1500pts Tau & Orks VS Space Wolves & Adeptus Custodes

Battles and discussion of tactics from the earliest days of our Academy.
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1500pts Tau & Orks VS Space Wolves & Adeptus Custodes

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The Sleeping Giant Awakens

“Grishknot! Grishknot come ‘ere! I’s got a bone to pick wif you.” The bellows of the ork warboss brought the gretchin aide running. It did not do to keep his master waiting.
Sprinting into the room the small orkoid answered, but only after narrowly dodging an angrily hurled shoota.
“Yesss, Boss?”
“Where’s my teef? Dis place was full of ‘em.
“You used ‘em boss.”
The massive xeno stood at his full height and asked, menacingly
“Wot for?”
Grishknot sensed he was in danger, and began looking for an escape route.
“For your space rokkit. Ter make it fly propa.”
“You’s seem to know a lot ‘bout dis, Grishknot. “
The warboss began advancing with hostile intention.
“You’s know wot I fink, Grishknot. I fink you did dis, you snivelling runt.”
“Boss, no!”
This scene was promptly interrupted by another greenskin bursting into the room, who stopped dead upon realising the gravity of the situation he had stumbled upon.
“Wot is it, Headcruncha ?” growled the ork leader.
“Sum blue gits say they want to talk to you, boss. Said they would pay you hand-sum-lee.” The last word was said with some difficulty.
As the pair left the room, Grishknot thanked Gork, or perhaps Mork, for his salvation

“Is that the entire enemy force composition, Shas’Ui?”
The stealth suit commander shook his head, and then mentally scolded himself for using human body language. Too much time around the Gue’la. He was disappointed he wouldn’t be able to face them in this fight though, but his Shas’O had set him a different assignment.
“Reports indicate that a small group of gold armoured Or’es Gue’la accompany these “Space Wolves”. The scouts describe them as having better quality equipment and possibly greater skills than the other Gue’la.”
Veetor despaired internally. Even without this new development, his force was outgunned and outmanned. Chances of success were minimal at best.
“Then we only have one option, Ja’ain”
“Commander, are you sure? They can’t be trusted, this could merely increase the number of hostiles we have to battle..”
“Ja’ain, we have no choice. The Orks are, as the Gue’la say,” The Shas’O muttered something in High Gothic.
Ja’ain translated, “The lesser of two evils.”

2nd Lav’esk Infiltration Cadre (751pts)
Shas’O Chillrend with fusion blaster, plasma rifle, HW Multitracker, two shield drones Positional Relay
Shas’Vre Shadowblade: Fireknife+ bodyguard with two gun drones and hw multitracker
Shas’Vre Greatsword: Fireknife+ bodyguard with two gun drones and hw multitracker

Shas’ui Windshear: Crisis suit with Twin Linked Fusion Blaster and flamer
Shas’ui Longshield: Crisis suit with Twin Linked Missile pods and flamer

Shaper Razman’s Veteran Kindred: 14 kroot, with one shaper
Fireteam Kaon: 6 Firewarriors with pulse rifles
Fireteam Muon: 6 Firewarriors with pulse rifles

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Sniper Team Beta: Sniper Drone Team

Ork Freebooters (750pts)
Kaptain Grubork: Warboss with Power klaw, ‘eavy armour and cybork body

10 Meganobz with power klaw

Ork Trukk
18 Shoota Boyz with big shoota
36 Slugga Boyz with bosspole, Nob with power klaw

Fast Attack
Wartrakk with twin linked big shoota

Heavy Support

Bjorn Bonehammer’s Iron Wolves (750pts)
Bjorn Bonehammer: Space Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, with power axe and storm shield
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry
5 Blood Claws,
Fast Attack
10 Fenrisian Wolves

Heavy Support
5 Long Fangs, meltagun, plasma gun

Yngvar Windtamer’s Red Moons (750pts)
Yngvar Windtamer: Rune Priest with power sword and plasma pistol
Logan Grimmnar

6 Wolf Guard in terminator armour,

5 Space Wolf scouts
10 Grey Hunters, plasma pistol

Fast Attack
Land Speeder with multi melta
Land Speeder with heavy flamer

Heavy Support
Predator with twin linked lascannon , side lascannons and pintle mounted storm bolter

The Aeterno Fidelis (~200pts)
Titus Brutus: Adeptus Custodes Captain
4 Adeptus Custodes Guardians, Champion armed with power sword and storm shield
5 Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles
Fast Attack

Heavy Support

The Adventures of Veetor Mon'tyr continue! This battle report follows on from my last one which is here

I had the first game in a while that was actually worth writing about on Sunday. I was playing against two space wolf players and a small group of Adeptus Custodes (rules below), and it was one of the most fun games I’ve had in ages. One of the best things about this battle was the opponent’s space wolf army. His Fenrisian Wolves and Thunderwolves were painted as dog breeds, which was rather clever.
As with the last battle, the odds were stacked against me. The two space wolf armies added up to 1500pts yes, but the Custodes added an extra 200ish points on top of that
We played Purge the Alien, but forgot to roll for Warlord Traits.
Feedback is much appreciated.

Adeptus Custodes Captain
6 5 4 4 5 5 7 10 3+

Adeptus Custodes Champion
5 4 4 4 1 4 3 9 3+

Adeptus Custodes Guardian
4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+


I managed to take first turn.

Tau Turn 1

Not much happened. I shot down several of the charming Fenrisian Wolves, who then passed their leadership test.

Imperial Turn 1#
The Predator blew up the Wartrakk, but the Long Fangs failed to bring down the obstructing Trukk, despite being in melta and rapid fire range. A couple of orks died to sniper fire.

Tau Turn 2
The massive xor’vesa fell gracefully out the sky, landing almost soundlessly behind the enemy army. Keelah smiled inwardly. Another perfect descent, one that was proof of her skill. Some pilots never mastered it. The stressful last couple hundred metres of a deep strike would panic many, causing them to fire their thrusters too early, causing them to go off course or, Aun’va forbid, be discovered and promptly, shot down. Others reacted too late, and smashed into the ground below. When they regained their senses, they would be staring down the barrels of an entire army.
Her heads up display bleeped sharply, reminding her of the task at hand. The Gue’la Predator. It was an imposing beast, made even more so by the short distance between her and it. It’s admantium chassis shook when it fired, every loud roar an attempt to pound the enemy into submission.
No matter. It would fall, and, by the Tau’va, they would have their victory today.
Aiming for the vehicle’s weaker rear armour, she fired. Twin lances of energy raced forward to stab at the soft underbelly of the mighty beast that was the Imperium of Man.
The intense heat generated by the xenos weapon tore apart the tank at a molecular level, smashing the nuclei into tiny subatomic bits. This created a stunning visual effect as the back half of the machine melted, forming a large puddle of molten tank.
Then it reached the fuel stores.
The tank exploded, instantly incinerating the crew and hurling flaming debris into the Space wolf ranks. Keelah was pleased to notice that one appeared to have been impaled by a thin sheet of plas-steel, and now lay spasming on the floor.
“Commander, confirmed kill. Enemy armour is neutralised.”

Aha! The second stage of the Kauyon begins. Windshear dropped behind the Predator (after scoring a direct hit on the scatter die), destroying it in a single shot. The icing on the cake was when the resulting explosion killed two marines.
Chillrend and company destroyed the Thunderwolves and the last doggies, but failed to damage the lord.

Imperial Turn 2

“Well done Shas’ui, you have crippled our enemy. Quite a spectacular explosion as well. I suggest you move to regroup with rest of the Cadre before further hostiles arrive.” Veetor sounded generally impressed, something which was not lost on the young Shas’ui. Keelah opened her comms.
“Too late, commander.”
The Shas’O felt a pang of worry shoot through his gut.
“I’m picking up one rapidly approaching hostile, mounted, and heavily armoured. Sending vid sync now.”
Looking through the Shas’ui’s eyes, Chillrend saw something that concerned him deeply. A Or’es Gue’la upon a great feral beast had entered the area. Armed with a power axe that he knew would slice through fio’tak like butter and clad from head to toe in armour that would resist any attack. So terrible was it’s visage, that it appeared to be a personification of the Mont’tau itself. Death, mounted on its fearsome steed.
“Moving to engage.”
“Windshear, desist! Enemy is far too dangerous, you must immediately fall back. Repeat, fall back!”
Then that overconfident voice came over the comms one last time.
“Tau’va, Shas’O.”

He came. Bjorn Bonehammer, Hero of the East Plain, a Lord in the Iron Wolf Great Company. Riding Loki, his faithful wolf, and holding his axe aloft, he moved towards the alien behemoth with a grim determination.
He roared a challenge. “Feel my wrath, demon!”
Keelah almost laughed. These humans were so melodramatic, so emotional. It was this, more than anything, that would be their downfall.
She heard another bleep, telling her that the human had moved within range of her shoulder mounted fusion blasters. The familiar whirr as they charged soothed any fear she may have had, and she prepared to fire.
Drone intelligences calculated the velocity and distance of the target within nanoseconds, guiding her aim, but skill always played the crucial factor. She fired.
At the last moment, the space marine rolled off the back of his steed, dropping his axe and using his shield to take the fall. The beams of superheated energy flew over the wolf’s back, through the empty space that had been occupied by the Lord earlier. It was, the perfect miss.
The Space marine may have stopped, but his wolf was approaching fast. Realising her fusion blasters wouldn’t be ready in time, Keelah tried to fire her flamer. She was too late, as the Gue’la’s mount smashed into her xor’vesa, the sheer force of the collision driving her back a step.
Razor sharp fangs bit into her right arm, attempting to disable her flamethrower.

Keelah tried to shake off the beast to no avail, the control of her right arm lessened with every powerful bite, until it was just hanging by flimsy wires.
Panic setting in, the tau lashed out blindly, managing to punch the beast with enough force to throw it off her.
She had barely a moment to gather her senses before the next assault came. The Gue’la, bereft of steed, and armed only with his storm shield and axe, came rushing at her.
Realising her flamer arm was now useless, Keelah attempted another shot with her fusion weapons. Despite no time to lock on, the shot was on target, smashing into the stormshield. The force of the attack knocked the shield out of his hands, but the powerful energies stopped it from doing any further damage to its wielder.

And then he was here. Grasping onto Windshear’s broken arm with one hand, the Or’es used his other to slash his mighty weapon at the battlesuit’s head, decapitating it with ludicrous ease.
Keelah’s vision went dark.

Hmmm, the Space wolves clearly have their own version of the Mont’ka, dropping a land speeder squadron behind Chillrend. Luckily my team mate had warned me last turn and I’d arranged the drones in a circle around my ‘O. Because of this, the speeders only killed a gun drone.
Rune Priest and Scouts outflanked and charged Muon, losing one marine to overwatch, but killing two firewarriors in CC. The brave Shas’la brought down the same number of Or’es in combat, leading to stalemate.
Logan charged the warboss, winning combat but the orks remained in the fight.
The Thunderwolf Lord charged in and butchered Windshear, informing me “that was for my wolves”
Trukk is immobilised , and significant losses from the shootas.

“Shas’la, firing positions! Kauyon’vah’ka formation.”
Shas’ui Tu’lei’s five ‘La rushed to obey his orders.
“The enemy is upon us! Ready weapons!”
The five Gue’la were closing fast, and they looked fearsome. If his squad were to have any chance against them, they would have to thin their ranks.
Several small objects suddenly flew up above them, thrown by the approaching hostiles. Horror filled Tu’lei when he realised what they were.
“Grenades! Abort formation, get down!”
One of his warriors wasn’t quick enough, shrapnel slicing into his body and spraying blue blood across his fellows.
Tu’lei screamed with frustration. They were here.

Their charge was terrifying to behold. One fell onto the already wounded Shas and, with an animal snarl, sliced his throat.
Three barrelled into a single firewarrior , their fury ripping him apart in seconds. He didn’t even have time to scream.
The last power armoured monster leaped onto Shas’La Er’hun, pinning him down and slicing into non-lethal parts of his body, torturing the poor tau.
Tu’lei called to his only two ‘La who had kept their senses during the attack.
“Combined fire on that Gue’la, now!”
All three fired into the sadistic Or’es, the multiple beams of plasma killing him instantly. The rescuers ran to Er’hun, forming a protective circle around him.
The other space wolves, finished with their prey, turned hungrily to the survivors
“Only the Aun can protect us now.”

Blood Claws charged Kaon, who killed one with overwatch. The Claws then mercilessly killed three Shas for no losses in return. They only just remained in the fight.

Tau Turn 3
Chillrend and Longshield annihilated the speeders, while the sniper team killed three (three!) Guardians

With a mighty howl, the Blood Claws rushed at the remaining firewarriors. Their vicious snarls unnerved even Tu’lei, a veteran of many battles against the Imperium. These monsters were unlike anything he had seen before.
“Shas’la, combat stance. Brace yourselves!”
The doomed tau drew their knives as one, preparing for the worst.
Luck was their ally today, and the enemy charge was cut short by a volley of pulse fire, followed by a terrifying screech.
The Kroot had arrived.

Razman rushed into the fight with Kaon, finishing off the wolves but losing four of his kindred. Once more Muon fought the scouts to a standstill, each side taking a single casualty.
The Sluggas charged the Adeptus Custodes, inflicting five wounds, killing the final Guardian and reducing Titus to a single wound. However, the superhumans wounded six orks, winning the combat by one. The Nob used his bosspole to stay in the fight, inflicting death upon one of the unlucky boyz.
The Freebooter Kaptain and crew finished off Logan.

Imperial Turn 3
Final turn. A turn which was absolute bedlam. The Thunderwolf Lord, sniper scouts and Long Fangs charged the mob of sluggas, hoping to save Titus. The once 38 strong squad was reduced to eleven lucky xenos, the Captain personally accounting for a further five ork deaths. The climax of the fight was when it was the orks’ turn to strike. My team mate directed all of his attacks at the Custodes Captain, ripping him into tiny pieces and netting us a further two kill points, a very clever move.

Tau/Orks=9pts Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, Fenrisian Wolves, Blood Claws, Thunderwolves, Adeptus Custodes, Adeptus Custodes Captain, Land speeders, Grey Hunters )
Imperial=4pts (Windshear, Wartrakk, First Blood, Linebreaker)

MVP= Once more, every Shas proved his/her worth. My fireteams held superior forces in combat, Chillrend killed off two Land Speeders in a single turn, and my kroot saved Muon from certain death. However, the real hero is Windshear. She killed many times her own points worth in a single turn, effectively blunting the enemy heavy support, without which the enemy assault was doomed to failure. I would recommend that everyone takes a suit with this configuration. Even without a positional relay, she’ll come on second turn 2/3 of the time. And only costing 47pts.
LVP = I don’t think I had one. No one drastically underperformed, each unit played a crucial part in securing victory.

Overall a very fun match with some great players.

She opened her eyes, but what was it she saw? Where was she, and how did she get here? More importantly who was she?
The tau’s blank slate of a mind offered no answers to these questions, and it discomforted her. Something wasn’t right.
A sudden snarl distracted the alien from its jumbled thoughts. Looking around with horror, she noticed a large canine creature whose own mind was more clearly focused. Focused on her.
She tried to move, to run, to do anything, but her legs failed to respond.
The wolf pounced, and the young xenos closed her eyes.
Death failed to come, and as curiousity overwhelmed her fear, she opened her eyes. This time her questions were answered.
The metallic voice of her Shas’O filled her with relief.
“Shas’ui Lav’esk Keelah, next time I suggest you choose a different course of action.”

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Re: 1500pts Tau & Orks VS Space Wolves & Adeptus Custodes

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Great battle, looked like fun. The fluff is fantastic and gives the report a lot more life, without losing any of the technical stuff. Thanks!

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Re: 1500pts Tau & Orks VS Space Wolves & Adeptus Custodes

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Thanks! I'm a less than mediocre fluff writer so it's good to see you enjoy it.

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