Gun Drone takes down Avatar! 500 points Tau vs Eldar

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Gun Drone takes down Avatar! 500 points Tau vs Eldar

Post#1 » Aug 01 2010 08:20

Game: Annihilation

Tau list:
Commander Shas’el with Plasma rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker, and HWDC 2x Shield Drones

Shas’Ui XV8 Battlesuit team leader with Burst Canon, Missile Pod, Multi-tracker, HWDC and 2x Gun Drone
XV8 Battlesuit w/ Burst canon, Missile Pod Multitracker

Squad A
Shas’ui Fire Warrior with Marker light, Bonding Knife, Photon Grenades, Hard-wired Target Lock, Hard Wired Blacksun Filter
10x Shas’la Fire Warriors with 10x Photon Grenades

Squad B
Shas’ui Fire Warrior with Pulse Carbine, Bonding Knife, Gun Drone
7x Fire Warrior with Pulse Carbines

Eldar list:

Avatar of Khaine

2x War walkers with Scatter Lasers, two per model

18x Storm Guardians (Guardian upgrade with Shuriken Pistol & Close Combat Weapon)

10x Guardians with Shuriken Cannon

The board was a 48” by 48” and set up as follows: On the left side of the board was a cluster of forest, with just enough room for a squad to squeeze by on the sides. On the left was a group of stones, with a tower and another group of large boulders on the other side. The middle of the board was left mainly empty. A picture of the board is below.
And here is a map
The deployment was spearhead, and the Eldar player took the side nearest the forest, leading the group of Storm guardians along the flanks, led by the Avatar. The War walker squadron was set up facing the Tau’s quarter, with the squad of ten guardians using the walkers as cover.
The Tau player deployed second, and, his troops stuck between a rock, a hard place, and a hill, chose to deploy Squad A in the building, splitting the force with half on the roof and half on the top floor. The squad B was deployed near the table’s edge, behind the hill. The Shas’El was deployed on top of the small hill, and the suit squad was placed behind the hill, but in front of the fire warriors.
The Eldar player chose not to take their scout movement phase. The Tau player successfully seized the initiative.

Turn 1 Tau Movement

The Tau began there phase by jumping the ‘El and his drones jumped to the south east, towards the avatar and his squad of Guardians. The Firestorm suits jumped past the hill, hugging the rocks, heading towards the war walkers and Guardians. Fire warrior Squad B crested the hill. Fire Warrior Squad A set up there firing positions and readied for the kill.

Turn 1 Tau Shooting

Squad A ‘Ui lit up the War Walkers, increasing the suit squads BS to 4. Their salvo of missiles managed to rip one of the guns off of the War Walkers. Other shots rang from fire Warrior Squad A at the Walkers, but the extreme range meant only one or two warriors had range, and both shots missed. The ‘El also launched his missiles at the War Walkers, trying to prevent them from getting any close. Both shots bounced of the Walkers’ armor, much to the ‘El’s anger. Squad B ran farther up the hill, but due to its steepness, only managed 3 inches.

Turn 1 Assault Phase

The Firestorms jumped into cover behind some rocks, while the ‘El moved towards the table edge.

Turn 1 Eldar Movement

The Avatar and the Storm Guardians advanced forwards out from behind the woods, and started to head towards the ‘El. The War Walkers and Guardians advanced forward towards the suit squad, and set up position.

Turn 1 Eldar Shooting

The Avatar and Storm Guardians ran forward, but were bogged down by the wooded area and only managed to move 2 inches forward toward the ‘El. The War Walkers and the Shuriken Cannon opened up on the Firestorms, but the shots were deflected by the suits’ armor.

Turn 2

Tau Turn 2 Movement

This phase started with the ‘El jumped closer to the Avatar, while the Firestorms jumped from cover and advanced onto the Guardians. Squad B moved forward, intent on supporting the Firestorms and removing the War Walkers and the Shuriken Cannon. Squad A stayed put.

Tau Turn 2 Shooting Phase

The Firestorms pumped shots into War Walkers, ripping off another weapon. Squad B ran closer towards the combat between the Firestorms and Walkers, firing at a walker, to no affect. The ‘El again shot into the walkers, but caused no damage. The markerlight was shot into the gather mass of Storm Guardians, but missed. Squad A fired into the Storm Guardians also, but the cover from the trees deflected most of the shots, and only two guardians died.

Tau Turn 2 Assault Phase

The ‘El jumped backwards, closer towards the building and the hill where he would make his final stand. The Firestorms jumped towards the south east, ending up to the south west of the Walkers and Guardians.

Eldar Turn 2 Movement

The Avatar and storm Guardians ran closer towards the hated Tau, clearing the woods. The Walkers stay in place Guardians stayed in place.

Eldar Turn 2 shooting

The Avatar and Storm Guardians ran closer towards the ‘El and Tau, moving 4 inches. The War Walkers’ lasers lashed out at the suits, but caused no more damage than scrapped paint. The Shuriken Cannon fired into Fire Warrior Squad B, bringing down a member.

Turn 3

Tau Turn 3 Movement

The Firestorms again jumped towards Walkers, while Squad B moved closer towards the Walkers also. The ‘El Jumped North East, an attempt to bring his plasma rifle into range. Fire Warrior squad A stayed up in there hidey hole.

Tau Turn 3 Shooting

The markerlight again was shone at the War Walkers, to raise the BS of fire warrior squad B, who used their pulse carbine to deadly effect. The gun drone (and this is one lucky gun drone) managed to blow one walker sky-high while the rest of the squad cripples another, immobilizing it. The firestorms fire into the newly created gap, killing 4 Guardians. The ‘El and Fire Warrior Squad A fire into the Storm Guardians, killing 6 Guardians and putting a wound on the Avatar.

Tau turn 3 Assault

Both suit squads jump backwards.

Eldar Turn 3 Movement Phase

The Guardians move past the crippled Walker, and move closer towards the Tau. The Avatar and Storm Guardians again move towards the ‘El, getting very close.

Eldar Turn 3 shooting

The Shuriken Cannon fires into Squad B, killing another Fire Warrior. The Eldar Walker fires into the Firestorms and gets lucky, two shots penetrate the suits armor and wound each suit. The Avatar and Storm Guardians run forward, eager to get to grips with the ‘El.

Eldar Turn 3 Assault
The Avatar and Storm Guardians strive to reach the ‘El, but are just out of range.

Tau Turn 4 movement
The ‘El jumps back onto the hill, but knows it is futile. The firestorms move southwards, ready to engage the Storm Guardians. Squad B advances towards the guardians, closing the range.

Tau Turn 4 Shooting

The markerlight flashes out at the Avatar, but misses again. The Firestorms fire into the Storm Guardians and Avatar, killing 3 Guardians and wounding the Avatar again. Fire Warrior Squad B fires into the Guardians, reducing their numbers to four. The ‘El fires into the Storm Guardians, wounding the Avatar again and killing 2 more Storm Guardians. Fire Warrior squad A also fires into the Storm Guardians, killing 2 more.

Tau Turn 4 Assault

Tau Squad B assaults the three remaining guardians, Killing one and losing another member. The Firestorms jump towards their ‘El, while the ‘El jump frantically away from a very angry Avatar.

Eldar Turn 4 Movement

The Avatar and Storm Guardians Rush forward, ready to rip the ‘El to bloody bits.

Eldar Turn 4 shooting

The Avatar runs forward, ready to get his big hands on the ‘El. The Storm Guardians fire their pistols into the ‘El, killing a done and wound the ‘El. The Scatter Laser fires into the Firestorms, killing a drone.

Eldar Turn 4 Assault

The Avatar rips the ‘El into very small pieces, then jumps up and down on them until there is nothing left. The guardians and Fire Warrior squad B stay tied in combat, as neither squad managed to kill one another.

Tau Turn 5 Movement

The Firestorms jump backwards, intent on helping their Fire Warrior Brother locked in combat.

Tau Turn 5 Shooting

Fire Warrior Squad A shoots into Storm Guardians, but fail to kill anything.

Tau Turn 5 Assault

The Firestorms jump in with Squad B, beating down the remaining Guardians, but losing a suit in the process.

Eldar Turn 5 Movement

The Avatar moves toward the remaining Firestorm. The Storm Guardians head towards Fire Warrior Squad B.

Tau Turn 5 Movement

The remaining Fire Warriors of Squad B head towards the remaining Walker, getting nice and close. The remaining Firestorm hops towards the woods, hoping to escape.

Tau Turn 5 Shooting

Squad B fires into the remaining Walker, hitting its power supply causing it to explode into flames. Another Fire Warrior is downed by the flames from the wreck.
The firestorm fires into the Avatar, trying to prevent it from closing, but to no avail.

Tau Turn 5 Assault

The Firestorm jumps farther towards the woods.

Eldar Turn 5 Movement

The avatar runs towards the Remaining 5 models of Squad B. The Storm Guardians head towards the running Firestorm, attempting to catch him in assault.

Eldar Turn 5 Shooting

The Avatar and Storm Guards run towards their respective targets.

Eldar Turn 5 Assault

The Storm Guardians Jump the remaining suit, bring him down. The Avatar hits the remaining Fire Warriors like a train, killing 3. The Gun drone strikes back, and rolls and 6 then another 6! The Avatar fails its save and loses its last wound and hits the ground like a brick, leaving an amazed Shas’Ui blessing the fio who created the drone. :P

We roll a dice and the game continues…

Turn 6 and 7 involve the two remain models of squad B getting caught in assault by the now very angry Storm Guardians and end up surviving! They passed every save and stay in combat until the game ended.

Final Score

Tau: 3.5 kill points

Eldar: 2.5 kill points

If the Admin thinks its good enough, could we move this thread to the battle reports?

As always questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!

edit: for spelling and grammer (never try writing a battle report late at night kids :P )
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Re: Gun Drone takes down Avatar! 500 points Tau vs Eldar

Post#2 » Aug 02 2010 03:12

Nice clear battle report. How does one achieve .5 of a killpoint?

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Re: Gun Drone takes down Avatar! 500 points Tau vs Eldar

Post#3 » Aug 02 2010 08:50

I thought you could achieve half a kill point by reducing a squad by half its number, so for example reducing a 10 man squad down to 4. But I don't actually see that in the rule book, but this was a friendly game so I guess it counts as a house rule. The eldar player was my sister so... ;)

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Re: Gun Drone takes down Avatar! 500 points Tau vs Eldar

Post#4 » Aug 02 2010 12:09

I hate the Eldar list, I really do. It is so inefficient it is ridiculous.

Regardless, a good write up. Well done. I look forward to more!

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Re: Gun Drone takes down Avatar! 500 points Tau vs Eldar

Post#5 » Aug 02 2010 12:57

Yeah, the list needs some work. usually she runs 2 squads of dire advengers, a warwalker with a eldar missile launcher and bright lance, and an Avatar. But last game we play the Tau demolished that list too so she wanted to try a different more mob style list, which didn't do to good either. I mainly think her problem has be deployment and movement.

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