Battles of my 500 pt list

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Battles of my 500 pt list

Post#1 » Aug 15 2010 04:57

Well I figure it's time to start posting my epic adventures of newbiness into the forum seeing as how I've been having so much fun playing recently. My local hobby shop has such a great 40k community as well as other platforms (magic, fantasy, some ww2 game, etc.).

During my adventures I have been trying my very best to play a WYSIWYG army because I just like the way everything looks and shoots. In my entire list there is only one exception to this rule being a Shas'ui modelled with a pulse carbine because that's what the Shas'ui in Dawn of War (PC) have. He will later be transferred into a pulse carbine unit of Firewarriors but that's besides the point.

My list is small because I am slowly building up models, and I try not to buy anymore until all the ones I have are painted...but buying models is very addictive so I do it anyways. :biggrin:

Anyways, onto a brief overview of my list.

Fireknife Shas'el w/ Shield Generator

2 6 man Firewarrior Teams w/ Target Lock and Markerlight

Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod, Flechettes, Target Array, Multi-track

Broadside w/ ASS

Not looking for a critique on my list, I already know what I must do and I'm working on it. If you wanted to PM me suggestions then it would be most welcome, I'm just trying to keep this thread clean.

The Ultramarines that I faced down were:
Force Commander
10 Tacticals
5 Scouts

My opponent set up terrain and stuff on a small 4x4 board, I placed a big ruined building between 2 pieces of small area terrain on my board edge because I could. Dominating the center was a large Parthenon looking building.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: Annihilation

I deployed my Firewarriors in the building, and the other in the rocky area terrain on my left, my commander was out in the open in front of the Parthenon. My devilfish and Broadside would walk on.

My opponent deployed the tacticals to the right of the Parthenon, after premeasuring but since it was a friendly game I wouldn't say anything. His dreadnaught walked on and his scouts outflanked...which he forgot to tell me.

My turn 1: I moved my commander towards the tacticals and dropped 1, everyone else either couldn't see them or the marines made their saves. Oh, and I forgot to bring my XV88 and devilfish in off the table.

His turn 1: His runs really angrily towards my Firewarriors in the ruins, but can't see. His dreadnaught comes in off the table behind and to the left of the Parthenon.

My turn 2: I bring in my Broadside and maneuver it to the rocky outcropping that my 2nd Team of Firewarriors are occupying. My commander continues to jump around and my devilfish moves in on the right side and gets in position to support the firewarriors.
Markerlights fly and nothing is able to hit, combined fire from the Firewarriors and the Commander drop another 2 marines, and the railgun fails miserably when it fires at the dreadnaught.

His turn 2: More running towards the Firewarrior occupied ruin, the Dreadnaught gets into cover in corner the Parthenon's area terrain. 2 of my Firewarriors drop to bolter fire.

My turn 3: I move my devilfish to interdict the approaching marines. I manage to score TWO markerlight hits (yaaaayyyy) so I launch both of my seeker missiles at the dreadnaught which end up blowing up a portion of the Parthenon. >.> My commander and the remaining firewarriors and devilfish drop another 3 marines total, and he naturally passes his morale check. The railgun however, manages to get a penetrating hit on the dreadnaught. Then I rolled a 1 for damage...

His turn 3: His tacticals get into position to assault my devilfish and he brings his close-combat scouts in (the ones he forgot to tell me about) off the table edge to my left. They kill 2 of my firewarriors and assault leaving 3 alive. Miraculously I manage to kill one of them in close combat. His tacticals assault the devilfish and the flechette dischargers do nothing, but his marines also did nothing so it was okay.

My turn 4: Okay, so at this point in the battle I'm in some serious trouble. I don't do much moving besides moving my commander on top of the Parthenon to get closer to the Dreadnaught and hopefully maneuver for a rear armor shot. My devilfish and Firewarriors continue to pour fire into the tacticals but their combined fire only kills one (a terrible round of rolling for me). My railgun glances the dreadnaught and rolls a 1, my commander however, was able to hit the Dread with a plasma and a missile, and then rolled for a glance and a penetrating hit (yay 6s). My opponent then rolled cover saves but forgot to distinguish because one of the saves failed. Instead of rolling off to see which one was the glance I just told him to re-roll (oops). He then passed both of his cover saves. My Firewarriors all died in the resolution of the close combat on my left by the Broadside.

His turn 4: His scouts run very hungrily towards my broadside, his dreadnaught climbed on top of the Parthenon so it could better squish my commander and the tacticals ignored my stationary devilfish (oops) so they could get closer to my more squishy firewarrriors. He shot and killed 2 of my firewarriors then proceeded to assault them and their commanders powersword ate them all. The scout marines assaulted the broadside and, after a quick rolling scored 3 hits. No problem *rolls snake-eyes* *silence*. The dreadnaught ran on top of the Parthenon towards my commander, but failed to reach assault range by 1/16th inch. We had to get an outside ruling to determine it but needless to say I was very pleased.

My turn 5: I move the devilfish away from the scary tacticals flying up the right side of the Parthenon. My commander jumps away from the big scary dreadnaught and fires at....something. I don't remember what it was but they made their cover saves.

His turn 5: His scouts and tacticals surrounded my commander, the dreadnaught lined up an angle on the devilfish and scored a few rending hits and wrecked it. The scouts fired their pistols at my commander and all hit, so when I rolled for my saves...a 1 and a 2. >.>

Luckily the turn ended and my drones lived on to fight another day. Yay drones!

Now, it was a friendly game, but a good game. If anything I learned that my target priority needs to be a little better, but I think i did pretty good. I also learned to keep a better tab on my opponents units to make sure he doesn't have any outflanking, and if there are I need to stay further away from my board edge. I learned to keep vehicles moving. Oh and I think that next time I take my broadside I'm going to take a targetting array instead of the ASS since he is such a key unit to my army. Overall, the tweaking process of my army is going rather well. My firewarriors's Shas'ui didn't get a chance to use their EMP grenades through the entire game day so I think I'm going to take a Black Sun Filter instead of them so that I can possibly use those markerlights for that extra turn. Like I said before, I'm not looking for help with my list, I'm just voicing my thoughts.

I fared much better in the game vs the Tyranids I played. Termigons are a scary thought but the one I faced was hilariously modelled, I'll bring a picture next time I see it and post it somewhere.

Anyways, C&C regarding strategy is always welcome. The scenario in this thread that Kles'ro mentions is actually in reference to my list that I'm running. Comments in that thread are most welcome because it might change the way I play (edit- Nevermind that thread was locked). Thank you all and good hunting

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Re: Battles of my 500 pt list

Post#2 » Aug 15 2010 07:49

Very nice write up, sorry about the poor rolling, it happens to the best of us. (I can remember one of my friends rolling a one for every wound from a gun drone, then being pinned by rolling double sixes. :D Got to love flying Frisbees of death) I have always found dawn of war deployment hard to pull out a win. Deployment wise, I would have thrown one squad in the devilfish to give them some more mobility and fire support. Also, I would have left the commander behind cover come turn on. Even with a 4+ invulnerability save, especially without any shield drones, which I highly recommend and can be easily made from regular gun drones, he is vulnerable to any armor negating weapons. With the assault phase movement, you have the ability to move out of cover, attack, and jump back in. Hope this is any help at all,

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Re: Battles of my 500 pt list

Post#3 » Aug 16 2010 02:45

Thank you for posting up the battle report, Ell'ran; I'm going to move it into the Field Experience section, as I think it's always good to have examples of small point battles. Most players tend to start small, and the tactics involved in small-scale battles are usually different to those in larger points value games.

There are a couple of points I'm hoping you can clarify; at one point you mention the following:

Ell'ran wrote:so I launch both of my seeker missiles

You don't have any Seeker Missiles listed in your army list for the game. I'm guessing that they were mounted on the Devilfish?

I'd also be interested in knowing what size board you were playing on, and what the terrain looked like. Terrain can have more of an impact on the flow of a battle than pretty much anything else. If you have access to something like MS Paint, a quick sketch of what the board looked like and where units deployed is a big help for following the flow of the battle and illustrating the report, too.

I think one of the reasons you may have had trouble with the marines you fought is because your force is a little upgrade-heavy for a low point list. In low point games, boots on the ground and volume of fire can make a big difference, and things like Markerlights and Seeker Missiles don't tend to have the effect you'd hope for the points you've spent on them. Markerlights become more and more useful the larger the unit using them to shoot with; two is both not really enough and too many, because you've got low-model count units and you need both to hit to strip away the majority of a basic cover save. Equally, your two Seeker Missiles are basically a slightly more dangerous Missile Pod that you can only fire once during the game. At greater points levels, both become much more useful, but at 500 points I think you'd do better to simply get more models on the field. Kroot are great in small point games because you get lots of models for relatively few points, every one of which is basically packing the equivalent of a Space Marine bolter. If you can add in a cheap and cheerful Crisis Suit like a Deathrain, it may well prove more useful than the Seeker Missiles - I know that when I was playing 400-500 point missions, my Deathrain suits were great for popping transports and battering away at infantry squads turn after turn, and filling that third slot with a Flamer made them great for dealing with small infantry squads.

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