1850 Farsight Enclave Vs Blood Angels

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1850 Farsight Enclave Vs Blood Angels

Post#1 » Jan 06 2011 02:12

Farsight Enclave:

Helios + TL + 2x SD
Helios + 2x SD
Helios + FNP = 2x SD

3xHelios + 2x SD

2x Deathrains
2x Deathrains

6x Fw

6x Fw

Broadside 'ui + TL + 2x SD + MT + TL PR
2 x broadsides


7x Pathfinders

Blood Angels:
Librarian in Terminator armour

5x Assault terminators + drop pod
5x Honour guard + drop pod
Librarian Dreadnought + drop pod
5x Vanguards
10x jump packers + 2x Melta
Baal Pred
3x Scout bikers + MM
( I may be missing a thing or 2)

Dawn of war setup, capture and control was the mission.

I knew I was screwed from the start.
I can handle a deep strike list but when units barely scatter and sometimes assault after deep strike, its game over.

Rolling Dawn of War was a very good option here so I opted to go 2nd and hold everything back.
This way, 2 drop pods would plunge onto an empty board and I can strike at them with the full force of my army.

Turn 1: BA

2 drop pods strike down onto my objective. The terminators and librarian get out, the other pod contained 5 honour guards.
They were all equipped with storm shields.

Turn 1: Tau

Farsight moved up nearby the terminators. Here I made my first mistake. I tried to deploy my models so that the terminators wouldn't get cover saves.
This really didn't matter with the storm shields so I could just have deployed on an 11" range instead of the 7 ish that I had now.

I moved a warfish in between the drop pods. I figured that the terminators should be gone from the shooting but I figured that the honour guard wouldn't.
In any case, this fish would block movement for either squad so that I could avoid an assault.

To the right of the warfish, I moved my pathfinders 6". Since they couldn't fire markerlights, I opted to use them as an assault screen.
My elite helios squad was deployed behind them. This way they could fire at either the terminators or the honour guard and be safe from an assault next turn.
The pathfinders were less lucky of course. ..

The rest of my force was deployed on the far right of the board. I figured that I could go for a refused flank approach. With enough plasma on each side, he would have to split forces to get to me.

After the shooting phase, I killed 3 terminators, put a wound on the librarian and eliminated the honour guard squad.

Farsight moved left, placing a wall between the terminators and himself. They could assault him but they would need to roll a 4 or 5 on the terrain check.
Helios squad moved right, behind a building.

Turn 2: Blood angels

The other drop pod with the dreadnought came in and landed to the right of my objective, determined to assault the big firebase with the broadsides.
The scouter bikes came in from the side and were able to assault the broadsides.
The vanguard landed near a drop pod, they locator beacons. Due to an error on my end, they had a small 1,5" gap to assault the helios squad without needing a terrain check.
He performed a multiple assaults with the pathfinders as well.
The squad with 10 marines landed near the left drop pod, trying to assist in bringing down Farsight.

The rest of his forces didn't come in.

The librarian casted Fear of the darkness. Farsight tested on LD8 and ran off the table.
Dreadnought did the same on a deathrain team, didn't work.

The vanguard cleared the pathfinders and put a single wound on the helios team. They ran off table due to the -4 modifier.

The scout bikes shot one shield drone away with the melta weapons and the assault was a draw.

Turn 2: Tau

Out of respect for my opponent, I played another round. But I couldn't win this anymore.
Just lose less humiliating. :)

1 firewarrior squad came in from reserves and took positions to fire upon the vanguard squad.
After both warfishes, the firewarriors and 2 deathrain teams fired on the 4 man strong vanguard squad, I killed 2 ...
The hammerhead fired upon the dreadnought and my solid shot missed. (As usual) I can only recall 2 vehicles being killed by this model.

The broadsides won combat and the bikes retreated. Only to end up farther away then my broadsides and they would automatically regroup next turn.

At this point, I called it a day. I lost way too much and his position was far too promising.

In hindsight, I could have done a few things better.
Performing the alpha strike on the drop pod occupants is a good thing, but you really need to clear them all.
A better idea was to get everyone on the centre of the board to form a castle instead of the refused flank.

Another option was to get everything on one table corner and let the 2 drop pod squads footslog it to my lines.
This is going to be my approach next time.
I was proud on the use of the pathfinders and the warfish for movement blocking.
Although I need to keep my formation since there were more deep strikes coming.

And if an opponent has locator beacons on his drop pods, he intends to use them.
So If I kept the Helios team in position after the pathfinders, I couldn't have received the assault and have far better options to win the game.

After the game, I received an SMS from a friendly player who plays BA as well.
Terminators can't take drop pods apparently and even if they could, a terminator counts as 2 models for the purpose of transporting.
So I played an illegal list.
This is making a huge difference in the battle.

I am going to arrange a rematch and spread the Greater Good properly.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: 1850 Farsight Enclave Vs Blood Angels

Post#2 » Jan 06 2011 07:08

Hey De'terra Good luck in getting that rematch and be sure to make us Enclavers(Don't think that is a real word :roll: ) shine :) But one thing I have found ALWAYS put a Fail-safe Det in Farsight's posse. One other thing I have toyed with have been Stealth's, Sure its a Elites slot But its somewhat good since most Enclave armies lack weight of fire(I am in fact Prettying up mine after mega success as of Late) But other than that I await the next report when the other person is Playing a legal list.

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