[Kiten’s Cadre] Fire Record - 75T2 vs Chaos Marines

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[Kiten’s Cadre] Fire Record - 75T2 vs Chaos Marines

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75T2: Operation Pliers Battle 1 – VS Chaos Marines

This is actually the third battle fought by this list, but as it is the first one to be recorded, it will be treated as being its debut on the battlefield.
Here’s a quick rundown of the list. The topic concerning its creation can be found following the link in the title.

Commander Shadowsun

XV8 Crisis Mesme Team: 2 Fireknife
XV8 Crisis Mesme Team: 2 Fireknife
XV8 Crisis Mesme Team: 1 Deathrain, 1 Shas’Vre with AFP

Fire Warrior Team: 9 Fire Warriors
Fire Warrior Team: 6 Fire Warriors on a Dumbfish with Sensor Spines
Kroot Carnivores Kindred: 10 Kroot and 5 Kroot Hounds
Kroot Carnivores Kindred: 10 Kroot and 5 Kroot Hounds

Pathfinder Team: 6 Pathfinders on a Warfish

Sky Ray Defence Gunship, Warray with Blacksun Filter
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit: 2 ASS suits, one team leader with Bonding Knife and 2 Shield Drones
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit: 2 ASS suits, one team leader with Bonding Knife and 2 Shield Drones

Opposing Army

The opponent’s list is as follows:

Daemon Prince of Tzeench with Warptime and Bolt of Change

Chaos Chosen Space Marines, 5 Chosen equipped with 2 Flamers and 3 Meltaguns
Chaos Dreadnought, with Extra Armor, Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer
Chaos Dreadnought, with Extra Armor, Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer

Chaos Space Marines, 10 Marines with Meltagun, Flamer, Tzeench Icon, and Leader with Power Fist and Combi-Melta on a Rhino
Chaos Space Marines, 10 Marines with Meltagun, Flamer, Tzeench Icon, and Leader with Power Fist and Combi-Melta on a Rhino

Obliterator Cult, 3 Obliterators
Chaos Predator, Possessed vehicle with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons
Chaos Predator, Possessed vehicle with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons

He built this list in order to try out the Chaos Dreadnoughts, as he still is in the process of trying out the codex’s possibilities. I was not overly impressed.
It is at this point that we laugh about the possibility to see the Dreadnoughts going crazy and starting to attack each other. We just take it as a “pretty improbable, but amusing chance” though.


The map was not looking like one favorable to the Tau: it was a desert environment with some pesky dunes literally obscuring an entire quarter of the table, meaning that if we got into an objective based mission there would have most likely been an impossible objective for the Fire Caste to conquer, and many enemies lurking out of line of sight.
There also was another dune in the corner opposite of the obscured one, and a couple of ruins offering cover and an oasis which was treated as an impassable terrain in the middle. The rest other two quarters were… Well, desertic. Which meant an utter nothingness that would have most definitely benefitted the Tau army if not for the rest of the terrain composition, basically imposing to fight this battle ignoring these quarters if the opponent was to win the rolloff.


Annihilation with Spearhead deployment, with the Tau going second in the quarter opposite of the obscured one.
This meant that the Tau didn’t have to go to the enemy waiting on the other side of the dunes unless they needed to grab some killpoints, which was a much welcomed relief from the otherwise troubling situation they would have found themselves into. On the complete opposite situation, it would have been most likely that they would have been the ones waiting for the enemy, which could only mean that, suddenly, I was playing my game.


The Chaos player basically put all of his stuff forward. The two Predators started sitting on the two dunes, the two Dreadnoughts together as close to the edge of their deployment as possible on the right of their formation, and the two Rhinos behind the left dune waiting to start running towards the Tau lines, but out of line of sight in fear of the possibility they stole the initiative. The Chosen were infiltrating, and both the Daemon Prince and the Obliterators were ready to deep strike.

As I would have found myself with some Chosen in the face of one of my fire bases starting first turn, and as the middle ruins forced me to shoot through cover unless on the corner dune, I decided to go with the most obvious plan C and create one single, super-strong fire base capable of using that same dune to keep out the XV8s of LoS (as they basically did the whole game). I placed a Kroot Kindred and the Pathfinder squad in the ruins, both to give me some breathing room from the incoming Chosen squad and to give him an incentive to come to me from my left (where the Pathfinders were), so that I could slowly move the army through the short table edge if necessary while already having some Kroot on position capable of holding some enemies up.
To reinforce this battle plan I decided to leave in reserve both Fire Warriors squads, the other Kindred (coming from my table edge as I didn’t want to take the risk of them coming from the right side of the board), and kept the second Fireknife squad ready to deepstrike where reinforcements were needed. This way I would be able to bring a surprise attack on the enemy if he were to do as I wanted him to, hopefully trading less killpoints for those I would score, or just reinforce my defenses if needed or possible.

I scout moved the Pathfinder team so they could get a little closer to the enemy, and the Chaos player deployed the Chosen squad as close as possible to the Pathfinders. It was starting to look good.


I fail to seize the initiative, and the game starts.

Chaos Turn 1

Everything but the Predators move forward, the Rhino on the left advancing by itself on the side it was already facing. A pretty probable setback I had taken into account, I now have to take care of that Rhino with the Kroot and some fire support from the big firebase- nothing too hard to accomplish, actually.
The Rhinos then pop smoke as predictable, and the first Dreadnought goes in battle frenzy and runs further (though only 3’’) towards the battlefront before doing the same. The Chosen opt to run as well, moving a pretty good 5’’. The rest of the shooting phase sees some unimpressive whiffs from the Predators, and a downed Pathfinder from the other Dreadnought.


Tau Turn 1

The Tau moved in order to both meet the incoming threats, and to prepare for a probable upcoming rain of killyness. The Skyray simply moves forward the full 12’’ in order to get their firing system in range, the Broadsides get a better holding on their dune and of course the Crisis hiding behind it jump on it in order to bring some Missile Pod shots into the fray. Shadowsun positions herself a little more towards the long board edge.
Shooting sees off four Chosen, leaving one melta on the board, and the still self-contained Dreadnought gets its legs chopped off. The Kroot are still out of range of anything they can hurt at this point, as are the Fireknifes for little more than an inch. The Smoke Launchers successfully protect the Rhinos from the first Railgun salvo.
The assault phase, which will not be nominated again, sees some JSJ tactics at work, and the suits go back into hiding while Shadowsun tries to get into such a position so she could hope in some cover in case someone decides to drop on her head on the following turn using the Warfish as a cover piece.


Chaos Turn 2

Nothing arrives from reserve.
The Dreadnought who got frenzied on the first turn now goes crazy, shooting his friend, shaking it. Much laughter arises.
The rest of the army continues to surge forward and the Predators keep doing nothing of value with their ammunition. The last Chosen successfully gets the charge off the Pathfinders, who lose one member but actually kill the marine. They consolidate further back into the ruins with an evil grin on their faces.


Tau Turn 2

The mounted Fire Warriors and the other squad of Fireknifes show up on the battlefield. The young Shas’la start moving so they can either support the firefight with the lone Chaos Marine squad, while the more experienced Shas’ui try to deep strike on the dead center of the board in order to be able to bring fire support where needed and to try to bring even more of the chaos forces on the right side of the board; but they end up scattering (and a long way, at that) even with the Pathfinder’s fish on the board, avoiding destruction but taking a wound because of the ruins they get into. At least they’re now in cover.
Shadowsun moves just a tiny bit more to the center of the board, getting ready to welcome the deep strikers that I feel will most definitely come in next turn, while the Warfish starts looking pretty and vulnerable in the hopes of reinforcing the niceness of the right side. The Deathrains get a little closer, using both the Skyray and the Dumbfish as their new cover piece so they can start supporting either one starting next turn.
Shooting does its wonders. I really need to take out the Rhinos now; and this I do, exploding the left Rhino and destroying the right one, while also killing a good number of marines. The left squad is now left with 4 members and without the meltagunner, while on the right there are way more survivors- 7 in total with both special weapons still up and running. Not half bad. The Deathrains opt to take a good shot at the back armor of the crazed Dreadnought as their missile pods risk to not add nothing else to the already good situation I’m in with the Marines, and it turns out it was a better choice than it seemed as the walker gets shaken and loses its Plasma Cannon.


Chaos Turn 3

Both reserves come in, as I thought. The Prince opts to deep strike dead center, and does not scatter one inch; while the Obliterators get in next to the icon bearer of the right squad, getting pretty close to the Warfish.
The tacticals move up to face the enemies they have at hand, and I rightfully write off the Pathfinders from the picture at this point.
It is too late when I realize I have left Shadowsun too close to where it was most likely for stuff to rain down, and I have to see her off with a missed 4++ save when the Obliterators target her with a salvo of Plasma. As a consolation, one Obliterator succeeds in burning his own hand.
Just as if one tragedy wasn’t enough, the left tactical squad moves up to face the Kroot and succeeds in killing all of them but two hounds thanks to an impressive 13 wounds out of 13 between Bolter shots and Flamer hits (plus some fire support from one of the Predators, as cover did help the Kroot out a tiny bit at this point). The two doggies don’t hold, of course, and flee from the face of the 4 marines, leaving me with a Combi-Melta and Powerfist to take care of before I move all-out along the short table edge.
The Daemon Prince shoots with its Bolt twice, but fails to do anything to the Fireknifes in the ruins thanks to the cover save.


Tau Turn 3

The other Kroot Kindred shows up, just as if to replace the missing one.
I start getting the army ready for the fighting retreat, and place the fresh Kroot in position so they can try and get the Obliterator Cult tied up for a while- as according to plan. The mounted Fire Warrior team tries the infamous mini-Fish of Fury tactic against the 4 tacticals on the left, as the intervening ruin should give them a good protection against a charge attempt, and I’m counting on taking care of the squad. The two suits in cover, however, fail another dangerous terrain test while moving out, losing a member.
Shooting has two targets really: the Prince, which is the only thing that would be able of really screw me up while I’m moving because of its location, and the Chaos Marines. So I start shooting with that in mind. Too bad the opponent successfully rolls an enormous amount of invulnerable saves, and I end up not having enough leftover shooters to fend off the tacticals- who also pass a lot of invulnerable saves. At the end of the phase, I have killed the Daemon, a Marine on the right squad, and took care of the Flamer and the last normal marine of the last squad. Not too shabby, actually, and as the Kroot inflict one wound (so killing a model) on the Obliterators and tying combat, I suddenly realize I don’t need to move at all. So I assault move accordingly.


Chaos Turn 4

The Dreadnought which got crazy in the first turns runs into frenzy again, running towards the tied up Kroots squealing like a puppy who’s about to get his toy under its fangs. Too bad the other Dreadnought goes crazy mad and shoots at said puppy in the back, immobilizing it. Hysterical laughter interrupts the game for a while at this point.
The right Chaos Marine squad moves closer to the Tau lines, while the left one tries to get the charge off the Fire Warriors… Rolling boxcars for the move and another six for the charge, meaning the Fire Warriors implode on themselves as the Marines consolidate towards the other squad. The lonely Fireknife, who happened to be the one who scored the kill against the Daemon Prince, gets killed off by a melta shot after both Predators failed miserably at killing him (as they did at doing anything else during until now, actually). The Warfish lives to see another day thanks to this.
Combat predictably ends with the Kroot’s defeat, and the Obliterators try to move closer to the Tau but consolidate only 1’’. Not that it matters, though.


Tau Turn 4

The last Fire Warrior team shows up, and moves close to the largest Chaos Marine squad in order to rapid fire them to death. Or so try.
The Obliterators understand my remark about their attempts being futile as two Railgun slugs make them into a pulp, the last two marines of the left squad meeting the same fate, and the other 6 being killed by a hail of shots coming from all over the (actually numerous) Tau remnants. The last shots are coming from the Deathrains, who strip the closest Dreadnought of its heavy flamer.


Chaos Turn 5

The furthest Dreadnought finally gets to shoot again, only to see its shots scatter the full distance to the side, almost hitting its friend again. You can guess what happened here.
The two Predators’s firepower combined actually sees off 3 Fire Warriors, who break and run out of bounds.


Tau Turn 5

Mop up work without the need to embark the Fire Warrior squad into the nearest Devilfish, as they opted to go back home despite the victory on hand. The Tau explode the closest Dreadnought and start picking off the other one, it being the softest target of what is left, leaving it with only its close combat weapon at the ready.


The game ends here thanks to a clement cuboid™.
The final score is 8 killpoints to 7. Victory for the Tau.

Post-Game Thoughts

This particular game wasn’t too hard, and that’s because the mission really changed how I would have played the game. This match would have been MUCH harder if I had to go and take an objective behind those dunes.
I also have to say that the opponent’s list didn’t look that much of a threat. It might be because of the crazy stuff that happened for the whole game, though, including the fact that his Predators were busy looking at the pretty clouds from start to finish.
From my perspective, though, my plan sounded good enough. I realize I might still have played the list’s game without too much trouble, but I wanted to avoid finding myself with some hardy and killy units right in the middle of the retreating firebase, which would have immediately spelled its death. I made some target priority mistakes that might have saved me the mounted Fire Warrior squad, but the biggest one was to leave Shadowsun so close to an Icon Bearer. I should have known better, and started shifting to the side earlier so I could avoid her to be shot, possibly bringing the Warfish to safety as well.
I also find that, according to killpoints, it was a much closer fight than I thought- which is nothing to sniff at actually. Considering that the battle was in my favor from start to finish, I really should have been sitting on a more comfortable victory. This just shows that I still have much to learn.

Honorable Units

1. Broadsides
Left unchecked by the ghostly presence of the Predators, these guys just kept shooting stuff without mercy.
2. Skyray
Its constant markerlight support (and the 3 seekers it fired during the game, though I didn’t include this fact in the report as I don’t clearly remember the hows and whens) plus the annoying 4 shots per turn really helped me out more than it seems, allowing me some great maneuvers and helping some units to get critical kills (like the lone Fireknife when it finally killed the Daemon Prince). It sturdy armor and Disruption Pod cover save allowed it to shrug off all kinds of shots, and I honestly don’t think the slug shot from an Hammerhead would have done much better than the Skyray in this game.
3. Pathfinders
I still can’t fall in love with these guys, yet they always do what they’re supposed to do in my games. And icing on the cake, when charged they quickly took care of the threat in order to get back to give markerlight support to the rest of the army. As puller and support units, for that little they stayed on the board they did their job flawlessly.

Discussion Topics

These are just some examples on how to get some discussion going on. Please feel free to start talking about whatever, and don’t feel confined by these topic examples.

1. List Building: Kauyon, Mont’ka, and Hybrid
There has been much talk lately about the validity of both Kauyon and Mont’ka builds. How do you like both styles? What do you think about the list that was used in this battle, and was presented in the previous post?
Would you agree with me in saying it is mostly a Kauyon build? Why?
Do you think the intended strategy on which the list is based would be effective in a competitive environment? Why?

2. Units, Synergy and Configurations
Do you think the units purchased with the points available were part of a good, effective organism? What would you change, and to what end?
What about your critiques over my analyses for the units I bought? [you can find there in the list’s introduction]
Would you rather have included more Deathrains at the cost of low-AP weaponry, for example? Or would you have focused on different battlesuit configurations? Why?
What about Shadowsun? Do you think it fulfills the role it is intended to take in such a list, or would you rather run an Ethereal?

3. Gaming, battle approach and the battle itself
What would you have done differently if you were in me? What about if you were in the Chaos player’s shoes?
If you were to deploy first, what would you have done and why?
How would you have fought this battle if it were Seize Ground? What about Capture and Control?

There is much more that could be discussed, and obviously we can’t talk about everything at once. Don’t sweat about it and just go for the topic you hold most at heart- this will be an optimal way to start things, as we get to work on what wants more attention at the moment.

[special note]
As this is the real start of this topic, please do remember that I am pretty open to critiques, feedback, suggestions, and whatnot. And you get to be as mean as you like with me, as I don’t get offended easily; though you will need to follow ATT’s guidelines if you choose to do so.
I’m in high hopes for this topic not to be a fiasco, and I’d appreciate if you were to help!

Have a good one,

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