Call for Writers: Seeds of Life Series

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Call for Writers: Seeds of Life Series

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Call for Writers: Seeds of Life Series

Calling all Writers! You too can write a Tau story! Tell us a tall tale about your favorite Tau character, Sept world or caste!

Putting out the call to all new up and coming Warhammer 40,000 authors to post a story it the new Seeds of Life Series. Over the past three years of posting my stories on the Advanced Tau Tactica I have read a lot good writing by fellow members. I have enjoyed writing reading the works of my fellow authors of the Into Silence Series, and learned a lot from them, as I was writing my own stories. Now I’d like to give back to the A.T.T. community by helping other members to write.

There are many stories posted by members have a good beginning, but most are never completed. And I wonder why? . Maybe many of you tried to write but got cold ‘hoofs’ and dropped it. Then I read battle reports and descriptions of Tau Commanders, that are really above and beyond the typical “fanfic” writing. So what's going on? You tried writing and gave up, or wanted try writing but never did? In any case the Seeds of Life Series is just the place for you to try it for the first time, or to try it again. This series is designed to help you by keeping to a short story format; which gives you the writer, both focus and an attainable goal. Short stories are far easier than epic novels, believe me.

The Series Concept
The intention here is to offer a single thread, with stories from as many different authors, as are willing to try writing. Think of it as experimental writing laboratory, where you can try out your story ideas, writing styles, and concepts. And I promise it will be a place, where you will get positive feed back for your writing. No judgement on how well their written your stories are, or on how sophisticated or not they are; but real critiques to help get better. And a place where you can start writing and share your stories.

Another aspect of the The Seeds of Life Series is that it will be open to any kind of story that feel like writing. As long as it is about the Tau, feel free to write love stories, crime stories, mystery stories, or horror stores. You don’t have write about fire warriors in combat; for instance if you like, you could write about an earth caste grandmother, reading a bedtime story to her grandchildren. Want to write a story centered on three earth caste mechanics repairing an XV-88 battle suit, well then go for it. Feel like exploring the life aboard a Tau kor’vatta naval vessel, you can do that too. Wish to explore what it’s like growing up as a fire caste child on the sept world of Sac’ea, then here is the place to post it.

The Seeds of Life Series is the place to explore and write about all those aspects of Tau life that Games Workshop, Black Library, and Forge World left out. And to be fair to them, they’re really about selling models, paints, and books; but that leaves us free to fill in all the gaps. Think about this, fans of the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard don’t have an option like this. Furthermore feel free to either follow the established lore and fuff, or not to follow it. But if you are so moved to take the Tau in a different direction, then you can do that too.

Here is a list of things to consider if you’re wanting to post in this series.

Stories Requirements:
  • Stories can be of any length, but short enough for a single posting. It is suggested that you keep your stories at 7,500 words or less. Really if you can tell a story in a thousand words or less, then great post it!
  • About any any aspect of Tau Empire or Farsight Enclaves
  • About any of the five castes: Air, Water, Fire, Earth or Ethereal
  • About any Tau sept world or Enclave world
  • About any auxiliary race allied with the Tau
  • About any other race in the Warhammer 40k universe, as long as the Tau are a major part of the story

Things to Avoid:
  • Stories requiring more than one post. If you need to do this, you can still post on the Seeds of Life Series. However after your first post, the subsequent post should be in their own a separate story thread.
  • “Bolter Porn” i.e. Gratuitous and nonsensical violent action sequences. We get enough of this from Black Library and the Games Workshop codices. There’s enough “pew-pew-pew, bang-bang” shootem up stories out there already. Action stories are fine, but the Tau can do better can’t they? Well we can always hope so anyways.
  • Stories with no Tau connection whatsoever; that is to say just another story in the glorious career of the Ultra Marines, the Astra Militarum, or the Inquisition. We wish keep the Seeds of Life stories for the Tau.

Last Item:
For the first six month of the series, I am asking that you send your stories to me first in a PM. That way I can help you with editing, spelling and alike. If we get a good response and this series takes off, then by the Fall of 2017 I'll let go of the reigns, and let everybody post directly. (Yes, of course you can post your stories without my permission, and I wouldn't try to stop you if you did.) I am just here to help you write your stories.

Please contribute!
Thank you
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