Which sept world is Shadowsun from?

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Re: What sept world is shadowsun from?

Post#11 » Mar 18 2017 09:59

Denirosek wrote:I'm most positive she's from T'au. At least that's what her armour's colours would suggest.

I believe this is correct. White is the sept color of T'au, and don't we have fluff somewhere that implies that the larger the application of the sept color, the higher the rank/ability/importance of the individual? I'm almost positive I read somewhere that this is the reason T'au's elites, like the Burning Dawn, wear reversed color schemes: White armor with ochre details. Thus the implication of her 100% white armor...

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Re: Which sept world is Shadowsun from?

Post#12 » Mar 19 2017 01:03

True- there's just a lot of current BL writers that muddy the waters a little bit with mentions of other Septs. Honestly, I figure she's from T'au, it makes a lot of sense and, you're right, the GW paint scheme would imply she's most certainly from T'au.

With her other sisters that were high-ranking Shas officers and a famous father, I think it also makes a lot of sense that they traveled with him during his own career for the benefit of their education. Since we still don't really know much about the varying degrees of how the Tau raise their children (crechling battle schools ect) I don't think its very much a stretch of the imagination that children can sometimes be raised by their parents rather than the collective.
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