Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

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Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#1 » Sep 25 2010 01:11

++ Ordo Malleus, Ordo Xenos has an interesting report for you to read.
++ Really? Send it.
data uploading.
data downloading.
++ With regards, I.

Mission Summary:
Tracking the Xenos forces dubbed "the Wild Hunt" by local population. Ref: Xenos, Tau. Sanctioned Psykers reported significant Warp disruption, daemon-spore. Continuing shadowing of Wild Hunt.

Mission Text:
Tracking the Tau cadre (Xenos, company level echelon) "Wild Hunt" through sector ++Eyes Only++. Local militia and guardsman refer to the xenos as the Wild Hunt as per Terran legend. Their elusive movements and rapid strike and fade style of combat is rather fitting to this naming convention.

Composition of Wild Hunt was observed as follows:
Heavy Support:
Two Hammerhead gunships, equipped with railgun and two burst cannons. Due to magnetic and visual distortion, we assume that the craft each have some kind of disruption effect. We know for certain that these gunships are equipped with some kind of sensor suite that allows them to maneuver close in to the terrain. Previous observations indicate that they have defensive flechette dischargers to discourage attackers from closing with the tank. Judging by the observed mobility, the Tau gunships are equipped with some kind of advanced target tracking system.
2x Hammerhead w/ railgun, burst cannons, disruption pods, sensor spines, flechette dischargers, multitracker

Fast Attack
Electromagnetic readings indicate that the Wild Hunt brought along their hounds, a squadron of Piranha attack speeders. Initial encounters with this cadre saw little action from these speeders, however, this squadron of three has become a thorn in the side of the Imperial Governor judging by vehicular damage reports.
One squadron of 3x Piranhas w/ fusion blaster, targetting array, disruption pod, sensor spines

Imperial forces should be advised that the Wild hunt has tremendous range. All too often our observers in the field have witnessed Guardsman being sniped out of their guard posts by troop-of-the-line Tau warriors. We have observed, historically, two devilfish chassis, as well as a large dismounted contingency that has a colorful history.
one team of 12 fire warriors w/ 'ui, bk, emp grenades (using take-all-comers list), pulse rifle (modelled with carbines, but as my opponent was playing demons, I swapped out the carbines for rifles in order to have the more effective stand-and-shoot loadout)
one team of 6 fire warriors w/ devilfish w/ multitracker, targeting array, flechette discharger, disruption pod, sensor spines
one team of 6 fire warriors w/ devilfish w/ multitracker, targeting array, flechette discharger, disruption pod, sensor spines, smart missile system

Investigation of the battlefield revealed Xenos technology commonly found in their stealth suit teams, including drones that carry some kind of target designation device. This confirms the rumors that the local defense forces whisper: the Tau have some ghostly elements that are deployed for developing intelligence and conducting direct and indirect interdiction. Also discovered in the ruins were expended munitions resembling larger caliber weaponry than their normal firepower. This coupled smoothly with trace emissions to indicate that a significant number of their highly-mobile crisis suits were also present.
one crisis team w/ 'Vre w/ bk, TL-flamer, missile pod, HW target lock, 'Ui w/ TL-flamer, missile pod, 'Ui w/ flamer, TL-missile pod
2x stealth suit team w/ 3x targeting array, markerlight, fusion blaster, bk, HW drone controller, gun drone, markerlight drone

Forward this information to the Officio Assassinorum to further develop targeting data. Originally, we were pursuing a xenos leader identified as El'Sta'ag, however, eyewitness accounts indicate that there are two commanders in crisis suits operating within this cadre. This unusually top-heavy configuration defies known xenos objectives. No conclusions can be drawn without further observation.
O'Bar'ohn w/ shield generator, fusion blaster, plasma rifle, HW multritracker, stims
w/ 2x 'Vre bodyguards w/ 2x fusion blaster, 2x plasma rifle, 2x targeting array, 2x HW multitracker, 1x HW drone controller w/ shield drone
El'Berach w/ plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, HW multitracker
w/ 2x 'Vre bodyguards w/ 2x plasma rifle, 2x missile pod, 2x targeting array, 2x HW multitracker, 1x HW drone controller w/ shield drone

Daemonic spoor, Emperor deliver us, is not something I can analyze and report on. Forward this to those who can.
My opponent brought a pure demon army with
Daemon Prince of Slaneesh w/ lash
Daemon Prince of Khorne
The Masque
20-ish Bloodletters lead by Skulltaker
20-ish Pink horrors lead by the Changeling
2x units of tzeentch flamers (4 strong)

The roll off for mission and deployment produced 3 objectives and spearhead deployment. The fickle Gods of Chaos didn't like my opponent's battleplan and opted to have the horrors, lash prince, one unit of flamers, and the bloodthirster come in his first turn instead of his close-combat oriented group. One objective was the center of the board, the other two were 12 inches away from it on opposite sides of it making a straight line into each deployment area.
I held nothing in reserve, and opted to build a strong castle with the fish chassis in my corner, and to put my two stealth marker teams in the other corner along my board edge so that they could provide markerlight support without being near what I projected to be my opponent's primary targets.

continued!! (with some .bmp maps to help keep things clear)
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#2 » Sep 25 2010 02:29

Apologies for the delay, talking to some of the local gamers about the Fantasy 'Ard Boys semifinals going on today... 6 people I regularly game with are in the semis.

Here's the initial setup with deployment:


The grey shapes are ruins (multi-level), and the blue splashes are the objectives. I didn't bother to mark off the Daemon deployment zone, as they are forced to ninja in.
O'bg is the Shas'O HQ with his retinue
El'bg is the Shas'El HQ with his retinue
xv-8 is the Crisis team
DF is the devilfish with 6xFW (who never dismount)
WF is the devilfish with SMS and 6xFW (likewise, death before dismount)
SMT are the stealth marker teams
Fw is the 12-Tau fire warrior team
HH are the hammerheads
and last, certainly not least, P represents the piranha (as a squadron, but vehicles have significant footprint)
note for attentive viewers, I had left out a ruined building in the initial map posting :fear:

More to follow, with fluff to do with the (questionable) artwork :biggrin:
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#3 » Sep 25 2010 03:15

looks good! good luck!

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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#4 » Sep 25 2010 03:53

Daemons opt to force me to go first.

O'Bar'ohn scanned the status reports from his patrol. They were closing in rapidly on the forward deployed stealth teams. Moving rapidly and quietly into position to support the extraction of their intelligence assets. O'Bar'ohn knew that something was going on, but his stealth teams weren't reporting any new findings.
Humans were a strange and superstitious lot, he concluded. Whether they were worshipping their corpse-god, or worshipping something else, it didn't matter. This world stank like the world they had executed their auxiliaries on. Rotten, fetid, coppery with hints of blood spilled and not yet spilled. Intoxicating and repulsive at the same time.
The hammerheads activated their sensor spines and hovered into the upper levels of the ruins, grabbing higher ground for a commanding view of the battlefield with their weapons. Just because the stealth teams had found nothing so far didn't mean it was safe. The two 'fish chassis raced forward, heading just south of the first marker the stealth teams had designated.
O'Bar'ohn's lieutenant, El'Berach, kept pace with the transports, his bodyguard following him as they advanced on the marker. Status lights indicated that the suits were ready to go, albeit suffering the same degradation in AI that had plagued the chapter for longer than O'Bar'ohn could remember. Not that that really meant anything, as none of the crisis pilots could really remember anything prior to donning their suits. It felt almost as if they had been born in their suits, yet their bodies remembered a life outside of the XV-8 harnesses.
O'Bar'ohn signalled his bodyguards and the growling, predatory XV-8 team that accompanied him and his retinue. They would fall in behind the transports and move towards the stealth teams to support their extraction. Without hesitation, the Piranha squadron gunned their throttles and shot through the ruins, moving flat out towards the stealth teams. Intelligence assets were too valuable to leave isolated at the critical fourth phase of a recon operation: extraction, exfiltration.

The air shimmered as the crisis teams bounded along behind the transports, tearing open like a gaping wound in reality. Directly next to the first marker a score of pink-colored gibbering monsters materialized, opening fire with blasts of incorporeal energies into El'Berach's team, killing both bodyguards and his supporting shield drone. El'berach himself fell back, cutting around the Hammerhead in the ruins as his XV-8 alarms faded from red to amber.
Exploding up out of the ground next to O'Bar'ohn, a monster out of nightmare roared and laughed, a psychic bubble erupting around it that made even the Tau shiver. O'Bar'ohn growled and grinned at the very large target in the center of his formation. His Shas would make short work of it, no matter how tough it thought it was.
Behind the ruins that O'bar'ohn and his accompanying retinue and tag-along crisis team had just left, four creatures dripping with unreal fire flared into existence, launching gouts of reality-distorting fire into the retinue, but only succeeding in killing his supporting shield drone. All of their suits were damaged, but that only made their resolve to annihilate these creatures that much stronger.
Somewhere in the distance, a scream of utter violence and rage could be heard, but even the forward-deployed stealth teams could see where it had come from. Vigilance had paid off.


Demon units:
L-P is the lash prince
Bt is the Bloodthirster
Fl are the flamers
PH are the changling-led pink horrors

His horrors unloaded with their assault 3 18" attack on my secondary commander, nearly wiping the whole unit out and causing the Shas'El to break and run (8 inches on 3D6!) towards the board edge. As the 8 inches would have put him on top of the hammerhead on the ruins, he moved to the side of the building, just far enough away from the lash prince where he could try and regroup.
The flamers came up and unloaded on my crisis teams with their templates, wounding every suit and destroying a shield drone. My next turn would have to deal with them, and harshly. The lash prince came up and growled menacingly at my army.
My biggest piece of luck was the Bloodthirster suffering a deep-strike mishap, with a d6 roll of 3. I placed him at the furthest point of the table from my troops. His run move wasn't even enough to get him within line of sight of my troops :crafty:

Turn two coming up!
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#5 » Sep 25 2010 04:56

turns two and three

With a collective hiss of determination and rage, the Wild Hunt demonstrated the effectiveness of concentrated firepower. El'berach fired his missiles and plasma into the monstrous Daemon prince that erupted in the middle of their formation as he launched himself up on top of the ruins that concealed the nearest hammerhead. The mighty creature bellowed in pain and rage and staggered away from the onslaught, and straight into the rapid-firing of the fire warrior team concealed around the second hammerhead.
The creature dissolved in a roar of mixed pain and pleasure as pulse weapons fire shredded the last of its physical form.
O'Bar'ohn and the crisis teams around him launched towards the small group of flamers that had damaged their suits. The elite team turned its own flamers on the creatures, burning them away to nothingness as the six suits bounded behind the ruin again.
The stealth teams, realizing that their extraction element has been ambushed, immediately started designating targets for the hammerheads to engage. Specifically the tight cluster of gibbering pink monsters that had ripped apart El'Berach's bodyguard. Their targeting AI managed to override the impulse to laser-designate one of the fire warriors, just for a laugh. Where did that come from? That isn't something we would do, the stealth team leader shook off the subtle influence of the changeling leading the horrors.
One hammerhead acknowledged a good target lock, and opened fire with every weapon it carried. The second hammerhead added its own punishment without the guidance of markerlights, and between the two had reduced the horde of horrors to a half dozen cackling monsters.
The two transports unloaded with their weapons, destroying the surviving creatures in a hail of smart missiles and burst cannon fire. O'Bar'ohn directed them to take point and gain control of the second marker and provide fire support for the extraction of the intelligence and assets.
Identifying an immediate threat to the stealth teams, the reckless piranhas surged forward, their gundrones detaching and dropping behind the fusion blaster armed skimmers. Behind the ruins in front of them, a monstrous daemon bellowing promises violent death and a smaller, sinister humanoid stepped out of empty air. The two squadrons opened fire on the humanoid creature before it could fully form, sending it back into the unreality that had borne it.
The drones fired their jetpacks and bounded in front of the piranhas, intent on protecting their parent squadron. Behind the ruin, the Bloodthirster charged towards the main Tau forces. The Prince of Khorne leapt over the piranhas and gundrones and flew into the stealth team the two squadrons were willing to die to save, ripping the entire team apart in an explosion of rage and violence.
The air shimmered behind the piranhas, and flaring into being were creatures dripping with unreal flames. They spat their fire at the piranhas, sending one burning and careening into the ruins and destroying two of the gundrones outright. The piranhas skidded sideways, unloading on the flamers with their fusion blasters as the gundrones directed markerlight guided pulse carbine fire into the newly spawned flamers before charging in recklessly. One of the flying disks slammed into a flamer hard enough to cause it to flare up and burn itself out of the material world.
Between the second and third markers a large pool of blood seeped up out of the ground, and sinewy creatures bearing burning swords were born out of the warp. Realizing the importance of those two markers to the Tau forces, the bloodletters ran outwards, trying to reach both markers.
Missiles launched from the crisis team as it bounded up behind the advancing transports, arching into the Daemonic Prince of Khorne. El'berach maintained his roost and launched his own barrage of missiles at the monstrous creature.
O'Bar'ohn directed his mobile firebase to close around the first and second marker and prepare firing solutions for dealing with the blood-soaked monsters that were blocking his efforts at retrieving his intelligence assets and what they had found.

end of turn two
demons not previously identified:
M -- Masque
K-P -- Daemon Prince of Khorne
BL -- Bloodletters
end of turn three

The game was called at the end of turn four, when his bloodletters suffered 39 wounds in a single epic round of shooting and he was reduced to flamers locked in close combat with gundrones and two monstrous creatures against a mobile castle of almost undimished firepower.
After Action Review:
His coming in piecemeal allowed me to rip him apart in detail. Especially since he only presented three targets to my firebase in the first turn. That is a handicap that the demons suffer, however.
My deployment of the stealth marker teams was not as efficient as I needed. The furthest team out barely provided any markerlight support, as range and line of sight were not on my side. In retrospect, the next time I'm dealing with an army that is forced to come in by deep strike, I'll keep my markerlights where they can lase my entire formation.
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#6 » Sep 26 2010 02:30

I really enjoy reading your battle report. The fluff write-up before the game stats make it very entertaining to read.

Good battle, I allways like it when Demons get a trashing :)
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#7 » Sep 26 2010 02:53

Excellent Battle Report, and congratulations with your 17th win! I defence of your opponent, Daemons are a VERY unforgiving army, where a single bad dice roll can twart every pre-planned tactic..
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#8 » Sep 26 2010 10:15

@Vacuvin: Thanks for the feedback!

FerrumIgnatus wrote:Excellent Battle Report, and congratulations with your 17th win! I defence of your opponent, Daemons are a VERY unforgiving army, where a single bad dice roll can twart every pre-planned tactic..

True, very unforgiving, but there are ways to make it work. Like deep-striking into concealed/covered positions instead of the center of a firebase formation. The horrors, with the changling upgrade, would have been nasty if I had been forced to shoot at them without dropping two pie-plates on their deep-strike pile-up. In the upper right corner, behind cover running into cover during shooting would have given them longer life. In the lower right corner, they could have dropped in to annihilate the stealth suits with their shooting, and used cover to get to the second stealth suit team to annihilate it while daemon princes and greater daemons drew fire. Flamers off the deep-strike are nasty as well, but I would send them after isolated elements, then used their movement to go after things that were hanging out too far from the overlapping kill-zone of the firebase.
Maybe it's the masochist in me, but I would play a daemon army in 40k with its current rules. Tzeentch-heavy for the shooty-killy, with some Nurgle close combat monsters to draw fire with a greater chance of survival. That is just me however :P

That being said, thank you for the feedback :) As for win/loss/draw tally, it was my 16th win since getting back from the desert. 17th was against a Codex Marine army that I tabled last night. The guy playing as the marines is still figuring his army out and still learning the hard way to not isolate his own guys.
Several people at my LGS and I are offering him advice on getting his smurfs to be more competative, from themed list-build up with a pre-planned "this is how this list handle this kind of mission and deployment"; with contingencies for if someone is ninja-deployed, refusing a flank, castled up. In the meantime, we give him lots of games and invite him to proxy stuff in to figure out what works for him.
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#9 » Sep 26 2010 05:33

Good BR!!! It was enjoyable and well written.

I'll agree with most about deamons because I've used a daemon army before(pardon my spelling of Daemon, I'm a GK player at heart) and while I agree about the dice roll, its also very easy to deal with if you have the models and also very easy to quickly cheese out the list. A dream tourney army of mine(never got around to actually spending this much for all of them) included three flying nurgle princes, 18 bloodcrushers, 2 heralds of khorne on bloodcrushers and Skulltaker on a bloodcrusher supported by five squads of nurgle and a 20 man bloodletter group. It's just too much high toughness, high strength mixed with massive amounts of decent saves that laugh at power weapons/AP weapons. I did proxy this army a few times and the only thing I ever had problems with was heavy mech armies, and thus the Princes gained wings.

My problem with the codex is that it quite obviously favours Khorne and Nurgle. Daemonettes can't compare, horrors are "meh" and all the other units are just kind of bells and whistles. I suppose its something about "Look how many power weapons, special assault rules and FNP you can pack in by leaving out Tzeentech and Slaanesh!" A few low strength rending attacks and AOE shots at low BS just don't compare to a twenty man unit with invuln saves, Str5 power weapons and giant horns covered in Gore.
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Re: Battle Report 2k Tau vs Demons

Post#10 » Sep 27 2010 10:01

Excellent batrep, and thank you for the effort you've put into it. This thread is now being transferred to the Field Experience Forum.


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