New to tau: 1000pts of casual play

A review of past Cadre formations from tau'cyr before.
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New to tau: 1000pts of casual play

Post#1 » Feb 28 2013 06:42

Hi Guys,

I'm a returning player (after about 4 years not playing) and started tau. I cobbled together 1000pts for playing against some friends. Don't really have stable opponents; some horde armies, blood angels, 1 ork killa kan line, etc so tried to put it into an all comers list. So here's what I got:

HQ: Shas'o - Plasma rifle, Cyclic ion blaster, Shield generator, HW multitracker

1 x Crisis suit: Plasma rifle, Missle pod, Multitracker (thinking of sticking my HQ with this guy for "look out sir", plus they have similar wepaons and so want to be shooting at similar targets)

1 x Crisis suit: twin linked fusion blaster, Shield generator (fun option for suicide tank killing - as of yet always failed the reserve roll to deep strike with him :P )

3 x Stealth suit: team leader with HW target lock and fusion blaster


8 x fire warriors - photon grenades

8 x fire warriors - photon grenades

15 x kroot - shaper and armour saves for the squad

Fast Attack:

8x pathfinder - devilfish with disruption pod, flechette discharger, 1 x seeker missle

Heavy Support:
1 x Broadside team leader - HW drone controller, 2 x shield drone, targetting array, HW multitracker, HW blacksun filter

I'm not realy sure where to go with it to bump up to armound 1500pts, probably more railguns because, well... railguns :P but whether to go for a hammerhead or fill out the broadside squad. Wondering about shield drones for the commander as well since they have to be in front to get wounds allocated is it worth it? surely they'd just be peppered with bolter fire till dead before the rocket comes out to pop the commander, would gun drones be worth it with him just for some cheap "lookout sir" and a little added firepower. Are there any thoughts on vespids aswell? They seem a bit bad with the 12" range but I feel as though i could use AP 3 weapons and i love the look of them.

Possibly an important note for making this "all comers" list: one of my opponents does like to use flyers (blood angel player- used an AV12 flyer that was immune to melta, cant remember it's name) but so far the broadside has been lucky with snapshots - I doubt this luck will continue.

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Re: New to tau: 1000pts of casual play

Post#2 » Mar 10 2013 07:08

Hi Technocow,

Please read the guidelines.

Posting an army list on its own, is not allowed.

Posting an army list as part of a battlereport, is allowed (and will allow us to give you helpful advice).
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