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Storm of Steel meets Deathrain.. [1000pts 5Ed.]

Posted: Feb 23 2012 08:41
by Tael
Another battle from the archives that never made it to ATT. This was a game between Steel Legion and my growing Tau collection. A few familiar and long gone models in these photos. Enjoy the report, photos and battle lists (mine was tricked out to make the points). I tried to expand out all the images in the flash file map display, but there are quite a few. So I resorted to making a mini-website.

You can read these special pages in the dark room of Eastern Empire, my tau blog. Navigation is at the very top.

Image Image
Exclusive interviews with the commanders!, Steel Legion hero says "Get that abhorrent insult to the machine god out of my face!"
TIP : When reading the report, scroll down and click through the battle map in unison to view the progression as you read.

Eastern Empire : 1000pt Battle Report

That's all my major reports that I rediscovered. Hope you enjoyed a bit of graphics and pulse fire! Maybe 6th edition will drag me back to the table for more :D

Any comments fire away!

Re: Storm of Steel meets Deathrain.. [1000pts 5Ed.]

Posted: Feb 23 2012 09:10
by Crooked Bird
Ah I remember there, the very first battle reports I ever read, and still among the best. I was sad to see them go when you updated your website.

As fun to read now as then!