Vior'los' geography?

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Vior'los' geography?

Post#1 » Jul 24 2017 03:57

So, I am writing a story here, and basically, I need information on the climate and geography of the planet, as that will be fairly important and will contribute to the story in a big way. Are there any 'mild' spots on the surface? As it is quite an unstable planet it obviously has volcanoes and stuff, but are there any parts of the planet that have, say, arid highlands or more neutral points on its surface? Are there any notable cities/geological features?



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Re: Vior'los' geography?

Post#2 » Jul 24 2017 07:55

The Worlds of the Enclaves or Problems with the Gue’la Propaganda

Salash'hei - An unstable mass of water, that somehow hasn’t frozen solid in deep space. Uninhabitable water world.
Tinek'la - A planet-sized crystal or a diamond planet. Such planets do exist, and are the solid cores of gas giants like Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus; which have had their gaseous outer atmospheres blown away. Their diamond cores being the result of the massive pressure over billions of years. However, the massive density of these diamond planets, also gives them extremely high gravity. Uninhabitable due to high gravity.
Vior'los - The capitol world of the Enclaves. Sadly, according to the Tyrranid lore, Vior’los had its biomass eaten by a hive fleet. Uninhabitable Dead World.
Lub'grahl - the one and only inhabitable is practically uninhabitable due it being “honeycombed” by the Earth caste’s constant tunneling. That is of course when they’re not punching holes in the arctic ice shelf to memorialize fallen fire warriors. OR when they’re not scrapping the topsoil off of Tinek’la to reveal its diamond under surface. OR when they’re not trying to terraform Vior’los back into a inhabitable world; any one of which would take a million years just by itself.

NOTE: This means out of the four worlds that compose the Farsight Enclaves three are uninhabitable.
Keep in mind that the Farsight Enclaves have only been in existence for 230 years (320 tau’cyr)! So we can easily say, so far as it regards the Farsight Enclaves, “the willing suspension of disbelief has been revoked!”

So, really you can do what you want with the worlds of the Farsight Enclaves
Salash'hei - A beautiful blue marble comprised of 3/5 water. Like Earth 40,000 years ago.
Tinek'la - A blue and green world with 1/3 water to 2/3 land. Northern hemisphere vast mountains, forest and wide grass lands stretching towards the south. Topical forests in the southern hemisphere. Also known for some of the largest and most exotic underground crystal formations.
Vior'los - Another green and blue planet. 50-50 water to land. North has vast tundra that turn into vast forests. Towards the equator are wide deserts and river savannas. The southern hemisphere resembles the most like the deserts lans of T'au.
Lub'grahl - Still in the midst of an ice age, along the edge of the northern and southern ice caps are tundra and immense forests. Between the forests and equatorial desert is a temperate zones where most of the population lives. If the ice where ever to melt, it would create small seas and oceans.

That' my take, but you can do whatever you want Sniper Tau. I just don't agree with the "official canon" about the worlds of the Enclaves.

Viro’los gu brath!

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