1.5k Tau v. 4th ed Nids.

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1.5k Tau v. 4th ed Nids.

Post#1 » May 31 2010 09:37

Well folks, here goes nothin. My first full battle report. Today saw 1.5k points of Tau and Tyranids fighting in a ruined city with one river. The battle field was strewn with ruins of all kinds, none was counted as area terrain. The left corner of my side had a small island with a 7" wide river slowing enemy units.

The battle was Pitched battle and Kill points. He went first and chose the side without the river. We each nominated two units that gained one roll on one of the veterancy tables in the back of the BRB.

The Armies


One 'O w/CIB PR and Flamer. Irid Armour, standard commander stuff, Stim Injec, Gun Drone. (He will be known as Ol' one arm as explained in a bit)

One three man command team with 'O. Both 'vres had TAs and had between them a flamer, MP, PR, and BC. The 'O had SMS, PR, and FLamer. They had a gun drone and a shield drone. (They gained Infiltrate, which as you can guess helped me win the game)

One Stealth Team. All had a BC and a TA. Leader had a marker light and other standard gear.

Two 9 man Rifle squads with markerlights and bonding knives. These guys didn't even make it to my turn two.

One 13 model kroot squad. One shaper, 10 kroot, 2 hounds. I took the saves since one more drone would not have helped. (They gained preferred enemy)

One railhead with all the bells and whistles. (Glad I paid the points for all that wargear. I used everything at one point and the flechettes deterred his stealers several times)

Two B'sides each going solo. One with PR and A.S.S. One with SMS and TA. The PR one had a shield drone.

One 6 man Gun Drone squad. (Yes they actually helped out)

Tyranids (4th ed)

He had four squads of Genestealers. All had 10 except for one had 9 and a broodlord. All had infiltrate, and scything talons.

Carnifex with Venom cannon and toughness enhancements. This guy accomplished nothing thanks to my cover saves. (Gained Tank Hunters)

Hive Tyrant with all ranged weapons. Nothing really scary other than the armor ignoring attacks. (Gained Infiltrate)

One 4 man warrior squad with spine fists and devourers. (The one that doubles attacks)

One 4 man warrior squad with increased save and two sets of scything talons.


He set up his carnifex and two warrior squads in cover. Everything else was outflanking.

I set up one B'Side and a FW squad in cover on the little island and put my Railhead, second FW squad, A.S.S. B'Side, and Ol' One arm on the opposite corner to divide his focus. (My solo commander lost his arm just before deployment)

I didn't manage to seize init.

Round one: The Trap is Sprung

His Fex moved up and fired and missed my Firebase. The warriors advanced but couldn't charge or shoot.

My Fire base fails to reach the Fex with anything but the B'Side who then rolls an amazing pair of ones. So much for twin-linked being better. My assault block moved up and put the hurt on his warrior squad. Dropping them down to two models.

Round Two: Ol' One arm steps it up

Two stealer squads come in this turn. One is the Broodlord squad who appears next to my Firebase and promptly eats them for lunch. The other eats my second FW team. Not a good start to the turn. I'm now down three kill points.

My drones drop then decide they'd rather wait till later to come in, but my Kroot and Second command team show up. My kroot shoot and and manage to annoy the broodlord, my plan was to have him charge me through the terrain. Meanwhile Ol' one arm rips apart 8 stealers with nothing more than his flamer. The rail head and second command team take on the warriors reducing the shooters to one and the assault guys to two. The B'Side fails to drop more than one Stealer left by Ol' one arm. Deciding not to let him get the edge, one arm charges the stealer and promptly fails both a terminator save and his FNP. Luckily he's one tough cookie.

Round 3: A turn for the worst

At this point my plan is falling to pieces. His tyrant shows up and kills my B'Side, and a second squad of stealers shows up behind the kroot and kill all but the shaper who promptly kills the only stealer in his way and makes a break for it (Yes he beat genestealers at an init check). The Warriors show up to attack Ol' One arm, and accomplish nothing, meanwhile he kills the Stealer.

My Rail Head snipes at and misses the Broodlord with a submunition. But my stealth Team shows up and kills all but three of the stealers that killed my kroot. My Command Team attacked and wounded the Tyrant, but that was it. I was beginning to worry.

Round 4: The Death of a Hero

The Tyrant decided to join the warriors who are losing and tried to kill Ol' one arm. Although the warriors did die, so did my valiant Hero. But somehow everything else took a turn for the best. Failing to kill anything else, he ends up just trying to scuttle away from me. Although some slide up behind my railhead trying to catch it.

My Railhead misses again, but my stealth suits finish what they started. The last warrior falls to my Command Team and the Drones show up and try to act important. Stealers that snuck on earlier that round also got injured by the rest of the command team. (I love Target Locks sometimes)

Round 5: The final moments

The Nids try to get the Railhead with the Tyrant but fail to hit, meanwhile the stealers dash after the tyrant to help. The broodlord and company swam the river.

Meanwhile my stealth suits slide up and snipe at the Broodlords team. Two are gunned down but the lord makes his save, but due to the Markerlight the Railhead homed in this time and slaughtered all but the brood lord with one mighty submunition. My command team rolls up, while the majority rips apart the two stray stealers with plasma and flamers while the commander drops the tyrant to one wound with plasma then finishes him off with his SMS. Suddenly it was a railhead, stealth team, gun drone squad, and command team against nothing more than a broodlord and a carnifex. Luckily for him it ended there.

How it ended and final thoughts

Throughout the battle I kept thinking how if I had deployed in the center and had driven a wedge into his ranks and slaughtered his forces as they straggled in piece meal I would have done so much better. But alas I realize why it is I won in the end. It was not because of luck or better units, it's because I kept my cool and just focused on taking out the biggest threats to what I had. My main goal was to keep the railhead alive, only the carnifex and broodlord were a serious threat, so avoid them and I can win. The loss of most of my pulse fire right away was a hard blow to suffer, but my command team had more than enough firepower to deal with his forces.

In the end I had earned 7 kill points while he had 6. I barely made it. Never before has he played so well, but it's nice to see that my friend gave me a run for my money. Maybe next time I'll remember to bring a camera and get pics so you can all see.

Also next time let us hope my opponent doesn't take redundant gear and hopefully he remembers warriors and Fexs need two weapons. (His Tyrant had the bonus to save and warpfield. Talk about a waste of points)

While not the longest battle report I suppose I need to start somewhere.

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