Farisght: Crisis of Faith - New Farsight novel in july

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Re: Farisght: Crisis of Faith - New Farsight novel in july

Post#37 » Jul 10 2017 04:57

ARC'Thunder wrote:I've simply pointed out where your assumptions of previous T'au fluff are incorrect and are thus not contradicted by this book, you seem to have misinterpeted something in the book in order to make fun of it,

One doesn't need either correct or incorrect assumptions of Tau fluff to make fun of Mr. Kelly's book. Aun'va ordering a water caste women to kill herself with her own ta'lissera knife is ample enough "botched Tau lore" to kick this book to Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo of MST3000 fame!

ARC'Thunder wrote:or you didn't provide a clear reference (seriously, I've got a handful of Gundam series under my belt so in order for me to understand your comment I'll need a bit more than "one character is jealous of another").

Seriously? Are you criticizing Calmsword because he didn't make a detailed citation of what episode and season of Gundam he was referencing? I kind got the idea that it was the Gundam series in general that he was referencing. It this the standard for referring to other franchises, then I failed for not properly citing the He-man Masters of the Universe series! :neutral:

Look we all have our own personal "head canon", and yes Calmsword takes his a little more seriously, as it concerns the Tau; though apparently not his Gundam lore so much (you'll get over it ARC'Thunder). But then a lot of us do, myself included. So I guess my point is, why you are bothering at all to post in this thread? To outsider viewing the exchange between you and Calmsword, it sounds a little...personal? :roll:

In the meantime I will work on those citations for He-Man Masters of the Universe.


Talking about "Head Canons" mine is a 305 cm so I think I win!
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Re: Farisght: Crisis of Faith - New Farsight novel in july

Post#38 » Sep 25 2017 06:24

TauMan wrote:PS Does anyone know where the "Space Polar Bear" idea of the Nicassar comes from anyway?

It seems that officially, they've never been described as that....or described at all, really. The idea of them being polar bears comes from Jervis Johnson saying they're "sort of like very flat polar bears" in a magazine interview. Since then fans have been drawing them like that. I'm not sure i like the idea of just going with what fans have mostly came up with, considering it's pretty clear there wasn't much real thought put into the 'description' originally and it was more of a joke.

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Re: Farisght: Crisis of Faith - New Farsight novel in july

Post#39 » Sep 26 2017 10:26

They're described in a Space Marine book, I'm going to forget which one, as giant bird like creatures that are particularly hated because they make you remember things (like highly emotional memories of your childhood) which, for a Space Marine, is extremely traumatic since they mostly are ripped from their families or come from deathworlds ect.

At this point, nothing in the Tau'verse is uniform so... I don't care.
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Re: Farisght: Crisis of Faith - New Farsight novel in july

Post#40 » Sep 26 2017 11:52

Yeah at this point T'au fluff is such a mixed bag...they could retcon half of it without making it any worse but potentially better lol

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