[Tournament Report] Tau at the ATC Tournament

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[Tournament Report] Tau at the ATC Tournament

Post#1 » Jun 07 2011 11:51

I had the recent pleasure of playing in the American Team Championship in Chattanooga, TN a few weeks ago.

This tournament followed the ETC (Euro) format and was a real challenge as some of the best players in the US were there. For those that may not know how the Team format works, captains take turns pairing team members against each other. There is a meta-strategy of who to pair your armies against in addition to the normal game and mission.

Speaking of mission, every game was a "super" mission combining all three normal missions in one, with each deployment type played twice over six games.

My list is close to what I've posted elsewhere:

2x Fireknife Shas'el + Bodyguard + GDrone
2x two Fireknife Crisis + GDrone
1x two Fireforge Crisis +GDrone
2x 6 Firewarrriors in Devilfish w/pod
2x 10 Kroot w/ Three hounds
2x Two Broads + SDrone
1x Hammerhead Burst/Rail/MT/Pod
3x 1 Piranha w/Fusion

I had a super fun time! I was only one of two people crazy enough to bring Tau to the event, so I was happy to represent the Empire :P I was not as successful as I hoped, but I learned a lot about my army and what not to do. :)

The kind gentlemen that I played in the fourth round has written up a fantastic battle report on his Tyranid blog. Give it a read if you have a chance.

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Re: [Tournament Report] Tau at the ATC Tournament

Post#2 » Jun 08 2011 02:48

That was a good read, mate! I'm glad you and the Bug Chap had the mind to have some fun over being compifreaks :D

There's not a lot of mention of the railgun carriers though, given the mobility of the Hammerhead I find that a bit of a surprise.

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