Orktoberfest 2010 [BatRep w/ Images]

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Orktoberfest 2010 [BatRep w/ Images]

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Orktoberfest 2010
Commander Farsight studied the tactical display in the command center: a massive Be’gel horde had amassed outside of an abandoned Gue’la facility. Initial long-range seeker and rail-gun strikes, guided by Tau Pathfinders, had only scratched the surface of the horde that had amassed. Elimination of this threat would require more forceful and brutal measures. ‘Oh well,’ the venerable commander thought, ‘I prefer things this way.’
There were two problems: numbers and time. Farsight only had a small strike force with him, and despite the advanced technology he fielded, the Be’gel would overrun his renegade Tau in minutes. Surgical strikes had already been attempted, and the results were less than favorable. To make matters worse, the Tau ships in orbit were chased off by a pair of Astartes ships soon after his arrival: he was trapped. Farsight was able to hire a rogue Kroot mercenary kindred to attach to his cadre as auxiliaries and his agents in the Tau homeworlds were able to secure an experimental XV-9 Hazard team, but even those additional assets would not be enough. The commander was interrupted from his thoughts by a Shas’la that stood guard:
“Commander, you have a visitor.”
A slender being adorned in runes and jewels entered the room; her almond-shaped eyes looked at the aged Tau commander inquisitively. In the past Farsight’s cadre had dealt with the Eldar, and the old Tau knew that there presence indicated some great predicament that the Eldar had decided to meddle in.
“Forgive my intrusion O’Shovah, but I must speak with you. I am Farseer Delynn. I come to you seeking assistance.”
The ancient being spoke the Tau language fluently and placed proper inflection where needed in order to demonstrate respect for the Tau commander. O’Shovah had to prevent himself from being lured into a trap by honeyed words:
“What assistance do you require, Seer’O? I am preoccupied by a Be’gel swarm that has gone unchecked.”
“They are the reason I am here. The Be’gel are on the verge of uncovering an ancient Slaaneshi artifact hidden within the Imperial facility. Due to their brutish nature I fear they may release the daemon trapped within that artifact, and that is something I cannot allow. I have orchestrated these events to draw you here because I need your help.”
“Then what about the Astartes that landed on the planet yesterday? I am sure they are plotting to slaughter all of us.”
“I have spoken with them as well. I admit they are not pleased we are here, but a faction of their own Daemon Hunters are here and they understand the gravity of allowing a greater daemon out of the warp. The Blood Angels and the Grey Knights have agreed to cooperate as long as we leave the planet and do not interfere with the artifact once the Be’gel have been defeated. It is risky, but I know that you are without transport off of this world and you are running out of options, Shas’O.”
Farsight drew in a deep breath; the Astartes despise all things non-human, and he was sure these Blood Angels and Grey Knights were no different. Assisting could result in his termination…but not assisting would nearly guarantee the Be’gel victory and he did not have the resources or the time to wait out the Be’gel horde.
“Very well Seer’O.”

I know, I know…Eldar, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, and Tau would never actually work together. Fluff gods please do not strike me down.

This game is a store tradition (The Keep in Fort Wayne, IN). We try to play a massive game once a year in Orktober. It's one of the few games of 40k I get to play these days, so I really enjoy it! I tried to take notes and pictures when I could, so I'm sure I missed something!

15,000 points per side, Apocalypse rules.
4’ x 16’ board.
Allies (within reason, allowed).
5 objectives which scatter from the center line of the board.
Start Time: 11:00 AM
End Time: 9:00 PM



Turn 1:


The “Allies” bid lowest for set up and went first. The turn involved a collapse of the Blood Angels/Eldar flank to prevent early assaults from the Deathkoptas which had used their scout move to advance into allied lines. The movement involved a lot of positioning for shots and utilization of cover.
The fire phase saw one of the two Ork Stompas brought down by a single Broadside rail-gun shot (I rolled 4 6’s in a row and brought that bad-boy down!). The Reaver titans eliminated a few Ork Battlewagons and took some weapons off of the second Stompa. The Warhound claimed a Battlewagon and a few orks.
The ork turn involved a lot of advancing and a few shots at allied vehicles. The Eldar lost a Wave Serpent and the Blood Angels lost a few marines. The surviving Stompa went after a Reaver and was able to take down 3 void shields.

Turn 2:


First half of reinforcements hit the board, which consisted of a Death Company Dreadnought deepstriking right in front of the Deathkoptas, and various allied tranports hitting the board and running for cover. Allied fire stripped the second Stompa of its main weaponry, and a few more Battlewagons were brought down alongside a few dozen Orks. The first Death Company Dread engaged the Deathkoptas and combat was a draw.
The Ork reinforcements brought a whole mess of bikes into the back of the Tau/Grey Knights armored line. Fire and assault wiped out the Tau Stealth team, a Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader, a Fireknife Crisis team, and stunned my Skyray. More Blood Angels and Eldar died after being run over by Battlewagons with death rollers.

Turn 3:


The rest of the Allied reinforcements arrive (including Farsight and the XV9’s). The Tau and Grey Knights secure two objectives and clear out all of the Ork armor that remained on their flank, as well as bringing down a 30-strong Armored Boys squad. The Warhound opens up on the flank marched Ork Bikes, and the Grey Knight terminators finish off a majority of what remained in assault. The Broadsides and a Reaver finally bring the last Ork Stompa down. The Hazards and Kroot clear all the Orks off of the center objective. The other Reaver cleans up on ork infantry.
The Orks continued to advance on the Blood Angel/Eldar position and continue to run infantry into the mud. The Death Company Dreads wipe out a squad of boys and the squad of Deathkoptas in assault. Lots of Orks advance and hold 2 objectives.

Turn 4:

The allies make a mad rush at the remaining 3 objectives. A Reaver titan stands above the center objective and combined fire wipes 90+ Armored Boys off of the board. The Blood Angels and Eldar clear Orks off of the remaining two objectives. With little armor on the board, and relatively few Orks on the board, things are starting to look bad for the Ork team.
At this point it is 8:30. The Ork players can only contest/claim two objectives and do not have any units that can reach another objective within a turn. The Orks concede, allied victory.

Da Orks:
Da "Good Guyz":

Thanks for reading!

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