Crusade of Fire. Tau List

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Crusade of Fire. Tau List

Post#1 » Mar 01 2013 12:27


My gaming group is preparing to begin a "Crusade of Fire" campaign and i was wondering if i could consult your collective wisdom on the construction of general guidelines for building my armylist. Any gameplay tips woul also be welcomed as i havent played a lot in sixth edition.

General Facts.

1) The point limit will vary between 1500 and 2500 depending on the oponent although most of us go for 2000 or 2500.
2) Team games may be involved so i need to account for allies.
A) I got placed on the crusaders side and by the roster my main allies will be Grey knights and Dark angels.
B) My enemies will be mainly chaos space marines with a sprinkle of daemons and orkz.
C) The profets of war will play rarely and are composed mainly of necrons. (Although they are casual necrons so no "cronair")
3) My collection is a bit limited at the moment although i plan on expanding it during the duration of the campaign.

I am thinking of theming it around a a big gunline of firewarriors supplemented by dropsuits or stealthsuits dependind on my oponent. Plasma Fusion crisis for marines and crons, stealths for orkz and deamons.

For Hq i am taking a Shas´O monat with CIB and MP, Iridium, shield drones, stimulants and retrothrusters. Its use will be to harden the must vulnerables or heavily attacked parts of the fireline.

For the fireline i am thinking taking 4 teams of firewarriors scaled to the point level and use two teams of kroot to enter from the sides and attack their objectives or take out vulnerable units. :fear: :fear: :fear: :fear:

For heavy suport i am currently limited to tanks but look to aquire some broadsides since although tanks are now almost invincible with dpods and cover i feel they lack firepower for their point cost and if i take into acount the amount of airpower i will likely face the twinlinked railguns will be my best chance of taking them out.

I am undecided if i bring pathfinders and/or pirahnas

So any recomendations or suggestions?

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Re: Crusade of Fire. Tau List

Post#2 » Mar 01 2013 06:01

Hi Greysturm,

I'd like to direct your attention to the Cadre Building section:

I think you'll find some very helpful material there which may (hopefully) lead you to build a better Cadre.



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Re: Crusade of Fire. Tau List

Post#3 » Mar 02 2013 12:35

Thank you for your input. I have been lurking around the site for a while and read a lot of those topics and took the advice to heart, i was just wondering if the more experienced members had some advice that could benefit me in this situation.

I will post battle reports as the campaign progreses so that everyone knows the efect of their advice so that we have some empyric evidence to work with.

After thinking about it for a day i have advanced more on the basics of the list and marked the open questions with purple.

The Shasó as previously mentioned
4 teams of 12 firewarriors
2 teams of 3x helios or 2 teams of full stealth teams with 1 fb
A team of deathrains with flamer and AFP team leader
2 teams of kroot. What size would you recomend?
Pathfinders, Vespids or pirahnas?
3x Hammerhead Full railguns or would it be worth it to put an ion cannon or two here? Or should i ditch one for a Skyray?

Currently i am thinking of only using one force organization chart, has anyone attempted to use two? Was it worth it?

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