2000pt doubles tournament list

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2000pt doubles tournament list

Post#1 » Jan 31 2013 04:27

Hey ATT,

Recently I played in a 2000pt doubles tournament, and me and my partner placed 2nd out of 18 teams. I just thought I would take the opportunity presented by the new Cadre Building section to show the list me and my partner created for this occasion.

Partner's units will be italicized. I won't add the points costs for his units as I am not overly familiar with Codex: Dark Angels

Shas'el w/ Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard-Wired Multi-tracker, Hard-wired Blacksun Filter-100

3x XV8 w/ Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker-186

10 Fire Warriors-100
10 Fire Warriors-100
10 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ D-pod-185
Tactical squad, plasma gun, Plasma cannon
Tactical squad, Plasma gun, Plasma cannon
Deathwing Terminators, Plasma cannon, various upgrades

Fast Attack:
3x Ravenwing Bikers, Plasma gun
3x Black Knight Bikers, 2x Plasma talons, 1x Grenade launcher with some fancy grenade types

Heavy Support:
2x Broadsides, 2x Targeting Arrays, Team Leader, Hard-wired drones controller, hard wired blacksun filter w/ 2x Shield Drones-198
1x Hammerhead w/ Plasma Cannon, Burst Cannons, Multi-tracker, Disruption Pods-130

My part of the list was 999 points.

Now, this list absolutely destroyed all the MEQ, TEQ and flyer lists we came up against, what with the plasma everywhere and my high-strength twin-linked heavy support selections. The one list we had trouble with was a hybrid guard and mephiston list, and partly because his rhinos would not die, even to railguns. Hence the whole "second place" bit :D
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Re: 2000pt doubles tournament list

Post#2 » Feb 13 2013 06:45

While it is good to hear about your success at being placed 2nd, posting your list without giving any details of what the other armies consisted of (other than "absolutely destroyed all the MEQ, TEQ and flyer lists we came up against,") or how you both effected this 'absolute destruction' doesn't enlighten anyone on tactics used etc and thus doesn't help others to learn from your experiences.

Perhaps you could post more information so that we can more fully appreciate what happened and how the Greater Good triumphed over our enemies!


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