Tau Starship specifications

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Tau Starship specifications

Post#1 » Sep 22 2017 12:20

Ok guys, this is a series of non-canon specifications for the Tau starships that canonically exist. I will try and update if I miss any of the standard ships. This will range from the Orca Dropship to the Tau orbitals (like this one!!!). I know orbitals are not really starships, but I've been on the good ol' ATT for a couple of months now, and I want to let others know where the Gue'vesa Recaf store is. They have Reeeaally good recaf there...

Orca Dropship

Full Designation: AX-6 Orca Dropship

Classification: Orbital Dropship

Role: Personell Transport/Orbital Cargo vessel

Length: 21.45 Meters

Mass (Empty): 25 Tons

Crew: 3 crew (2 operators and a pilot)

Standard Armament: 1x Nose-mounted long barrelled Burst Cannon.

Powerplant: Ki'voss Mark XI Fusion Powerplant

Transport Capacity: 48 Fire Warriors and Drones; up to 4 Crisis Suits. Can also transport a commanding officer on the flight deck.

Armour: 6cm Monobonded Nanopolymer Armour;

Propulsion: 4x Mont'ka Heavy Industries RY-55 Variable-Geometry VTOL Thrusters

Maximum Airspeed: 2255km/h

Cruising Speed: 1700km/h

Maximum Range: 20,000km total

Interplanetary capability: No

Interstellar Capability: No

Moray Gunship

Full Designation: AX-6 Moray Gunship

Classification: Multiple-environment Gunship

Role: Orbital Combat Gunship/Ground Attack Vessel

Length: 28 meters

Mass: 34.55 Tons

Crew: 4 crew (1 pilot, 1 navigator and 2 Weapons Sysops)

Standard Armament: 2 Heavy Railguns or 2 Ion Phalanxes. Secondary weapons include a pair of twin-linked burst cannons, interceptor missiles and tracer missiles. Also equipped with Drone Countermeasures, chaff pods and a Electronic Warfare Suite for jamming enemy transmissions

Powerplant: Ki'voss Mark XXXIV Fusion Powerplant + individual engine output

Armour: 25cm Monobonded Nanopolymer Armour;

Shields: Meri'pol Type IV Shield Systems

Propulsion: 6x Mont'ka Heavy Industries RY-725 Fusion Thrust Systems; Antigravity Lifting Coils; Variable Geometry Maneuvering Systems.

Maximum Airspeed: 2200km/h

Cruising Speed: 1400km/h

Interplanetary Capability: No

Interstellar Capability: No

Manta Superheavy Dropship

Full Designation: AX-8 Manta Superheavy Dropship

Classification: Interplanetary Troop Carrier

Role: Long-range Battalion Transport/Mass-transportation Dropship

Length: 32 Meters

Mass (empty): 382 Tons

Crew: 8 (1 pilot, 1 navigator, 2 operations sysops, and 4 weapons sysops)

Standard Armament: 2 Heavy Railguns, 2 triple ion-cannon batteries, 16 Automated Burst Cannon CIWS, 10 Seeker missiles (retractable)

Powerplant: Tau'voss Mark III Cold Fusion Powerplant + Individual Engine Output

Armour: 50cm Ablative Nanopolymer Armour Plating

Shields: Meri'pol Type X Shield System

Propulsion: 4x Mont'ka Heavy Industries REX-45 Fusion Torch Engines; Heavy Antigravity Lifting Coils; Variable Geometry Maneuvering Systems.

Maximum speed (vacuum): 30,000km/h

Maximum airspeed: 3000km/h

Cruising Speed: 1500km/h

Interplanetary Capability: Yes

Interstellar Capability: No

Kir'shasvre Heavy Escort

Full Designation: SP-1 Kir'shasvre Escort

Classification: Medium Frigate/Heavy Escort

Role: Patrol vessel/Fleet Picketer

Length: 85.25m

Displacement: 500 tons in planetary-standard gravity

Crew: 26 crew (10 command, 8 Security, 4 Engineering and 4 Support)

Standard Armament: Gravetic Launcher Array, dual Heavy Railguns, 4 Automated Burst Cannon CIWS, 2 Heavy SMS systems

Powerplant: Mont'ka Heavy Industries RT-22 Fusion Plant

Armour: 150cm Starship-grade Monobonded Nanopolymer Armour;

Shields: Mont'ka Heavy Industries SR-111 Energy Shields

Propulsion: 1x Mont'ka Heavy Industries RE-45 Fusion Torch; 2x Y'hari Propulsion Company Mark V Engine Assemblies; Variable Geometry Manuvering Thrusters; Class II Gravetic Drive

More to come!!!
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Re: Tau Starship specifications

Post#2 » Sep 22 2017 12:25

If you ask around on reddit, in r/40klore, I bet people could tell you more about Tau starships and 40k starships in general over there, they're absurdly knowledgeable.

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Re: Tau Starship specifications

Post#3 » Sep 22 2017 12:50

Arka0415 wrote:If you ask around on reddit, in r/40klore, I bet people could tell you more about Tau starships and 40k starships in general over there, they're absurdly knowledgeable.

Thanks for the tip Akra. I'd like to also add a bit of headcanon on Tau aircraft aesthetics in this post as well as thanking you though. So here is a short analysis on the visual aesthetics of Tau aircraft and spacecraft

I see Tau ships (as depicted in Battlefleet Gothic and on the tabletop with the Flyers) as falling into one of two categories. First are the smaller, less capable vessels. These tend to have long, sweeping lines with lots of curves. I see this as any craft that is capable of atmospheric flight. The Orca is the exception (as it is a VTOL craft which means it doesn't need as much aerodynamic lift as other Tau Flyers).

On the other hand, the lar'shi (hero) class battleships have a very 'hammerhead' (the animal, not the tank) like design, and look comparatively more layered and blocky. I assume this is becuase a) they exist in a environment where aerodynamics don't matter, and b) becuase they need more armour to protect against Macro Cannons and other such weaponary. I also like to think that sections of the armour conceal CIWS system. On Modern capital ships, Close In Weapons Systems such as the Phalanx and Vulcan turrets use radar-controlled gunfire to take out incoming missiles and to take down incoming aircraft. As the nature of war is different nowdays, modern fleets are being phased out of the combat setting, as there are no large naval battles anymore. This is the same reason that a) battleships no longer prowl the seas with massive gun batteries and b) the reason why so few keels are layed down nowdays for carriers: they are quickly becoming obsolete.

However, in the 40k universe, space combat requires useage of massive cruisers, battleships and battlecurisers. The Tau don't use such outrageously intricate and ancient ships like those of the imperium, nor such fragile and outdated vessels such as those of the Eldar and Dark Eldar. Their ships have more sophistication that the 'flying junkyard guns' of the Orks and are more maneuverable than the the extremely ancient and powerful ships of the Necrons. (Just BTW's I'm talking fluff, not BFG. I actually haven't played in that (mainly because the 'geniuses' at GW decided to remove one of the best specialist games there was)). The main advantage the Tau have is that their ships are lightweight, fast and can deal huge amounts of damage via railguns, missiles and ion weaponary. Their orbitale (like this one) can provide support, albiet at the cost of movement, and their mantas and barracudas can engage the comparitively stone-age imperial vessels.

So apart from that last paragraph, that was the aesthetics of the Tau. See ya later ATT!!
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Re: Tau Starship specifications

Post#4 » Sep 22 2017 03:30

Our resident Tau Kor'vatta expert is Kakapo42. Anything in area of Tau naval assets you can't go wrong with asking him.

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