Tau Language Concordance

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Tau Language Concordance

Post#1 » Oct 07 2015 01:25

Measurements of Distance

Measurements of Time
Known Units
    Tau'cyr: one tau 'year'; equivalent to 6 kai'rotaa, 480 rotaa, or 297.74 terran days
    Kai'rotaa: one tau 'month'; one-sixth of a tau'cyr, equivalent to 80 rotaa or ~49.6 terran days
    Rotaa: one tau 'day', equivalent to ten decs or ~.6 terran days/~14.9 terran hours
    Dec: one tau 'hour'; one-tenth of a rotaa, equivalent to ~1.5 terran hours
    Codex: Tau Empire (4th edition), p. 21 wrote:Tau Timekeeping
    The tau'cyr is an annual cycle on T'au. A tau'cyr is broken down into 6 kai'rotaa, each of 80 rotaa. Each kai'rotaa is dedicated to a caste, with the additional one dedicated to the race as a whole. A rotaa is is broken down into ten decs. Decs are either light-time or dark-time. Most tau need only 1-2 decs of sleep per rotaa.

    The tau'cyr lasts approximately 300 Terran days (297.74 to be precise). A kai'rotaa is therefore about 50 Terran days. A rotaa is approximately 15 Terran hours and a dec is 1.5 Terran hours.
Unknown Units
    Dec'taa: from context, likely a second. Notice the similarity between "dec'taa" and "dec"; this word is extracted from a piece probably written by Andy Chambers, Graham McNeill, and Andy Hoare, the first two of which helped write the 3rd Edition codex.
    Frontline Report on Tau Battle Doctrine wrote:Por’ui Elsy’eir K’tadie straightened the unfamiliar bulk of the armored vest over her body as an explosion echoed from the ridge behind her along with scattered sounds of gunfire. She glanced over her shoulder and nodded to her colleague, holding the recording phonic below her mouth.

    “La’je’ri? Are you ready?” she asked.

    Her pict-recorder, Por’la Elsy’eir Je’ri nodded. “We’re live in thirty dec’taa.”

    “Very well. Let’s get a picture of the battle,” said Ui’k’tadie, scrambling up the slope.

    Rai'kor: from context, likely a minute
    Rai'kan: from context, likely a second
    Mor'tek-rai'kan: from context, likely a microsecond. "Mor'tek" could mean "micro" or "millionth."
    Simon Spurrier, Fire Warrior wrote:
    p. wrote:
    p. wrote:
    p. wrote:

Aliens and Enemies
    Mal'kor: Vespid [CTE6, p. 26]
    Gue'vesa: Human auxiliaries, literally "human helpers" [CTE6, p. 26]. Given the overlap between "gue'vesa" and "kor'vesa" (drone, lit. "faithful helper"), it is safe to assume that "vesa" translates as "helper" or "assistant."

    Gue'la: humans [CTE6, p. 26]. Given its preponderance in words related to humanity, "gue" appears to be the syllable that expresses "human"; in this case, the "la" might be a grammatical filler with no independent meaning, though it could also be used to describe humanity's bellicosity ("la" as "warrior", as in the rank). It might also be a snide reference to humanity's apparent backwardness, i.e. the "gue" only rank "la".
    Gue'ron'sha: Astartes, literally "engineered human warriors" [CTE6, p. 26; CFE]. Given the repetition of "gue" across all words involving the human species (gue'la, gue'vesa, gue'ron'sha), it is safe to assume that it is the "ron'sha" aspect of the word that conveys "engineered warrior." Furthermore, notice the repetition of "ron" in ves'ron, "robotic being". "Sha" may be a misspelling or elision of "shas." Before the release of Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition), some unofficial writers called Space Marines Or'es'gue'la, "powerful humans."

The Ancients
    Ves'ron: robotic being [CTE6, p. 26]. Could be a reference to the Necrons. Before the release of Codex: Tau Empire (6th Edition), some unofficial writers called Necrons Mont'ray, "death walkers."
    Var Sin’da: Dark Eldar, literally "dark raiding ones."
    Braden Campbell, Shadowsun, p. 32 wrote:"Shas’el Oru’mi was slain by Var Sin’da pirates on the planet Tash’Var. All reports state that she was working to prevent them from capturing the Ethereals residing there, and that she alone is credited with more than fifty-two confirmed enemy kills. Her position was overrun. She was wounded and evacuated to the medical complex in Mikaz City. She received the best of care, but the poisons used by those damnable creatures are quite virulent, and she died three days later."

    Be'gel [CTE6, p. 26]
    Bhe'ghaal: alteration or corruption of be'gel
    Peter Fehervari, Out Caste, p. 2-3 wrote:Our enemy was the bhe’ghaal, a race of green-skinned beasts that infested vast tracts of the galaxy and made frequent raids into tau territory.

    Yhe’mokushi: alteration of y'he. Perhaps literally "Beasts of the Silent Hunger"; if so, likely reference to the "Zone of Silence" left in the wake of Hive Fleet Gorgon. However, this conjecture would date A Sanctuary of Worms and Fire Caste to sometime after 902.M41, which doesn't appear to be the intent. Alternatively, the "silent" is inspired by another source, and the above-mentioned texts occur any time after the Damocles Gulf Crusade.
    Peter Fehervari, A Sanctuary of Wyrms, p. 15 wrote:"They are Yhe’mokushi, beasts of the Silent Hunger," Jhi’kaara said. The reference meant nothing to me and the others looked equally mystified. She nodded, unsurprised. "A predatory species the Tau Empire has only recently encountered. These differ from the bioforms depicted in our orientation sessions, but diversity is in their nature. They are living weapons that can steal form as well as substance, becoming whatever suits their purpose."

    Y'he: "ever-devouring" [CTE6, 26]; previously conjectured to be a composite word meaning "individuals (y) without number (he)"
    Simon Spurrier, Fire Warrior, p. 75 wrote:Something here.

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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#2 » Oct 07 2015 01:30

This is a work-in-progress that has sat incomplete in my archives for years. Rather than let it continue to linger, I figured I would post what I have, and hope a collaborative effort can finish it.

We have our Living Tau Lexicon, but my hope was that this post serve as more of a concordance. However, I wanted to supply more than a word's immediate context; I also wanted to provide a short, relevant explanation of how each word's constituent parts fit together.

And hopefully, together, we can finish this.

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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#3 » Oct 08 2015 10:39

To my fellow re-inventor of the wheel, hail! :P

Lexicons and Concordances

First there are some places in your posts that have missing information, was there a glitch or did you hit the 'submit' button instead of the 'save' button?

Willing to help as I am working to create a comprehensive lexicon, but most of my stuff doesn't have direct citations. Having said that the most comprehensive collection of tau words in the Expanded Tau Lexicon, as I have pulled all the data from all the other lexicons (they're not all the same). And I pulled in words from many threads here on at A.T.T. and also from a lot of old timers and their knowledge of the lore, fiction (BL, WD and GW posted info). One important difference with the Expanded Tau Lexicon is that you can tell the canon from fan words easily, as everything with a colour is fan created, but if it's not coloured it's canon.

Anyway the best I think to start is the Lexicanium.com and their Tau Lexicon, because it is pretty much a concordance already. They are very good about citing almost every entry. There are a lot of lexicons and former lexicons (now deceased) out there, but only the Lexicanum is doing what you're doing.

1). What's the criteria? Tau words or English phrases on tau subjects? Thinking of terms like: Sun Forge and Burning Eye.
2). What defines cannon? This is not just a 'fan' opinion thing, but considering that often BL authors often make glaring errors it makes a difference. E.g. in Guy Haley's story Broken Sword uses the word 'Ves'ron' (tau word of Necron) for a tau gun drone? Does this then preclude both 'Ves'ron' for Necron and 'Kor'vessa' for drones?
3). Do only cannon words count? There are GW materials that have 'fallen out' of the cannon. Do you want to include those terms?

I think you know about all this already, but someone else interested may not know the following:

A.T.T. Living Tau Xenolexicon
An Expanded Tau Lexicon
Lexicanum Tau Lexicon
DeviantArt Tau Lexicon by Commander Farsight
Grimmdark.net Tau/Eldar Translator

An Expanded Tau Lexicon and Tau'sia: Toward a Tau Language (thread)
Theoretical new novel Apocalypse: Damocles (thread)

Mal'caor: [comp.] n. ‘Web Spinner’ or ‘Spider’ in reference to insects. [Note compare this with the Eldar word for spider: 'Malkor']. (Like Be'gel another Eldar borrowing, which is canon).
Mont'gue'la: [comp.] n. ‘Chaos humans/cultists’.

NEW ENTRIES FOR THE LEXCION Thanks for the input I always love new words!
Be'gel: [comp.] n. {xeno term.} ‘Simple creatures’, i.e. Orks [Note phrase is maybe a borrowing from the Eldar language(?)]. -var. Bhe'ghaal

Yhe: Beast, lit. 'Monsterous thing'
Mokushi: 'Silent Hunger' i.e. Famine or starvation

Yhe’mokushi: 1. n. 'Tyranids'; 2. {folklore} n. Beast of the Silent Hunger. A legendary creature much like the wolf in terran folklore; which represents hunger and famine. The Beast of the Silent Hunger is a huge shapeless creature with no discernible features which is said to devour whole nations.

NOTE: Edited on the advice of Calmsword to links on discussion threads and to apologize to Mr. Chambers: "Sorry it wasn't you but it was rather Mr. Haley!"
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#4 » Oct 09 2015 02:53

Thanks Lyi'ot, appreciate the slowly updating terminology. It's just in time for the new codex (which is looking like the last week of October... Octauber? ...)

Tauman: You've got a lot of interesting aspects to your posts but can you please reference them directly with links?

You're referencing Andy Chambers for the Tau'sia word for Necrons- could you please state where?
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#5 » Oct 09 2015 04:16

Good catch on the one Calmsword, it was Guy Haley and not Andy Chambers! :-?

Also I have gone back and added the hyperlinks to the discussion threads and corrected the attribution of 'Ves'ron' to the correct BL author. (Took the better part of two hours to find it as I had to pretty much reach post to be sure and not miss the reference) I posted last night and it was already 11:00PM CST and I needed to get to bed.

The Theoretical new novel Apocalypse: Damocles discussion thread is really a treasure trove of tau words, there are several reviews and discussions of recent BL books and short stories. Many of the discussion posts cite the works or at least tribute the new words to particular works and authors.

So putting my money where my mouth is, here is my first 'official' offering for the Concordance:

Jhi'kaara: 'Broken mirror'

From Out Caste, Peter Fehervari, Black Library 2012, Games Workshop Ltd., Pg. 6th "Crouching in the darkness as the darkness crouches inside her, she finally names her truth: Jhi'kaara, 'the broken mirror'."

PS Does anyone know how to create a link on the A.T.T. that is only one word? Like 'starman' and the word itself is the link? I know how to do it on other sites, but I never figured out how to do it here. :-(
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#6 » Oct 09 2015 04:21

Tauman here is a link from Lyi'ot's post which I have broken to expose the anatomy:
[url+=http://advancedtautactica.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21234]Living Tau Lexicon[/url]
I used a + after the url. Hope that helps.

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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#7 » Oct 09 2015 04:31

Thanks much! Never could figure out how to do that! :D
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#8 » Nov 28 2015 04:28

Tau Words and Phrases: From Fire Warrior by Simon Spurrier (eBook)
Published in 2005 by Black Library, Games Workshop Ltd. © Games Workshop Limited, 2005, 2011. All rights reserved.

WARNING: If you have not read the novel, there is a bits of spoiler through out this post. One actual reveal and that has to do with Kais's father Shas'O'Shi'ur. So skip where the part where the post talks about the character of Shas'O'Shi'ur.


Aun’chia’gor: [pg. 95] "The Aun’chia’gor was already underway."
Bloodwind [pg. 138] "‘Bloodwind…’ Men’he hissed beneath his breath, forgetting himself." [Expletive - like 'bloody hell' or 'blood damn']
Cir’etz scales [pg. 125] "Raising the cir’etz scales along his spine and neck with a shiver."
D’havre meditation [pg. 119] "'Drift with the current. Be not concerned with that which you cannot control.' A snippet from the D’havre meditation."
Datatexts of Kilto [pg. 95] "The origins of the ceremony were clearly prescribed in the datatexts of Kilto..."
Dorsal-class heavy bomber [pg. 178] "Orbsat 66.G trackes a Dorsal-class heavy bomber..."
Eur’ii moisture [pg. 44] "Eur’ii moisture covering his eyes"

Fal'shia [pg. 10]
Fio’dr fabric [pg. 44/248] (fabric of fire caste military fatigues) "(S)eeping into the fio’dr of his regs."
Fio’sorral artworks [pg. 68] "[E]ven the fio’sorral artworks were unsurpassed."
Fio’tak [pg. 93] Earth caste material -"Instead he sprinted onwards, sensing the fio’tak haemorrhaging behind him in an eruption of plasma and shrapnel. "
Fio’toros’tai abattoir districts [pg. 143] "[O]nly to be slaughtered for meat in the fio’toros’tai abattoir districts."

Grazebeast [pg. 136]
Ge’ta-flatbread [pg. 209] A tau flat bread [?]
Grath’im [pg. 275] "Then he went right back to being an impetuous grath’im." [Bad name ?]
Greh’Ii-berry [pg. 165] "Constantine’s face was bright red, like an unplucked greh’Ii-berry. "
Griy’na fruits [pg. 124] "[L]ike overripe griy’na fruits."
Gue’la io’ra [pg. 49] 'Human Flora Wrong'? [A Human terraformed world - meaning?]

Ho’or-ata-t’chel [pg. 211] "In practice, a veteran user of Crisis XV8 technology often developed ho’or-ata-t’chel: sympathetic ghost-pains. Phantom reactions to external damage."

I’helti cap [pg. 100] "The Aun stepped into the very centre of the circle and stared at each face in turn, the light never leaving his long, thin features and the decorous i’helti cap disguising the scar upon his brow." Described later as a cross between a diadem and a bandana.
Iur’tae’mont [pg. 178] "O’Udas thought: iur’tae’mont. Burnout. War madness. Shellshock. It happened." Combat fatigue/shell shock/PTSD.

J’hal nectar/colour "A pleasant chat over a cup of j’hal nectar?" [pg. 98] "[H]e sipped gratefully on a high-energy soup of j’hal nectar." [pg. 200] "Rich j’hal-petal red" [pg. 126]
J’kaara - mirror [pg. 96]
Jeth’ri spears [pg. 111] "Always away, running from the jeth’ri spears of its pursuers."
Juntas (left side?) [pg. 32] "Juntas-side engine" [Does not indicate exactly what if it means right or left]
Juntaa stone [pg. 96] [?]

Kathr’yl desert reptile [pg. 75]
Kles’tak explosives [pg. 135] "Contact severed with a static hiss as the faithful little drone completed its approach and triggered the high-density kles’tak explosives packed throughout its chassis." [Type of explosive in 'auto-deploy' mines/drones?]
Kre’ui-class world [pg. 49] "Dolumar IV, a Kre’ui-class world with tolerable atmosphere and meteorological conditions, defined within 66.G’s memorysphere as ‘gue’la io’ra’..."

Mon’wern’a: the ‘deceptive assault’ [pg. 37] "The loss of their comrades, he’d told them, was all part of the scheme, the plan, the mon’wern’a: the ‘deceptive assault’".
Mont’sel combat-pattern [pg. 15] Tactical infantry formation (not described in detail)
Mor’tek-raik’an [pg. 237] Time unit [?] "Every third mor’tek-raik’an 66.G flickered its attention across the precise bio readings and spectral signatures of Aun’el T’au Ko’vash."
Moriin resin [pg. 96] [?]

Nasal cavity [pg. 9]
Poi’sell [pg. 178] "The first shot sliced open the Enduring Blade like a warm slab of poi’sell, melting its structure with colossal precision."
Pol hats [pg. 96] Water caste hat "Domed pol hats..."
Por'hui - media [pg. 9]

S’peiy-bottle [pg. 119] (?)
Se’hen che lel [pg. 116] "They called it se’hen che lel. Riding the lightning." [Se'hen - tau navy one man pod]
Shas'ar'tol [pg. 10]
Shas’len’ra – The Cautious Warrior [pg. 23] "[T]oo late to recite the Sio’t mediation of the Shas’len’ra – the Cautious Warrior."
Sho’aun’or’es [pg. 93] Power Plant? "[F]orcing the gue’la back behind the sho’aun’or’es energy stack, near to where he’d secreted the grenade."
Shyh’am-eating [pg. 107] "He was getting attacked by scum-fire shyh’am-eating blood-of-t’au skulls."
Sio’tmediation[pg. 23/51/113/200/202/250] A book/codex of sutra/psalm like verses used in meditation.
Snae’ta (Frakking/Jerk/A-hole?) [pg. 52/221/276] Note: DOES NOT MEAN COMPASSION!
"A snae’ta gue’la cauterised it in the shuttle on the way here." [pg. 52] (Think it means compassion?)
"And now he couldn’t even contact the grizzled snae’ta to tell him what he thought of him." [pg. 221]
"He shot a shas’ui, once, just for questioning orders. Did you know that? He was a snae’ta, Kais. A mighty general and a powerful fighter, but a snae’ta nonetheless." [pg. 276]
Snow Devils [pg. 148] "A trio of servitors, blade-limbs grasping out for him, slunk away like snow devils in the sun." [Snow men?]
Strong Triumph: Note name given at battle of Fio'vash. Tau name not given - would be Re'shi [pg. 9]

T’pel sharks: [pg. 68/119] "High above the smoking, debris-strewn plains of Dolumar IV, prowling out of the warp like a shoal of rampaging t’pel sharks, the gue’la fleet had arrived."
T’pre’ta decorations [pg. 136] "The sight made Men’he think of a huge grazebeast carcass, stuffed full of firecrackers and t’pre’ta decorations."
Tau’fann [pg. 96] "Honoured tau’fann" [meaning taukind?]
Tau’kon’seh [pg. 111] "He was a clonebeast being hunted, a ceremonial preything being stalked by the shas’uis during the festival of Tau’kon’seh."
Toroq (right side?) [pg. 25] "Toroq-side engine" [Does not indicate exactly what if it means right or left]
Tyranid y’he’vre [pg. 33] [Does not specifiy what tyranid this is]
Ui’t cub [pg. 44/100] "Tiny speaker drone following the general around like a faithful ui’t cub."
Uor'la (Battle of) Hero Shas'O T'au Shi'ur (Father of Kais) [pg. 9]
Way of the Fire Warrior[pg. 25]
Y'he [pg. 10] Tyranids
Ye’qua’li radiation [pg. 124] "High-level ye’qua’li radiation."
Yie’rla’rettan meditation[pg. 165] "'Caution in the face of threat' – is that not the teaching of the Yie’rla’rettan meditation?'"

Xenogen [pg. 109] "You will tell me, xenogen." (What happened to xenos?)

No tau is ever alone. [pg. 26]
"No, Shas’la. Not alone. No tau ever is – you know that."

'By the Path!' [pg. 52]
‘What’s happening, by the path?’

"A broken sword may still cut." [pg. 56]
"But is it not said that even when broken, a sword may still cut?’"

"As the One Path leads"
[pg. 76]
‘As the One Path leads’

"Path be praised."
[pg. 97]
‘Path be praised'

"Drift with the current..." From the D’havre
[pg. 119] "'Drift with the current. Be not concerned with that which you cannot control.' A snippet from the D’havre meditation."

"Caution in the face of threat" From the Yie’rla’rettan [pg. 165]
"'Caution in the face of threat' – is that not the teaching of the Yie’rla’rettan meditation?'"

"Respect and Unity" [pg. 179]
"Respect and Unity, tau’fann."

"A well-maintained warrior" From the Sio’t [pg. 200]
"'A well-maintained warrior’, he said aloud, not feeling foolish, ‘is an effective warrior.’ Sio’t meditation twelve, lesson four." [The only place were the author quotes chapter and verse!]

“A single blade of grass” Incomplete quote from the Sio't (?) [pg. 200]
“'A single blade of grass’, he recited loudly, blocking the sounds of war, ‘will bend and falter in the lightest wind. But where grass grows in pasture, in field or savannah; each blade feels but a fraction of the wind’s full force. It prospers due to the common purpose of its fe–’”

"The sio’t teaches us that evil is a falsehood" a quote from the Sio't[pg. 202]
"'The sio’t teaches us that evil is a falsehood,’ he said, clutching at the display wafer in his pouch. ‘A-all truth is subjective. Evil is just valour, regarded from a different perspective.’ He tried to put conviction into his voice, attempting to believe the dogma."

Ho’or-ata-t’chel [pg. 211] "In practice, a veteran user of Crisis XV8 technology often developed ho’or-ata-t’chel: sympathetic ghost-pains. Phantom reactions to external damage." [Note this is listed twice as it is a phrase and merely a single tau word].

"Tau’va protect" [pg. 211]
"‘Tau’va protect,’ he said."

"Seeking a t’repa in a gerosh’i" [pg. 225] "Needle in a haystack" (?)
"It was like seeking a t’repa in a gerosh’i."

"Unity and Equilibrium and Progress and Growth" - Promise of the Tau'va [pg. 239]
"Unity and Equilibrium and Progress and Growth…"

Mental Correction [pg. 15] A course of action if a tau acts improperly. (punishment/treatment?) "Had a shas’la ever dared express such sedition they could be guaranteed an intensive course in mental correction at the very least, not that any were foolish enough to do so."

Cyan Blood [pg. 23]
"Keth’rit’s head jolted backwards with a snap, a pale jet of cyan blood hanging limpid in the air before scrawling itself across the trench wall. "

Tau Facial Expressions [pg. 37] - In such subtle ways
"Sitting there in the dropship as the shas’o gave his inspirational speech, the youth had looked sick, expressionless features not masking the resentment in his eyes. In such subtle ways were the emotions of taukind expressed; not in the excesses and self-indulgences of the gue’la."

Tau View of Human Criminal Justice System [pg. 38]
"The very existence of an edifice designed solely for the incarceration of the socially incompatible was beyond Lusha’s understanding. On T’au those few who failed to conform were considered worthy of sympathy and help, not punishment. He dismissed again the illogic of their conventions and regarded the brooding construct dispassionately."

A Meditation Dropped from the Sio’t [pg. 51]
"‘The alien is not intrinsically evil.
Do not hate him. Pity him his ignorance.
Seek to understand his differences
And acquaint him with his inadequacies.
Only then will he accept his placein the Greater Good.’
It was a Sio’t meditation – committed to memory long tau’cyrs ago – supposedly composed by the great hero O’Mau’tel. Since its inscription, of course, the tau had encountered both the insane, green-skinned Be’gel and the ever-devouring Y’he: two races, each in their own way utterly incapable of integration with the tau’va. The meditation had been quietly dropped from later editions of the Sio’t, but Kais had always remembered it."

Fire Caste Greeting - Familiar [pg. 52]
"They greeted each other in a tangle of relief, all horrors forgotten, clasping arms and pressing twice on the circle of armour over their hearts, a greeting reserved for familiars and friends. Kais kept repeating, over and over."

Mont’au Defined [pg. 56]
"Mont’au was a state-of-being without progress, without unity or altruism, without direction or purpose or strength."

Mont’au Daemon [pg. 56]
"He was a daemon in Fire Warrior armour. He was a ghost of the past, a Mont’au devil, bathing in the blood of his enemies and existing only to kill."

Quote #1: "It was a ray of light, stammering on the serenity of its own words. It was a dreamscent, whispering past his senses, a pheromone medley of spice and fruit. It was a song without a chorus, a breathless celebration of melody and rhythm, stained by a taint of discordant pain."
[Note pheromones have a scent, but are otherwise odourless, and therefore there would be no 'medley of spice and fruit'. Must be considered a secondary conditioning to the effect of the dreamscent. Or possibly just bad writing on Mr. Spurrier's part.]

Quote #2: "Weak and frail, shaking from the bone-pitted wound above his nasal orifice, the Aun raised his head defiantly and fixed Kais with a stare of pure peace. It filled his mind, overriding every sense in a rush of inexorable calmness. It waved away the smoke and the pain, it washed clean the blood in his brain and assuaged his racing thoughts. He was a puppet to it: an empty vessel given awareness of its own hollowness and somehow, against every expectation, glad of it."

Kathr’yl desert reptile [pg. 76]
"He’d seen himself as a kathr’yl desert reptile, heavy with the weight of its years, fronded scales pitted and sore, unable to walk any further. In the hottest part of the rotaa the oldest of them would slump to the dry sand and split from head to toe, tattered bodies disgorging a single unblemished offspring into the arid air. Purity out of infirmity."

The Trial by Fire [pg. 85]
"The Trial by Fire, they called it. After four tau’cyrs of service a shas’la would face the judgement of an examining commander to determine their progression of rank, following a demonstration of ability. Most Trials were artificial affairs: a complex series of simulations, courses and non-lethal combat in the battledomes. They were regarded as festivals; holidays during which all castes would come together in the colossal auditoria to cheer and speculate upon which warriors would be deemed worthy of promotion. There was no sense of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ – to remain a shas’la was without dishonour, a celebration of discovering one’s niche and serving the tau’va in the best possible fashion."

Aun’chia’gor and the Datatexts of Kilto [pg. 95]
"The Aun’chia’gor was already underway. The origins of the ceremony were clearly prescribed in the datatexts of Kilto and it had remained almost unchanged in the two and a half thousand tau’cyrs since its inception. It was a product of the time of Mont’au, before the Auns came, when the tribes of T’au balanced on the very verge of self destruction."

Coming of the Etereals [pg. 95]
There had been lights, glimpsed dimly around the distant mountaintops, for three rotaas. Stories spread amongst the armies of strange figures lurking in the mist of the hills, colourful attire and fluted limbs melting and capering through the haze. In the heat of battle few of the tribes gave any credence to the tales, stubbornly ignoring the phenomena that pulsed in the night sky, bending all their attention upon the hostilities that were tearing their world apart. On the final day the wind had carried strange resonances, swept aloft from the heights of the jagged peaks. They sounded, the Kilto histories recorded, like a choir of voices, raised in a song of impossible beauty." [Harlequins anyone?]

Point of Enmity [pg. 97]
"Por’el Yis’ten scoffed loudly, rolling her eyes. T’yra, watching her exaggerated performance with interest, reminded himself of the flamboyant reputation of the water caste, traditionally a point of enmity with the characteristically austere fire caste."

Propagation Department [pg. 97/98] (That famous quote!)
"T’yra had to admit that her beauty – legendary throughout the ship – was enough to drive any male to consider breaking caste. He quashed the thought with an embarrassed cough, wondering vaguely when his next summons from the Propagation Department would arrive. The Fio’os back on T’au, preoccupied with ‘optimum genetic compatibility’, orchestrated inter-caste couplings without prejudice or emotion, but still… T’yra found himself musing enviously upon which lucky por’el male would discover his name beside that of El’Yis’ten on the summons form. He snapped himself from the reverie with a guilty wince as she began to speak."

Air Caste Greeting [pg. 100]
"T’yra unfolded himself from his seat and waved his first fingers in the customary air caste greeting."

The Reason for the Aun’chia’gor [pg. 101]
"'To answer your question, honoured cousin, I had no great need to conduct the Aun’chia’gor, it is true. My decision was made and I might have ordered you, in the name of the One Path, to conduct your duty as I commanded. Is that not so?’
‘It is, Aun’el.’
‘And yet I know, Por’el, as do you, that a being is far more content in the execution of its duties when it has unravelled the need for them, than when forced to comply. We each are called to serve the tau’va without question, but let us be under no illusion: the need to understand one’s niche is often powerful indeed. The Aun’chia’gor is a great tool in removing the reliance upon unthinking obedience. To become dependant upon such a thing would make us little better than the gue’la, with their stark Emperor and their blinkered, narrow little minds.’"

"Scum-fire, shyh’am-eating, blood-of-t'au..."
[pg. 107] "He was getting attacked by scum-fire shyh’am-eating blood-of-t’au skulls." (Bad words?)

Auto-deploy Mines [pg. 216]
"Procuring an undamaged backpack, armfuls of auto-deploy mines, grenades, medipacks, rations…"

On the Character of Shas'O T'au Shi'ur [pg. 275]
"He died because a tyranid y’he’vre put a dent in his battlesuit and he wouldn’t fall back until he’d taken his revenge. He died because he wouldn’t listen when we told him – we all told him – it was time to withdraw! Hot-headed, Kais. He was a son-of-a-ui’t with a temper, and a poor judge of character."

"He shot a shas’ui, once, just for questioning orders. Did you know that? He was a snae’ta, Kais. A mighty general and a powerful fighter, but a snae’ta nonetheless."

"That was his genius, child. He understood the machine. It’s the whole thing that matters, not the parts inside. He made his speeches, he blurted his sound bites to keep the por’hui happy. Then he went right back to being an impetuous grath’im."

On the Tau'va [pg. 275]
"We’re always getting closer, always approaching, but never arriving. As long as we go in the right direction, as long as everything we do is done in the name of the Greater Good – then it doesn’t matter how far from the path you are."

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Re: Tau Language Concordance

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Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line by Braden Campbell (eBook)
Published in 2013 by Black Library, Games Workshop Ltd. Games Workshop Limited 2013.

IMHO this book is a mashup of Saving Private Ryan meets The BridgeOver the River Kwai. You'll have to read it yourself. :crafty:

Ursaloth [pg.6]: Indigeious alpha predator on ilWalho, a bear/deer/sloth creature.

Kor'ves [pg. 10]: Computer a.i. This is confusing as kor'vesa is a drone, so what is a kor'ves? In the novella, it's the escape pod A.I.

Il'Wolaho [pg. 10/11/12 ]: 'The place of bright colours' Formerly the Imperial world of Diepr-3.

Mu'mont [pg. 27] Literally 'No War' or 'Cease Fire' quote: "‘Mu’mont!’ he screeched."

Ya tau’sia [pg. 27] 'Do you speak tau?' (?)
quote: "The barrels of Shadowsun’s fusion blasters dipped slightly. ‘Ya tau’sia?’"

Shisa tau'sia [pg. 27] 'A little tau' or 'A little tau language'.
quote: "The human grinned with relief. ‘Yes,’ he blurted. ‘Yes. I can speak some of your language. A little. Little? Uh… shisa? Shisa tau’sia?

La’rua, karae’na [pg. 29] 'Squad Dismissed' literally: 'Squad Formation Strike' Karae'na: 'Formation Strike!' i.e. 'Dismissed!' a military command. quote: "Kou’to’s head snapped up. ‘La’rua, karae’na!’ he barked. The circle protecting the commander’s decency dispersed at once to continue policing the bodies of friend and foe alike."

N’el Shas’O [pg. 34] Second-in-command (Note this was before the 6th edition Tau codex introduced the term 'Shas'nel'.)
"You are the N’el Shas’O?’ and ‘The second-most important."

Taal Saal’Y [pg. 38] 'To Preserve the Child'
"Personal addendum: If I am eventually rescued from this place, you should be made aware that I am considering following my father’s example and taking the Taal Saal’Y."

Ires shas’ka momyu [pg. 56] "Ready-aim-fire?" (Don't have a good idea what is meant here.)
"Kou’to trudged out into the middle of the bog. ‘Ires shas’ka momyu!’ he shouted. Raising a fist, he signalled the fire warriors to ready weapons and arrange themselves into ranks around him. ‘Sabu’ro,’ he snapped, ‘guard our prisoner.'"

Dao - 'Yes' and H’ai mesme ‘hee vash' - "We are joined in purpose." (Meaning?). [pg. 63]
"‘Do we have a deal?’ he repeated. / Her mouth worked as if she tasted something sour. ‘Dao,’ she replied at last. / ‘H’ai mesme‘hee vash'. ‘We are joined in a purpose.’"

Erra'e 'Son of Shadowsun' [pg. 76]
"You would have been E Rra’E – ‘Shadowsun’s son’. "

Please excuse the cheeky remarks, just couldn't help myself! :P
Thought Lock[pg. 11] quote: "‘Thought-lock’, the earth caste technicians called it. The pod was convinced that she would die if it let her leave, yet equally certain that she would die if it forced her to remain. Unable to choose between two dead-end solutions, it was becoming paralysed into inactivity."

Personal flex-screen [pg. 13]: "On her left forearm she wore a personal flex-screen."

Hero of K'resh Expansion War [pg. 15]
"Shadowsun, daughter of Kiru, hero of the K’resh Expansion War"

Battlesuit’s adaptive camouflage [pg. 19] Changed from the codex (WTH?)

Sound of Weapon's fire: [pg. 21]:
"Shadowsun was close enough now to hear the battle through her external audio pick-ups. There came the familiar hiss of pulse rifle fire – a three round chuffing that she had known from childhood, and the reassuring sizzle of plasma rifles being fired from Crisis battlesuits. These were nearly drowned out though by the sounds of gue’la weapons. Their inefficient laser guns ejected hot air from their assemblies with a staccato cracking, and the large-calibre cannons they were so fond of thumped savagely."

Tissue rebuilder [pg. 29]
"She took it with a nod of thanks and removed a small vial marked ‘tissue rebuilder’ from the pouch. Twisting off the top, she pressed the tiny cylinder against the side of her neck"

Oru’mi (Shadowsun's sister) and the Var Sin'da (Dark Eldar) [pg. 32]
‘Shas’el Oru’mi was slain by Var Sin’da pirates on the planet Tash’Var.

Ty'res (Shadowsun's sister) [pg. 32]
"Shas’el Ty’res had been selected to provide security for some very important earth caste research, far beyond the borders of the Empire."

Shas'erra (As officer in the Japanese Imperial Army) [pg. 33]
"You are a gue’la barbarian,’ Shadowsun scowled as he marched towards him, ‘and a coward. It matters not what your name is. You lost all right to it when you chose surrender over death."

Yankee Gue'la taller than Japanese...er...I mean Tau soliders [pg. 33]
"She stood with her hands on her hips. Now that she was no longer in her battlesuit exoskeleton, Hollett towered over them all."

"‘Little guy’s heavy,’ he muttered." [pg. 60]

Suffix -La added to address Gue'la [pg. 36]
"Shadowsun turned ferociously. ‘Since you give me no other choice, Hollett-la, I am ordering my people to vaporise your defence cannon from orbit."

Tau Non-belief in Afterlife [pg. 38]
"Again, she thought of the humans’ unfathomable religious beliefs, of their deific protector, of their surety in a life after death. It was ridiculous, all of it. The dead were dead, she reminded herself. Only legacies survived the end of life. That was the way of things."

Dis-honour to assoicate with Gue'la (WWII Japanese again) [pg.41/43]
"‘Good,’ she sighed. She looked up into the branches for a moment. ‘I… I appreciate you taking it upon yourself to associate with him,’ Shadowsun said at last. ‘The dishonour must weigh heavily on you, but for the time being, we need the human’s co-operation.’ Kou’to bowed. ‘I serve the Greater Good in all things,’ he said. ‘My personal feelings are of no consequence."

"‘That’s twice now. What, is it your job to hit me so she doesn’t have to?’ Hollett moaned. / ‘The commander would have killed you if I hadn’t beaten you first. I can’t let her dishonour herself so."

Japanese Funeral Rites among the Tau [pg. 45]
"In the end, Shadowsun had claimed that as Kiru’s first-born, she had an inherent veto over the others. They purged nearly everything. A great and suffocating pall descended over the ancestral home."

Aye, laddie, Shas'erra hates the trilled 'r'! [pg. 48]
"The voice on the radio repeated her name slowly, lasciviously playing over every syllable. It trilled the r’s in such a way as to make her physically ill."

Filial Piety among the Tau [pg. 51] (Wait you didn't know the Tau'Va was based on Confucianism?)
"She had spent nearly twenty years, a full half of her life, at war. One day, her memorial would grace the Walk of Honour outside the Mont’yr Battle Dome, and future generations would speak her name with reverent whispers. But the awe would come from the children of strangers, for Kiru’s line would be at an end. She couldn’t let that happen. She had a familial duty. But what then of her career, of the Empire that depended on her so? What of her duty to it?"

Sabu’ro, a Girl's Best Friend [pg. 59]
"‘Vesa!’ she cried. ‘Vesa!’"

Tau Reflexes (Those Japanese just aren't as quick as our American boys!) [pg. 68]
"Shadowsun took several steps back. Outside of her battlesuit, Falkens would have a definite advantage over her. Humans were, she hated to admit, possessed of faster reflexes than tau."

Purple the Color of Mourning for the Tau [pg. 73]
"Shadowsun displayed a banner as well: a waist-length purple cape hung over her left side. It was the official symbol for a tau in mourning."

Shadowsun [pg 15]:
"Shadowsun, daughter of Kiru, hero of the K’resh Expansion War, scourge of the greenskin barbarians, bulwark against the hive fleets."

Kiru Quote [pg: 18]
"Do all things once and properly. Time is a cheap investiture to ensure victory."

Shadowsun's personal philosophy [pg. 61]
"Shadowsun shook her head. ‘There are no personal setbacks,’ she quoted, ‘only steps forward for the Greater Good.’"
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

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Sanctuary of Wyrms by Peter Fevervari
© Games Workshop Limited 2012, 2013. All rights reserved

Por’ui Vior’la Asharil
Por O’Seishin
Fio’vre Mutekh
Fio'la (?) Xanti
Shas’ui Jhi’kaara

Por’ui Vior’la Asharil Pg. 2
"I am Por’ui Vior’la Asharil, third-stream daughter of Clan Kherai. "

Fi’draah, new colonyPg 2

‘The Coil’ Pg. 4

Autaku - Data tech Pg. 4
"Xanti, was a placid autaku (or data tech)"

Sanctuary of Wyrms Pg. 5
"It is time I told you of the Sanctuary of Wyrms."

Nirrhoda - Indigieous Humans Pg. 5
‘The Nirrhoda did not lie,’ Mutekh said, lowering his scope.'

Water kin Pg. 9
‘A good question, waterkin'

Yhe’mokushi (tyranids) Pg. 15
They are Yhe’mokushi, beasts of the Silent Hunger,’

The Water Path Pg. 3
‘I walk the water path,’ ‘My blood runs cool and silent, so that my voice may weave–’

Outcaste by Peter Fevervari
© Games Workshop Limited 2012. All rights reserved


- Orks Pg 2
"Our enemy was the bhe’ghaal, a race of green-skinned beasts that infested vast tracts of the galaxy and made frequent raids into tau territory."

Fh’anc, Dhobos, Po’gaja… Pg. 3
"Fh’anc… Dhobos… Po’gaja… More paltry worlds and petty wars fought against inept or feeble foes, more easy victories to burnish my pride."

Gue’la– ‘hu-maans’… Pg. 3

J’kaara ‘the mirror’ Pg. 2
"When I completed my training and stepped onto the Path of Fire I was summoned before the academy commander alongside my fellow shas’saal cadets for the Naming. Who better to decipher a warrior’s true name than the master who has honed that living weapon? While others were honoured for their endurance, or agility, or precision with arms, I was named for my skill in reading the hearts of my comrades: J’kaara, ‘the mirror’."

Waterborn changeling Folklore - Pg. 3
"Indeed, words flowed so freely for me that our shas’ui joked that I must be a waterborn changeling!"

Gue’la – ‘hu-maans' Pg. 4
"Gue’la – ‘hu-maans’… They were an ancient race steeped in belligerent superstition, yet they were neither fools nor savages. I thrilled at the prospect of facing a worthy enemy at last. Perhaps I would earn the rank of shas’vre here.'

Mont'ka vs. Open Hand Pg. 4
"'Do you believe the shas’o wanted them to surrender? This war calls for the Killing Blow, not the Open Hand – a clean sweep, not complications.’"

No longer a shining mirror. Pg. 5
"She is no longer a shining mirror, but she is still strong and she still serves the Greater Good, not because it is perfect, but because everything else is less so. Now the strength she reflects is dark and fractured, so perhaps imperfection will be her key."

Jhi’kaara, ‘the broken mirror’. Pg. 5
"'The warrior reaches up and touches the other scar, the one that can never be repaired because it cuts deeper than flesh or bone, proclaiming a darkness that was perhaps always there. Her comrades killed the ko’miz’ar a heartbeat before he killed her, but still a heartbeat too late. Afterwards, they were comrades no more and there have been none since. The flaw has made her an outcast amongst her own kind, denying her the bond of the ta’lissera, but it has also forged her into something more. Crouching in the darkness as the darkness crouches inside her, she finally names her truth: Jhi’kaara, ‘the broken mirror’."
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

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Shas'O Haid'ur: Commander Blindside
page 30 Rogue Trader Tau Character Guide
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Re: Tau Language Concordance

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Heh. Hider.

Blindside's Tau name is Hider. I do like when GW still lets a little of the old fun slip in.

Looking at you, Commander Tyrese.

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Re: Tau Language Concordance

Post#13 » Jan 12 2016 01:18

Humour is where you never expect it:

Autaku - Data tech Pg. 4 "Xanti, was a placid autaku (or data tech)" Get it Autaku --> Otaku Japanese nerd/geek/fan boy? :D

Which brings me to Forge World's Shas'O R'myr is real life Red Dwarf's Service Technician Second Class Arnold Judas Rimmer! :P

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