So, can I get a little IRL history of the Tau???

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So, can I get a little IRL history of the Tau???

Post#1 » Oct 25 2017 11:46

I have to admit something: I'm not as much of a veteran as many of you guys on ATT. I started playing in the closing year of 5th edition, and then quit until the last 6 months of 7th edition. I have been aware of the game (and playing (I knew about the franchise but didn't play for a bit longer) for little less than one sixth of it's 30 year history. So when I say that my only, incomplete knowledge of the early years of Tau in 40k consists of the singular fact that they were introduced in 3rd edition and that Fish Of Fury was OPAH, I mean the already stated knowledge level. I'd like to hear a bit about early Tau from some of the veteran players on this forum. I mean as in play style, things that we will remember forever, things we'd rather forget, things that were entirely stupid and about how some of the veterans got into Tau and how much they liked it. Just curious, and I don't think there's been a history thread in a while (or ever). So what happened in the early years from 3e to 5e and then through the introduction of 6e and 7e? Would appreciate it if you wrote in detail. :D
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