Army builder and XV-9s

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Army builder and XV-9s

Post#1 » Oct 03 2010 06:45

Some of you may use Army builder to build your lists. Also, some of you may use XV-9s on occasion. People who combine these two may have noticed that the XV-9 in army builder charges points for the default TLBCs, instead of including them in the price. This is some what irksome, but if you have the full version, with AB Creator, a fix is pretty simple...

1) Open AB Creator
2) Open "Data File"..."ia5ta.dat"
3) In the first Window (Should be the "Unit" tab) select UnitId "apTaXV9Tm" (Unit Name: "XV-9 Hazard Team")
4) Go to the "Linkset" Tab
5) Select "iaTaHazWe" (the weapons options)
6) When the Weapons Options show up in the window on the right, Double click "taTLBurst". This should open up the Edit link window.
7) In the top row, the 4th Window from the left should say "cost". Enter a 0 (zero) here, then click "OK"
8) In the main window, the "Save" button in the lower left should now be clickable...yep, you it.
9) Close AB Creator
10) Change Game system, then back again to make sure it loads the modified file, and XV-9s should cost what they're supposed to

Of course, if they update the game system, without fixing this, you'll have to go in each time you update and redo it.

Hopefully this will be of some use to people

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Re: Army builder and XV-9s

Post#2 » Oct 03 2010 01:20

Yes... in the past I've had to edit the data file for AB during those times when GW released a new codex/expansion book. I like AB so much I have purchased license for Home and Work.


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