[Kiten's Cadre] Fire Record - Quick Random List vs. Necrons

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[Kiten's Cadre] Fire Record - Quick Random List vs. Necrons

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Quick Random List vs. Necrons

After several incidents, including but not limited to surprise troubles and forgetfulness, I finally managed to play and finish a game of 40k. Took me a good 3 weeks since I moved to Cardiff for college, but man was it worth it!
I felt this game was held at a admittedly slowtactical pace like few games until now; I’m hoping you guys will think something similar of it.

Tau List

Premising that I was asked to play this game with little to no warning, and that I had no idea what I would be up against, let’s walk you through the thought process that led me to form such a force.
I had just two things in mind at the time: Ion Cannons, and the Ethereal. [Warning! That’s a spoiler for the incoming 75T3!]
What this meant was that, inevitably, the list was to be short on Railguns. Most likely, it would’ve had none. And I liked the idea. So I went and looked forward to including a couple of Fusion Blasters here and there, and including a reasonable yet not too exaggerated quantity of suppression fire through alternative means than just Missile Pods- the reason being I also wanted to try out several units I seldom play, including a big group of Stealth Suits.
After 5 minutes of thought and 15 of writing&typing, here’s what I came up with:

Commander Shas’El with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker and Hard Wired Target Lock
Retinue of 2 Shas’Vre with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array and Hard Wired Multi-Tracker; one of them has a Hard Wired Drone Controller with a Gun Drone

2 XV8s with Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster and Multi-Tracker
2 XV8s with Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster and Multi-Tracker
6 XV25s, 4 with Drone Controller and a Gun Drone each, one with Fusion Blaster and Target Lock, and a Team Leader with Fusion Blaster, Target Lock and Bonding Knife

6 Fire Warriors
6 Fire Warriors
20 Kroot Carnivores

8 Pathfinders, 3 of which with Rail Rifles; Devilfish Transport with Disruption Pod
8 Pathfinders, 3 of which with Rail Rifles; Devilfish Transport with Disruption Pod

Hammerhead with Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pod
Hammerhead with Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pod



Oh boy.
Well, there are a couple of forests around the map, meaning I could get some of my troops in cover if I was given enough freedom of movement; what stroke my eye was the LoS blocking pieces of terrain which promised a lot of JSJing, and the utter nothingness present in the map above that. I felt the field to be overall weird, but not something which would most definitely give or take the advantage for my forces. Boy was I wrong.
By the way, the two buildings were treated as impassable terrain and the boxes as a low wall.


The dice gods declared the game was to be Annihilation with Spearhead Deployment, and the Tau going second.
The opponent decided to go first, and picked the bottom right corner. We then revealed our lists, and...

Opposing Army

Necron Lord with Solar Pulse

9 Immortals
9 Immortals
9 Immortals

10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors

3 Scarabs


... Suddenly, I was left in despair: Necrons, and a dual ‘lith at that.
I had to deploy in a tight area which was to be surrounded by indestructible moving pieces of terrain (several feet high, at that), while a relentless army was to march to my position. To top it off, said army would be able to put my men under an unending torrent of fire, and would just get that much more resilient once they closed the gap and got in range of a Monolith... Yeah. This isn’t going to be good. Sure I could try and redirect some Fusion Blasters towards the moving mountains, but to what end? Hoping for a lucky shot and not redirecting precious low AP fire towards the humanoid machines is not a good idea; doing that while you had to down as many as possible in the shortest time span is even worst.
I basically just found myself in an uphill struggle, with just the Phase Out rule as a far blink of hope with 48 Necron models on the table.


Try and don't look at the Stealth Suits- they're too Power Ranger for the eye at the moment.

The Necron player left both Monoliths in reserve, and decided that to have all three Immortal squads on the field at the start wasn’t up to my tastes, leaving one off the table. The 5 squads he deployed he put as far forward as possible, the Immortals leading the charge, with the scarabs on the left.
The situation was bad. If I were to run head on the main force, I would’ve most likely found myself surrounded while giving the enemy the chance to fire all weapons with little to no worry over his own safety; so I concluded my best bet was, in fact, to close myself in a bottleneck while using my vehicles as optional LoS blocking pieces of terrain. If he was to fight me with two moving mountains, I would counter that with 4 moving hills.
I deployed accordingly, placing the suits well hidden behind the closest building, and readying both couples of vehicles for their roles of shielding and/or continuous fire support. Of the lot, the XV8s were key: they were the only means of downing the Necron Infantry reliably (or at all), and had to survive until they could release the whole of their firepower from 12’’ away; and as a bonus, they were the only ones capable of “cheating” their way out of the fortress that was to be assaulted from all fronts, thanks to their being Jump Infantry- though there were risks involved in the form of dangerous terrain tests, of course.
After deploying accordingly, I placed the Ethereal with his Kroot retinue in the forest- they were to be a fake target, and to try and not die under the Gauss weaponry. I knew the Ethereal wasn’t going to be helping much through his special rule due to the artificial walls that was to be deployed during the battle; the only thing I could hope for him to do was not to die, really.
The Pathfinders’ scout move sees them gunning forward on board of their transports, but not getting out just yet.
The infiltrated Stealth Suits deployed behind the hill on the top right, taking both the role of disrupters and Ethereal’s guardian angels were things to start getting really bad for him and his avian friends.

I fail to seize the initiative, and the game starts.

Necrons Turn 1

The Necron army starts splitting, focused on advancing on the Tau position from both sides, and runs as fast as it can to close the distance in the smallest amount of time possible. The lord activates the Solar Pulse, giving him and his [Black] Immortal concealment.
The Scarabs, however, opt to pursue the Stealth Suits, relocating after a turbo boost, and getting ready to start doing their disruption job at the expense of my disruptors. What clever little bugs.


Tau Turn 1

The Devilfish Transports relocate and unload their cargo, the Fire Warriors start moving in order to fire on approaching enemies or quickly disappear inside an APC as necessary, and the Ionheads just move a little closer to the main formation. The suits, on the other hand, JSJ the heck out of themselves, the [Orange] Helios actually jumping onto the building in front of them in the process.
Shooting sees all that could hope to succeed to pass the Night Fight check unleashing on the Immortals, downing four and dealing a wound to the Necron Lord, while the Ionheads have to open up on the [Blue]Necron Warriors marching behind the main target, five of their numbers falling to their knees.
After shooting, all of the suits get back into concealment, and I give the turn to my opponent.


Necrons Turn 2

We’ll be Back rolls declare that 3 Immortals and a Necron Warrior get back on their feet. So much for reducing the enemy’s firepower as much as I could before the Monoliths showed up.
A Monolith and the third Immortal squad show up from reserve. They deploy on opposing sides of my main force, the Monolith deepstriking in the top left corner, and the elite infantry walking in the bottom left of the battlefield.
The Necron infantry moves up, and the Scarabs deploy in order to block the forward jump of the Stealth Team.
The Kroot Kindred and the Green Pathfinder squad both go to ground when the Immortals open up on them, the latter losing all but one of their numbers while the cover of the forest allows the avian mob to escape with no injuries. The lone Pathfinder promptly fails his leadership check, and starts running away like a little girl. And how could I blame him for that?
Meanwhile, the first Particle Whip shot whiffs.

Tau Turn 2

I move my forces in order to meet the Immortal squad which just arrived from reserves, spelling their doom. Other movements see the Ionheads starting to close the upper gap (though I didn’t really move them as I was supposed to), and the Stealth Suits having their Team Leader attempting to down at least one Black Immortal before the squad charged the Scarabs; luck was most evidently against them however, as both the Fusion Blaster shot and the assault didn’t succeed in doing what they were supposed to, the XV25s rolling poorly and the Scarabs saving some wounds.


Necrons Turn 3

The second Monolith shows up, dropping close to the deceased Immortal squad position and making a sandwich out of the Fireknife team by pressing them between a Devilfish and the building. That’s what a true villain does to his enemies!
After all troops have moved up and all shooting’s done, one from the [Green] Fire Warriors is missing, and both Devilfish Transports are stunned. The Blue Necron Warrior squad also charged the Stealth Suits, tying them in combat just as they’re done with the last of the Scarabs.


Tau Turn 3

The Kroot start getting out of the forest, determined to give a helping hand to the Stealth Suits who’re locked in combat. Meanwhile, the Fireknifes and the Ionheads both spring forward to bring a surprise attack on the advancing Black Immortals, and the rest of the army moves in order to be ready to fire onto the advancing enemy mob if possible while minimizing losses from possible Large Blasts.
The combined attack actually goes well... Just a tiny bit too well, actually. The last of the Ionheads doesn’t get to shoot at the sole survivor of the Immortal Squad, the Lord having been the only model it had LoS on- and one the other player actually decided to down after the other tank’s barrage. This was the true turning point of the game, in my opinion; great move from my opponent, and a lesson learned for me.
The melee combat would see the XV25s run away after a leadership test taken with a -2 penalty, but the sight of the Ethereal makes them hold.
JSJ procedures see the Fireknifes getting back in their sandwich, and the confirmation that the Shas’El is a bit of an airhead. He bumped his ankle onto the same rock twice during this turn, you see. He’s the only one to have taken wounds from dangerous terrain tests in the whole game, basically, and got two wounds this way in the same turn.


Necrons Turn 4

The Great Teleportation begins, allowing the Necron Player to recover 6 Immortals and the Necron Lord back from the dead with two times the normal We’ll Be Back rolls.
The [Brown] Necron Warrior squad teleports in front of the [Purple] Helios team, while the Black Immortals and the Necron Lord walk towards different ways, ready to chew one target each.
Shooting is a mixed bag of happenings: the fleeing Pathfinder is shot to death, the other Pathfinder squad is downed to one model toting a Markerlight, the [Green] Fire Warrior Team facing a similar fate, the one surviving Orange Helios runs away with no chance to regroup thanks to the northern Monolith, and the Purple Helios go down after 23 wounds and 19 passed armour saves. On the other hand, though, the Fireknifes are unscratched, and the vehicles didn’t suffer any more damage.


Tau Turn 4

The survivor of the Green Fire Warriors runs into the closest APC, seeking refuge.
Then the rest of the army moves to kill once and for all the Black Immortals, and hopefully down the Necron Lord; and the Kroot Kindred leaves the Ethereal behind in the woods, confident the guy’s not going to be targeted by anyone, in order to bring some serious hurt on the Blue Necron Warriors.
Shooting sees the end of the Black Immortals and the downing of the Necron Lord, as hoped.
The combat is lost by the Necrons, who unfortunately hold, and becomes a brawl being taken by an angry mob unto a little number of Schwarzeneggers who just won’t stop being a bother.


Necrons Turn 5

Not much happens during this turn: the Fireknifes lose their Gun Drone, and both Devilfish Transports are turreted by Gauss weaponry, both stunned and one Immobilized.
The important thing is the Lord getting back up on his feet and being teleported on the other side of the fish wall, attempting to assault one but failing to hit it.
Oh, and the saloon brawl keeps going.


Tau Turn 5

The Tau army attempts one more spring attack with one Ionhead and the Fireknifes, targeting the [Green] Immortal squad and the Necron Lord thanks to the Target Lock the Shas’El is sporting. The results are a yet againdowned Necron Lord and three Immortals left standing.
The brawl sees one Necron Warrior just not going down, and holding.


I start crossing fingers, as if the game was to end now I would walk away with a draw just a luck shot away from being a windang you, Necron Warriors!; but the dice gods were enjoying the show so much they want it to go on.

The following turn is to be the last and the one when the Fireknifes and the Blue Necron Warriors finally fall. I’m not going to write anything over it besides that the Necron Player scored 3 kill points during his turn, two of them being fairly lucky yet inevitable and predictable shots between failed armour tests and a leadership test taken with the reroll bonus coming from the Ethereal failing with a double roll of 10.
Here are the screens for Necrons Turn 6 and Tau Turn 6.

The game ends with the Necrons’ victory, 7 kill points to 4.

Post-Game Thoughts

The dice were pretty cool this game, which I felt had an even distribution of luck strikes on both sides, and as a matter of fact came down to the expected outcome. Though I have to say that this “equal share of luck” was actually pretty much the sole responsible for my getting to the point I got to during the game, as the initial Particle Whip bombardment was set to be killing my Crisis Suits earlier than that in my opinion; though I did hide them well enough to put them in troublesome positions.
The total absence of Railguns in this game was certainly a factor, but I won’t say it was a fundamental disadvantage: sure I could’ve gotten the Necron Lord and/or a good number of Immortals killed outright if I opened up on them, but I wouldn’t say that having something which could have a shot at the Monoliths would’ve changed the game much; I would’ve loved it if even just one of them left the game, don’t get me wrong, but they would’ve been played with the Railguns in mind were I to field Broadsides of any kind, and if I had to see teleported troops charging my ranks a small chance of downing the ‘liths wouldn’t have given me an edge for going against that.
This game, however, was battled mostly during the movement phase; which happens to be, in my opinion, the most critical and fundamental one of all phases of Warhammer 40k. I had a lot of fun playing through it, and I have to say that having the Necron player finally back in the game at his level of play is a good test for me.

Honourable Units

Ionheads: boy these tanks rocked! They never whiffed, and always scored at least one kill each- with peaks of 3 per volley of course. They also never got shaken even once, though they did get some shots directed towards them every once in a while, which allowed them to shoot every turn.
Fireknifes: capable of operating on their own thanks to the Targeting Arrays, these guys showed the Necrontyr what a Plasma Rifle is several times through the battle while almost always being out of their reach.
Devilfish Transports: they didn’t shoot down any Necron, that’s true, but they did help me by making it so the bottom column of the enemy forces couldn’t get a shot at anything which was hiding behind them. Good job, moving hills!
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