ran toward him, beckoning her she ran into the pod gasping for air. "Now we may go." The Ethereal smiled, patting the new arrival on her back.

Returning to the console, the Major sealed the door and launched the pod, "I have advised all survivors to rendezvous on the last expedition team deployed." He looked out the viewport and saw in horror the size of the fleet that had overwhelmed them. Giant hulking bio-craft drifted around them, tendrils and tentacles propelling the vehicles, smaller craft wrapped around the T'au flagship and shortly after a rippling blue explosion roiled through the fleet, disintegrating a few of the smaller ships around it but merely making the larger ships sway back and forth on the turbulence of its end.
As the wave hit their ship it flung Kan'yr'seth into the roof, the Ethereals had already sat and harnessed themselves but the unknown addition had experienced the same motion and was pushing herself back up off the floor. This is when he realised the problem, there was only three seats... Looking around Kan'yr'seth retrieved some safety harnesses from an overhead, pushing her onto the back wall he moved quickly. "What are y...!?" He looked at her, "If we survive this and enter atmosphere, you will be smashed around this can like you were held in the jaws of a Grapylon." He barked at her, she nodded, saying no more. When he had finished he reached up to get more harnesses to tie himself onto the hull, but before he could the drop pod shook harshly, it flung him into the front controls, hitting the one use only jump drive in the process, looking up he saw the remnants of a tyranid boarding craft being ripped off the hull...then, there was darkness.

"Sir?" The medic asked again, "Sir? Are you there?"
Kan'yr'seth blinked, his mind coming back to the present, "Where there any other survivors?" He asked hastily.
"Yes sir, all five passengers survived, you and her were the last ones here." He pointed to the bed at the end of the room where the female lay.

"Do we know anything about her yet?" Uash'o asked to the medic, still massaging the throbbing in his neck.

"We were hoping you would of been able to shed some light on her, she had no identification on her at all."
Looking troubled Kan'yr'seth looked back toward her, "So we know absolutely nothing?"
"Well we know she is Fire Caste stock and shares some base DNA with Commander Shadowsun, same relative family unit most certainly."

Her eyes flickered open, immediately sitting upright and gasping, batting the drone away that whirred over to assess her. Looking around she saw the other two, "Where am I, what happened to us!?"

The medic quickly rushed down to her, bringing her diagnostics up as he did from the drone beside him.
"It's ok, you are in our medical bay, you survived the escape of the Outbound Brotherhood, with thanks to the High Commader here."
She looked past the Earth Caste still studying the medic feed and made eye contact with Kan'yr'seth, she made a nod of recognition, which Uash'o replied in kind.

At that moment Kunas entered the medical station, bowing as he approached, "How are you feeling High Commander?"
"I've felt better Shas'o" he chuckled, "Bit stiff but I'll survive to fight another day."
"Glad to hear it, because the battle is about to begin."
"The silent hunter is here."

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Re: Kan'yr'seth Chronicles: The Undefined Strike

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The time was now!
As each Caste prepared themselves, the sky above them swarmed with the ships that brought upon the galaxy the bleak and forthright devouring destruction that was the Tyranids.
As Hive Fleet Kraken loomed over head, it's ships arduously swishing and hopping through space, some of them large enough to discern quite easily from the ground of T'suni.
"Fire Caste, offensive perimeters!" Uash'o yelled to the encampment.
It was abuzz with regimented order as each member of the Greater Good ran to take their allocated position for this exact drill, for the past nine days the plan had been formed, and for the past three, countless drills had been activated and monitored to make sure that they were ready.
In this time Shas'o Kunas had relieved himself of command and briefed Uash'o Kan'yr'seth Da'ya of all their recent moves since landing upon the planet. The High Commander was confident that they were as prepared as they could be for the strike that was to come.
The Ethereals followed him, all three on hover drones, two meditating, on what precisely, none could tell you, but Aun' Tau'n Ur'loh Da'myr stood upon his, blades out and ready for combat, their new Protectors stood around them with their own ceremonial blades in tow.
"We need to be prepared!" shouted Uash'o, "The cloaking field has been tested with our technology, it has not with theirs and we do not know when they may pick up on our signals!"
"Yes High Commander!" the Fire Warriors recited behind him, rifles at the ready. The kroot had been told to remain in the underground tropical forests for in case any ships broke through the ice sheeting of the planet and stood in loosely regimented rows as they to watched the overhead display, looking towards the Tyranids forthcoming fleet.
"All channels look clear" called Fio'so, his brow furrowed in concentration as he watched all of the diagnostics running past his screen, making sure that nothing was close to failing...until..."High Commander! Relay Seven is down to 4%! Do you want me to risk a battery replacement run?"
"No! Hold!" Yelled Kan'yr'seth down the line. "We now need to rely on our technology, and take risks only when we need to, if it fails, have a drone ready to replace as quickly as we can, we can take no risks in our current situation!"
"Yes High Commander!" replied Fio'so continuing through the pages of information constantly being updated.
As the Hive Fleet slowly passed, more and more of the T'au forces showed signs of relief.
"It looks like it is holding!" cried a random warrior from within the crowd, from this a small cheer ran through the crowd.
Sighs of relief filled the air and the hope that the T'au would survive for another day and continue the Third Phase Expansion ran through the camp with passion and excitement!
"Do not celebrate before we have victory!" cried Kan'yr'seth, his voice harsh and stern.
"You may be right High Commander!" Fio'so interrupted, "The seventh relay has failed, shields are down!"
"Prepare for battle!" cried Uash'o, "Get that satellites battery replaced at once!" He cried to Fio'so.

The Hive mind felt it, within a system of death...all of a sudden their was life! A shudder ran down the flagships spinal nodes, automatically releasing scouting drop vessels, shaken free and aimed directly at the new sense of...life! It was definitely intriguing to the Hive Mind, they had felt this system from thousands of miles away and yet they sensed no life until just now, and when it reached it's mind out to it, their just seemed to be an island, floating within space on which this life survived... but it wasn't worried, like all biomass it had come across, it would be absorbed and devoured by the fleet and turned to fuel. If the Hive ship could laugh it would.

"Projectiles incoming!" Cried a Fireblade from the horde, as each Firewarrior lowered and aimed through their given rifle. Breacher teams ran forward, supported by close range XV88 crisis suits. "Victory will be ours, we stand in Mont'ka! We will win the day!" cried Kan'yr'seth, firing up his own suit with modified Oneger blade.

As the dropships found their mark, surprisingly, none making it through the planets exoshell to the ecosystem below, hundreds of warriors and gaunts teamed together and attempted to swarm their fortified positions, but thanks to the current temperament of the planet, the current icy crust was quite strong, stopping the ships and directing the full brunt of the Tyranids towards the army of Greater Good personnel!

The tyranid horde moved swiftly but were having trouble with the heavy snowfall, some tripping up or attempting to climb snow banks that turned to powder when they tried. Stealth teams moved in and fired round after round of burst cannon fire, dissolving chitin and bone with searing plasma.

More ships rained down from the break in the barrier, Fio'o watched through the feed from the drone replacing the battery, "The satellite has not been damaged, battery has been replaced, start up sequence beginning!" he sighed to Uash'o, he went to reply but his Shas'vre interrupted him, "Sir, the threat has touched down on the Eastern continent, practically on top of Relay Fours Defensive group".
Kan'yr'seth nodded, "Air Caste! Attend the following coordinates, defend the ground offense as best as you can!"
"It will be done." replied the Kor'vre, their ships zipping over their heads as they accelerated toward the target.

Shas'el Ta'mir scanned the battlefield, setting his marker drones to the task of picking out the larger warriors running through the group, he knew Tyranids were synapse creatures and the bigger they were, the more sway they had over their smaller kin. Pathfinder teams, supported by gun drones of their own made quick work of each target he lit up, with the taskforce of Fire Warriors he had at his disposal laying withering volleys of fire into the swarming ranks.

Their one Anti Air Turrent fired into the sky constantly, taking out more of the pods that now became more in number.
"That was the last warrior sir!" the Fire Warrior Shas'ui shot over his comms, "Why are they not slowing down?"
Ta'mir pondered this, there had to be another creature he wasn't aware of, but where?
"Pathfinders, move forward, I can see nothing from the air but I need you to check the snow dunes, perhaps something is hiding beneath them."
"Yes Shas'el!" as soon as he heard the reply he saw the two squads move up either side of the fire tunnel the warriors had set up.

As they reached the first embankment they disappeared in a flurry of snow as the hill was wrenched asunder by a large purple tentacle. Screams came through the comms as the ripper tentacle smashed and grabbed at whatever it could find. "It's the pods sir...the signal is comi..." the comm garbled out as the speaker met her untimely end.
Checking his sensors he reconfigured the scanner to search for the pods, and with each lock he unleashed a missile from his suit, flying over the field he continued to fire, when the air support arrived he relayed the coordinates of the remaining spores and allowed them to finish them off with bombing runs.
"Do we have a timeframe for getting the cloak back up?" Ta'mir asked to the Kor'vre
"Estimated time five minutes Shas'el, but we cannot rely on it to stop the assault."
"Understood" he replied swiftly, "Fireteams, remain around the relay tower, we must defend this position!"
As fast as they were clearing them, the drop pods continued, some now falling into the underground.
"Sunshark, bomb the crust where it has already fallen" make an access point for you to give the Kroot air support as well."
The pilot acknowledged and with another swoop the ground collapsed in a ball of blue fire. Two Razorsharks and a Tigershark, pulling a hammerhead stall and lunging into the other world beneath them.
Ta'mir focused once more on the battle at hand, his marker drones going back to lighting up the larger warriors, the creatures were becoming more varied now, creatures looking like horrific effigies of T'au physiology with an extra pair of clawed arms coming out from their torso's, he believed he had seen these in simulations, creatures the Gue'la had called 'Genestealers'. A larger pod smashed into the newer ground further back, it's tendrils lashing out and slowing it's decent allowing it not to go through the icy crust.
With a howling shriek the bestial creature lugged itself out of the battered and dying spore which had safely carried it to planetfall.
"The silent hunter is here."

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