Tournament Report: 3x 1850 Farsight enclave

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Tournament Report: 3x 1850 Farsight enclave

Post#1 » Jul 21 2010 05:07

1850 Farsight enclave Tournament report

Hi guys,
Today I have participated in my first tournament and I am here to present you with an overview.
As always, I joined up with my trusty Farsight enclave.

The rules for the tournament were as follows:

3 rounds.

1st round: Kill enemy HQ = 10 points, your HQ survives=10 points, scoring unit in a table quarter= 1 point each.
Dawn of war deployment, no night fighting

2th round: 5 objectives . 4 in the middle of the table quarters and one in the middle. all objectives scatter 2D6 before the game.
Destroying an enemy vehicles=1 point, holding an objective=4 points, cheapest unit survives= 2 points
pitched battle deployment

3th round: killpoint rules, each unit is worth 2 points. each scoring unit in the enemy deployment zone is 1 point.
Spearhead deployment.

The rounds had some pretty fun objectives. the only downside is that it can be to your disadvantage if your opponent is fielding a foot slogging Ork army for example. I knew that round 1 was going to be to my advantage with Farsight. Round 2 would be different and the last round would score me some points as well.

The 1850 points list I used was as follows:

Farsight + 3 Helios bodyguards en 6 Shield drones + FNP,TL.

3x Fireknife + 2 SD
2x Deathrain + flamer + gun drone
2x Deathrain + flamer + gun drone

6x FW
6x FW + warfish

BASS'ui + 2 SD + TL + TLPR + HWMT

7x pathfinders + warfish


My opponent was new chaos player. The game was to his advantage as I have never faced chaos before. Then again he was at a disadvantage that he was paired with me. :D

Chaos list:

Abaddon the despoiler

Chaos terminators + heavy flamer and chain fist
2x 10 chaos marines + champion with combi melta, plasma and missile launcher
5x chaos raptors
3x obliterators
5x chaos havocs with 2x lascannon and 3x missile launcher

I won the roll off and made him go first. As always with Dawn of war, I keep everything back and just walk in at my turn. I've got the mobility so why not :)

The firewarriors did remain in reserve though.

Turn 1 Chaos:

he deployed a rhino with marines in the middle of the board.
On his turn he came up with everything except Abaddon.
He made everything run as there wasn't anything to shoot.

Turn 1 Tau

My opponent was very spread out and was going to regret that. Everything moved up on the right side of the board and I made sure that my broadsides had clear los to the obliterators.

The deathrains were going to stall the rhino on the right lane and the warfishes would deal with the raptors who were in the middle of the board by now.
I placed Farsight in the middle of my board edge. This was right in front of a rhino and this sealed my left flank. In front of Farsight was a large open spot.
If Abaddon was going to deep strike, it would be here. :crafty:

On turn 1, I managed to kill 4 raptors and they failed their morale test.
The deathrains managed to blow a havoc launcher of the right rhino and kill 2 missile launchers from the havocs. Farsight took a shot at the left rhino and immobilized it.

The Broadsides removed the cover saves from the obliterators and threw railgun rounds their way.
1 obliterator made his invulnerable save and the others were instakilled.

Turn 2 Chaos

Abaddon came crashing down. Right in front of Farsight. Told you so didn't I :-D
He moved almost all his units into better firing positions.
Seeing as he didn't know Tau, he fired a battle cannon at the broadsides. The 2 wounds were saved by the shield drones of course. The havocs fired on my hammerhead but failed to penetrate.

Turn 2 Tau

Abaddon had to go .There is no way that I could survive a CC with that many attacks.
Farsight, Fireknives, 1x Deathrain team, Broadsides and the pathfinders fired on Abaddon.
The pathfinders rolled a whopping 6 markerlights and this enabled me fire everything at BS5 without that pesky cover save.
After the above barrage, the 5x terminator retinue of Abaddon was gone and he had only 2 wounds left. :biggrin:

The other deathrain team managed to kill 2 havoc marines, sending them back into the table edge. Apparently, chaos marines do not auto-regroup.
I was quite amused with this.

I was a pity that Abaddon survived. He was at exactly 7" from me and I was out of place.
I moved back in my assault phase and placed some terrain between us. I moved the fireknives up in the hopes that he would assault them.

Turn 2 chaos

he moved the marines out of the left rhino and made a run towards Farsight.
Abaddon didn't take the bait and went for Farsight.
The defiler took a shot at the broadsides and didn't do anything.
The lone obliterator shot at a warfish and stunned it.

Abaddon roll a 6 for difficult terrain and charged Farsight.
he rolled a 4 for his extra attacks and made 6 wounds. I had happen to have the exact number of shield drones available. 2 survived. The bodyguards managed to make 2 wounds on Abaddon and he failed one of the saves. Last wound sucker!

Turn 2 Tau

The hammerhead and fireknives shot at the incoming marine squad on the left. After this barrage, they were down to 3 models. The Deathrains tried to destroy the defiler but didn't penetrate the hull.

CC with Abaddon was going to be the last here. I really thought it was over when he rolled a 6 for his extra attacks. Abaddon made 6 wounds. This meant that every suit had a wound. Farsight made his invulnerable save but all of the suits were gone! Fortunately, Farsight made 2 wounds and Abaddon failed one more save. My consolidation saw me move to my firebase on the right.

Turn 3 Chaos

The 3 marines on the left moved up and shot a melta, plasma and a rapid fire bolter at Farsight.
Farsight had 3 wounds left and I received 2 wounds from the plasma gun.
A shame that I failed both and was down to my last wound.

The rhino on the right unloaded the passengers who would fire a melta gun at the stranded warfish from last turn. The fish was wrecked.

Turn 3 Tau

Since I needed to keep Farsight alive, I moved him to the right. This would join him together with the Broadsides. Sneaky, I know!

The fireknives finished off the 3 marines on the left and the broadsides shot the battle cannon off the defiler. Threat eliminated.

The rest of my army shot at the disembarked squad on the right, killing 3.

Turn 4 Chaos

He didn't really have a lot to shoot with at this point so he started moving back to at least claim a table quarter alive.
I don't really think that I lost another model at this point.

For the rest of the game, I moved the other warfish into the upper right quarter to gain an extra point. At the end, I had claimed the maximum number of points for this round. 22 for me, 2 for my opponent.

Round 2

This round saw me paired up against another chaos player. This guy was a 2th edition veteran and did seem to know what he was doing. He had never played Tau before so that was to my advantage.
he also had a really blunt tournament list.

2x Daemon prince with Nurgle, warptime and wings

3x 5x plague marines in rhino + deep striking mark
2x 8x berserkers in rhino + deep striking mark

3x 2x obliterators.

The player that played this guy in round 1 was able to offer a few words of advice to me. He would deep strike the obliterators near the rhino's to avoid scatter. That seemed to be his plan of attack.
My initial plan here was to stop the rhino rush as soon as possible and then process the tainted ones piecemeal by piecemeal. Sounds like a good theory no? :-)

I won the roll off and took first turn.
The terrain was a bit to my advantage. The side I choose had a good view to the other deployment zone. If he wanted to deploy in cover or out LOS, he would do so while being 7" deep in his deployment zone.

Turn 1 Tau

As he didn't really know what to expect with tau, he deployed like a normal marine player. 5 rhino's in cover and a bit spread out.

Fortunately, thanks to the movement on my deathrains, I was able to negate cover on 2 rhino's for their shooting.
The Daemon princes were a threat as well but with 4W and a 3+/4+ save, I figured I would just rapid fire him when he shows his face.
During the 1ste turn, I managed to immobile 1 rhino and destroy another and cause a lot of shaken results. No shooting from stormbolters, Huzzah! -_-

The shooting wasn't that good but I managed to slow the left flank down.

Turn 1 Chaos

My opponent was a bit intimidated by the volume of fire I was able to squeeze out.
The daemon princes were hiding behind rhino's and he had an intent to keep it that way.
The 3 middle rhino's moved up and popped smoke. The Daemon prince that was on my left flank was moved to the right so he could hide behind a building. The other Daemon prince moved up and hid behind a rhino.

On the left flank, he had footslog a squad of khorne berserkers to my lines. The plague marines from the destroyed rhino were moving up to claim the objective there.

I was a bit glad with this turn. If the left Daemon prince was moved up, into the open, then I would have no problem destroying this threat but that would leave the other rhino's unmolested.
After this turn, the other player was contemplating his next move and predicted that wouldn't get into assault until turn 4. This guy was exactly reading my mind. It's not fun if your opponent starts saying your upcoming battle plan out loud.

Turn 2 Tau

in order to buy me another turn, I moved back with all the units.
The pathfinders lit up to the front rhino and my deathrains managed to immobilize it. I still had 3 tokens on the rhino but any further shooting wouldn't be logical.

The broadsides shot at the first Daemon prince and managed to knock a wound off. The fireknives fired on the berserkers and killed 5 of them. Good shooting for a unit without markerlights. :-)
The other units fired on a rhino managed to knock a stormbolter off.

Turn 2 Chaos

At this point, my opponent had figured it out. Target saturation. He would just spam targets and what survived would eat up something. One of the obliterators came in from reserve and he spawned in front of the broadsides.

At the left flank, things were getting hectic. The warfish that moved up to destroy the plague marines was blown up by their melta guns. In front of my fireknives, broadsides and deathrain team, I had more than half of my opponents army.
2 daemon princes behind each other, 1 squad of 3 berserkers, 1 squad of 8 berserkers and 2 obliterators. This was getting way to heated for my liking and I was already thinking about losing this round.

The obliterators managed to kill a shield drone off the broadsides. Nothing was in range to assault. Only 2 inches though! Awesome :D

On the right, 1 rhino was moving for the most right objective. Since both my troops were still in reserves, he knew that I would simply walk up there and claim if if he joined the fight on the left.

Turn 3 Tau
My deathrain and fireknive team shot at the wounded Daemon prince and managed to kill it! In order to make the Mont'ka complete, I lit up the 2th Daemon prince with 4 markerlights.
Farsight moved close and could rapid fire on the beast. Stripping the cover and raising my BS to 5 was enough to bring the monstrosity down. :fear:

The broadsides fired on the 2 obliterators in front of them but some bad rolling on my part made me miss 2 railgun shots. The other railgun shot and a plasma shot came through and wounded the squad. There was still one obliterator standing with a single wound.

My hammerhead moved 6" back and fired the submunition + 2 burst cannons on the berserker squad of 8.After the dust settled, they were down to 4 models.
After I performed my assault moves, the berserkers were still out of range to assault anything except the broadsides. Since I figured I would getting it anyway next turn, I charged the lone obliterator. This would deny the berserkers the extra range from charge next turn.

I didn't really take into account that I could lose combat and get sweeped in the same turn. Too bad though. This made my opponents job of target selection a bit easier.

Turn 3 Chaos

And we had another squad of obliterators coming in at the left flank. they shot a multi melta at the hammerhead and immobilized and shook it.
The berserkers moved closer but as predicted, nothing in range after their movement.

he did move a rhino with plague marines to the right objective and blew the warfish stationed there sky-high. The last rhino with plague marines moved to Farsight and fired 2 melta shots at the squad. Nothing the shield drones couldn't save.

Turn 4 Tau:

At this point, both firewarrior teams entered the game. One on the left to claim that objective and support the units there and the other on the right to get away from the fight and survive it.

Farsight killed the rhino and the plague marines that shot at him and moved up to join the fight on the left. My deathrain team on the right tried to kill the rhino there but didn't cause anything other than a shaken results.

At this point, the pathfinders were in danger of being assaulted but I needed to support other units to eliminate threats. I decided to lit up the 2 obliterators.
The fireknive team shot at the 2 new obliterators and managed to kill 1 and take a wound off the other.

The firewarriors shot at the 4 berserkers but didn't hit anything. At this point I was thinking that I had better used the markerlights to wipe that squad.

Turn 4 Chaos:

The last of the obliterators had arrived. They came in next to Farsight of course. The melta shots didn't do anything though. The berserkers went past the pathfinders and charged at the newly arrived firewarriors. The consolidating roll from Farsight's assault on the plague marines wasn't enough to shield the firewarriors so they would take one for the greater good.

The berserkers wiped the firewarriors.
1 of the obliterators charged my fireknive team but combat was a draw thanks to the shield drones.

Turn 5 Tau:

On the right, I was still trying to shoot the damned rhino to smithereens but failed every time.
Since this could be the last turn, I moved up so I could assault afterwards. This brought me directly on the objective, next to 5 plague marines. The firewarriors moved up as well and killed a plague marine by rapid firing. not bad considering the feel no pain.
The deathrains failed to do anything but shake the rhino ... again....

on the left, Farsight killed the new obliterator squad and the 4 berserkers. The deathrain there killed of the other squad of berserkers in combat, they were free again.
The assault move from Farsight led me straight up, to the above objective that was claimed by 5 plague marines. :evil:

Turn 5 Chaos:

Wasn't much to do here now, he shot the firewarriors on the right and killed 3 of them.

Since it was his turn, I make some more CC attacks at the rhino. This time I immobilized it.
The last obliterator hired a heavy flamer at the pathfinders and fried them all.

We rolled a die and turn 6 was played. At this point, we only had 30 minutes of play left.

Turn 6 Tau:

Farsight moved up again and fired 4 plasma shots at the plague marines above. Due to cover, I only killed one. I needed another turn if I wanted to clear that objective.
The hammerhead shot a railgun shot through the obliterator.

The deathrains on the right tried to kill the rhino but another series of shaken results. Note that this includes 2 TL missile pods and 4 auto hit CC attacks...

Turn 6 Chaos

The plague marines fired 2 melta shots at Farsight but the drones took the hit. nothing to worry about. On the right objective, the plague marines finished off the firewarriors.

Turn 7 Tau:

Farsight moved up and laid down a volley of plasma and melta fire. The objective was cleared!
On the right, I finally managed to blow up the rhino!

Turn 7 Chaos

His last 3 plague marines shot 2 melta's at the deathrains; They were in the open and contesting the objective there. Going to ground didn't save me though.

The game was over! He scored 4 points for one objective and another 2 for killing 2 vehicles.
I scored 5 points for his 5 rhino's but I claimed moral victory. He had a very hard list and was very very skilled player. I really enjoyed this game a lot.
Round 3:

During the last round, I was matched up against a sisters of battle army.

Canoness with 2+sv, power weapon
Canoness without upgrades.
Inquisitor with emperor's tarot and mystics.

3x 10 SoB's + 2x flamer + rhino
1x Dominion squad with flamers + immolator
5x seraphim
Callidus assassin
3x Exorcists

This was going to be hard if I didn't get first turn. The table was a jungle terrain table and one feature had a 3 story building in it. I choose that quarter and went first.

Turn 1 Tau:

Due to the assassin, my opponent placed the pathfinders a storey down and they couldn't see anything. I would have to tackle all of these vehicles with cover saves.

After rolling a 1 on my difficult terrain, I couldn't even get back up so it would be 2 turns without markerlight support.
After the turn, I stunned one exorcist and stunned one rhino.
The SMS from the warfishes also caused a wound on the upgraded canoness.

Turn 1 SoB

he moved everything up and popped smoke. The exorcists immobilized one warfish

Turn 2 Tau

Farsight moved up to tackle the SoB threat and killed one rhino with its occupants in CC.
The consolidating move made me form a conga line to protect the broadsides behind from CC.

The other units didn't do anything due to cover saves.

Turn 2 SoB

I misjudged the jump range from the canoness and she jumped over Farsight. She tied the broadsides up in CC for 2 turns.
Farsight got to endure a righteous purging by fire from 2 sister squads. 2 wounds on different suits and 2 drones gone. Not bad.

Turn 3 Tau:

Farsight assaulted and killed another SoB squad. The deathrains killed off a rhino and a hammerhead managed to blow up a exorcist.

Turn 3 SoB:

The seraphim arrived via deep strike and blew the railgun off the hammerhead.
Now I was out of railguns for that pesky AV13!

CC continued with the broadsides and the dominions fired on the fireknive team. all wounds saved!
By the aun, I love my frisbees! :biggrin:

Turn 4 Tau:

Farsight moved up to attack the exorcists and destroyed an empty rhino on the way there.
The immobilized warfish had a clear view on the last SoB squad and unleashed 7 shots. 6 casualties made.

At this point, both firewarrior teams arrived from reserves and shot off 4 seraphim. The pathfinders helped a bit with the markerlights

Turn 4 SoB:

The assassin arrived and destroyed one firewarrior team.
My opponent moved his exorcists into the open and shot 2x 6 missiles at Farsight. The squad was wiped.

The dominions that were in CC with the fireknives were destroyed, now I only had to tackle the 3+sv canoness.

Turn 5 Tau:

Since my railguns were gone, and Farsight was gone, I needed to hoof it out of LOS from the exorcists.
The firewarriors shot the last seraphim and the warfish destroyed the last SoB squad. A deathrain team killed another rhino in CC.

CC with the fireknive team ended, she killed them with some good rending rolls.

Turn 5 SoB

The Canoness moved to my deathrain team and she lost CC here.
The exorcists tried to shoot the immobilized warfish but I made all my disruption pod saves.

A die was rolled and we continued to dance another day.

Turn 6 Tau

I tried to gather some extra killpoints by shooting some rhino's but didn't do anything but shake them. It was pointless to shoot AV13 so I just hid out of LOS.

Turn 6 SoB.

He tried to finish off the warfish but I saved both penetration hits.

At this point, the game ended here.
With 11 killpoints for me and 6 for him, I was the winner here.
22 points for me and 12 for him.

This was the end of the tournament, I could make another 5 points for sportsmanship and for a fully painted army. The painted army points were lost since I had 2 crisis suits that only had a basecoat.
Sportsmanship was no problem though

Overall, I ended up 3th in a competition with 10 players. I had the same number of points as the Ork player but I did give up less killpoints in the last round.
The 1ste player was my opponent from the 2th game.
He got lucky with the last round. He faced a guard army with 22 units! He scored 40 points in that round.

Overall thoughts:
In my gaming club, people fear my tau. I am pretty proud of that and it is only because of the effort that I put into practicing with this army. All of the advice from ATT has helped a great deal as well.
Eiglepulper owes a great deal of credit as well. His advice on Farsight enclaves has proved to be priceless. As most players, I read a lot of forums and blogs on tactics with Tau. The advice is usually the same. Use 4 kroot units. Use only fireknives. Use one battlesuit for every 100 points. It's insane really. Tau can work if they suit your play style.

We don't have the list flexibility as most armies though. As my 2th opponent stated, I wouldn't use this list in a friendly game. I would however. Otherwise my chances of winning would be very slim.

I also learned a great deal of this tournament. I used slightly more battlesuits then normal and I can really feel the difference in firepower.
The added missile pods take some strain off the broadsides.
Placing the firewarriors in reserves is also a very good tactic. Opponents tend to ignore the warfishes a bit more.
Due to the high number of suits, my pathfinders didn't get tackled untill late in the game.
This may also be because that my opponents were new to Tau. I do feel that they pose less of a threat suddenly.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the report.
C & C always welcome.


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Re: Tournament Report: 3x 1850 Farsight enclave

Post#2 » Jul 21 2010 06:34

This was a great battle report! I would have loved to see some pictures, but it was compelling enough to keep me reading. :)

Using Farsight has always interested me. I think reports like this show how Tau can use him effectively and make the most of this underused commander. Thanks for posting!

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Re: Tournament Report: 3x 1850 Farsight enclave

Post#3 » Aug 23 2010 06:07

Thanks for this - I enjoyed reading a different take on Farsight.

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Re: Tournament Report: 3x 1850 Farsight enclave

Post#4 » Aug 28 2010 09:17

i just noticed that our gaming club has put some of the pictures of the report on the website.

You can view them through the following link.
Look for the red Tau :D

That picture is from during the 2th round, turn 3

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Re: Tournament Report: 3x 1850 Farsight enclave

Post#5 » Aug 28 2010 10:55

Very well-put-together battle report, De'terra. The short sentences/restricted detail helped immensely to keep the turns record short but relevant. As Wolfs16 said, pictures would have been an added bonus but due to your written style our attention is held easily.

My favourite comment in the whole thing:
De'terra wrote:Apparently, chaos marines do not auto-regroup.
I was quite amused with this.

Thank you also for the personal acknowledgement. Much appreciated, and glad to know that something of what I've said was of help.


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